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    • Bnib lightened weight crank pulley for 08 wrx/sti  cash & carry at $160 Pls check with your workshop for any other models that is not stated . Thks .  Do contact me if interested at 97834935 .  TYIA
    • Hatchback wrx: Aftermarket headlight - 150 plus swop your stock headlight. Labour on you. Car curtains 4pcs - 10 Fujisubo exhaust with cert - 350 plus swop your stock exhaust. Pioneer AVH-P3450dvd - 180. Labour to dekit on you.     Hawkeye sti: Autogauge vacuum meter and volt meter (52mm) and dual pod A pillar - 30 Greddy BOV - 100 HKS green mushroom open pod - 100 Monitor used for reverse camera - 5 Oil Temp sensor adaptor - 10 STI dump valve - 50 Water Temp sensor adaptor - 8   SMS 9475 1581     Quote
    • I am left with the following items: 1. Door Components.
      Front Passenger Door - Available, Mint Condition, Motor - Available, Window Regulator Assy. - Available, Lock Set - Available. Glass - Available,
      Front Driver Door - Available, Mint Condition, Motor - Available, Window Regulator Assy. Available, Lock Set Available. Glass - Available
      Rear Passenger - Available, Mild Dent Condition, Motor - Available, Window Regulator Assy. Available, Lock Set Available. Glass - Available
      Rear Driver - Available, Mint Condition, Motor - Available, Window Regulator Assy. Available, Lock Set Available. Glass - Available

      2. Fujitsubo RM-01a Cat-Back Exhaust System. ( JDM Length ) ( LTA UN-Friendly )-----------------------$2xx/- Very Negotiable, Self Collect. very good comdition.
      - PnP Cat-Back Solution for JDM Length Downpipes.
      - 1 Piece Design & Lightweight.
      - No Welding Work Required. 3. Full Aluminum Spec C boot. No spoiler holes.

      3. Full Wiring Connectors and Pig-Tail Harness available upon request.

      3. Seat Belt Front L & R and Rear L & R $50/- Mechanism still good, belt no frays along edges. Take and go.

      4. Boot Torsion Spring.

      5. Rear Windscreen. $60/-

      6. JDM AUTOWRX Stock SuspensionBad $95/- Per side.

      6. Wiper motor and arm set. Both Front and Rear. $100/- 7. Red STI pedal Set.

      8. Hawkeye Fenders. 8a. Cockeye Fenders

      9. Wheel speed Sensors.

      10. ABS Pump Autowrx / Bosch $160/-

      12. STI Rear Bumper W/cusco Skirting 9.5/10 Grey

      13. Stock Anti-Roll Bar. Front and Rear

      13. Air Conditionng Condensing Coil & Heater Coil. 13. Flap Control Assy. with Servo.

      14. Electrical Module, Head light levelling, Autobox Ecu and Integrated Control Unit.

      15. Dashboard Cluster. 15. Boot Torsion Spring for High Mount Spoiler 16. Anti-Roll Bar, I-link Type 16. Rear Strut Bar $85/-

      19. Air-Conditioning Compressor

      20. Auto WRX Drive Shaft Front/s and Rear/s. All rubber covers replaced and recently serviced. Take and Go no swop and labour charges. 1 piece @$100/- Front and Rears $380/-

      21. Auto WRX Rear Differential. No Sound Take and Go, no swop and labour charges $250/- Negotiable

      22. Alternator

      23. Steering Pump.

      25. Perrin Full Adjustable Lateral Links/Arms. 26. Perrin Rear differential cover.

      27. Fujitsubo Lta Compliant Catback Exhaust, The Usual found on Euro WRXs, Euro Length. Pls get your own Paper. Very Negotiable.

      29. Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator - Small W/Pressure Gauge.

      32. Ignition coil for 2.0STI. 8 pcs. available.. Condition very new, Recently changed due to wrong diagnostics.

      33. Owen Deveopments Forged Actuator.

      35. Stock I-Links. ( Rear & Front ) 6 pcs available - Good Codition. Per Pc. Price Negotiable.

      36. Stock Throttle Position, MAP and MAF Sensors.

      37. TGV set Left & Right Bank

      38. Moton Clubsport W/ External Canisters Full Set $4xxx Your Offer/-

      39. Lightweight Spec C Rear Windscreen 40. Very Very New Steering Pump. 6mths. Old.

      45. Recaro S204 Seats $3.5k Per Pc.

      46. Lock-set for door and boot.

      47. Steering Column without Steering Lock Cylinder.

      48. Wiper motor Set Front and Rear.

      49. S204 BBS Rims. $2580/-

      90. Flexible Duct with Bracket for CAI $20/-

      93. Stock Transmission Mounting 1Pcs. $40/-

      94. Engine Mounting 1 set $80/- Lots of life, Good for Coe Renew Candidates

      95. Wiper Arms. Front 2 Pcs. Rear 1 Pcs.

      102. Perrin Oil Catch Can, Very good condition

      104. All other Exterior Body Parts, Pls Enquire.

      105. Brand New Steeing Coupling.

      107. Fuel Sender Unit.

      113. Full Electrical Harness. with DCCD Control.

      113a. Ecu and Body Harness Pins and Connectors Prices Start from $10/- upwards.

      114. Prop. Shaft, Drive Shafts Autowrx  4 pcs.

      115.Handbrake Mechanism for 5x100 P.C.D

      120. Passenger Air-bag. 2 sets to Choose From. 122. Fuel Sender Unit.

      125. TGV type STI Red Manifold.

      128. Billion radiator hose set upper and lower with temperature sensor adapter, Brand New Condition

      132. GDB Engine Undertray - Good Condition, no tears

      133. HKS Reloaded Air Filter W/HKS "S" Pipe, HKS MAF Adaptor. Full Acessories. Mint Condition

      139. HKS Twin Power with Full Wiring Harness For GDA/GDB.

      140. HKS Twin Plate GD Pro Clutch, for 6 speed. Parts available for overhaul individual Sale. $ Text your Enquiries. /-

      141. Customised Fuel Tank Plate for SAE-6 Fittings. Applicable for GDA/B Models

      142. Mint. Condition NGK Racing Spark Plugs Heat Range 7 and 8 Used for Tuning 4 pcs.

      143. Mint. Condition Left Bank Exhaust Cam Pulley 2 litre Head non AVCS on Exhust

      144. Stock JDM Oil Filler Cap.

      145. JDM Spec C. Meter Cluster With DCCD indicator

      146. Sti Red Intake Manifold w/TGV.

      15. Radiator / AC Condenser Fan Motor.

      16. Radiator / AC Condenser Fan Blade.

      19. JDM autowrx 02 Sensor. Condition: Mint. Location: Mid-pipe Last set for sale...

      24a. Window regulator Assy. for sale, Availability Listed Above.

      25. Window Motors Availability Listed Above. Negotiable...

      28. Slow Ratio steering Rack, Recently changed, Brand New, not reconditioned - No Leaks . Very Good Condition, Cash and Carry...

      29. JDM s204 Boot with spoiler holes, round key hole. Ultra Light Weight

      31. JDM Centre Plastic Trim, Facia Tunnel Assy. $250/- Negotiable

      36. Spec C roof Vent. with plastic interior trim with flap-door rubber seal. Roof Lining Whole Package. You need to cut your existing roof.

      36a. Complete rooflining + Spec C Roof Vent, Plastic Trim & Mint. Condition Roof Lining

      37. Cockeye Body parts pls text enquiry... Front Fender has been rolled in excessively, wheel well guard / banana leaf users need not apply.- Thank You.

      41. Rear Windscreen Wiper Mechanism + Motor

      48. Defi meter cups, Mint. condition. 2 pieces available.

      50. A-Pillar Trims left & right, Good for demodders.

      51. Glove compartment.

      52. Air conditioning system. I mean complete evaporator coil assy. Factory stock Non-climatic type. and climatic control both available.

      54. Airbag control module.

      55. Fuel controller module. 2 pcs. Available.

      57. Seat Belt Set.- front 2x and rear passengers 3x

      59. Autowrx carpet- whole car. Front to rear.$40/- Per Pc.

      60. Bonnet Bar- 2 to choose from.

      67. Perrin Lateral link set- Re-Sprayed Pink - Condition Very New

      70. Nuts, Bolts, Brackets and Clips off MY03 & MY07 WRX

      71. Fog Light Cover - Passenger Side

      72. Fog Light Cover - Driver Side With Wire Mesh / CAI Friendly.

      74. Sti Stainless Steel Door Sills, All 4 pcs W/FOC original factory sills - No need to Swap .

      75. Rear View Mirror

      76. Every piece of interior trim you could possibly find in an 03 wrx sti. Sun Visors Anybody... Roof Handles too...

      79. Boot Hinges, Door Hinges, Bonnet Hinges.

      81. Engine components available upon request.

      2. Fujitsubo RM-01a Cat-Back Exhaust System. ( JDM Length ) ( LTA UN-Friendly )-----------------------$3XX/- Very Negotiable, Self Collect. very good comdition.
      - PnP Cat-Back Solution for JDM Length Downpipes.
      - 1 Piece Design & Lightweight.
      - No Welding Work Required.

      5. Stock Anti-Roll Bar front or rear I-Link Type...Each $50/-.

      11. Volk SE37A 18" x 7.5. "5x100" Bronze. Not Applicable for brembo. Will Require 10mm Spacer Condition: Mint. No Respray for 3 pieces, 1 piece repaired. Sold in sets of 2 or 4s.

      12. Centre Caps for the GC06D and SE37A rims available for sale. Condition: Mint. $50/- per. pc. Negotiable. Prodrive 3 in stock. SE37A 4 in stock.

      13. Hubcentric Rings for GC06D Available. 2 sets to choose from $40/- Negotiable.

      13. Bosch 979 Fuel Pump - Good Condition, Used for 8 to 10 days, for high HP Setup. Bought for testing surge tank setup. $120/- 1. s204 rims. 2. Porsche 6 pot Calipers With 2 piece Floating Discs. & Mounting Brackets.  3. s204 dashboard. Full Interior Console. 4. Perrin Stout Rear heavy duty anti-roll bar with heavy duty mounts. 5. Defi gauges and controller. BF and classic all available for individual sale. Genome Gauges available. 6. strut bars front and rear- Multiple sets. 7. Motec m800 pnp. 8. 4 port Rotora with Nuckles for rear conversion. 11. Hawkeye Steering Rack. 12. LTA unfriendly Exhaust 4 sets. 13. A/C compressor 3 Sets. 14. S204 Aluminum Boot.No holes. No Badge 15 Spec C Rear windscreen. 17. Defi 3 Hole Gauge Pod. Defi Cups too. 18. Front Fenders left and right. Cockeye 19. Front Fenders left and right. Hawkeye 20. Lock set and Cylinder Sets. 21. Lock set  for both hawkeye and cockeye. 23. s204 dashboard trim and transmission tunnel. 24. Perrin Rear Differential Cover. 23. Cockeye dashboard trim and transmission tunnel. 24. All Mirrors Wing and Rear View 25. Switches and Signal Stalks Wiring Harnesses. 27.Transmission Pitch Mont. 28. Brake Servos. 29. Pedals Set. 30. Clutch  and Brake Mechanism. 31. Steering Coupling. 95% New. 32. Carbing 8 point front Bar. Aluminum 33. Relays control Module- Try Me. Too many to list. Other parts not listed, do not hesitate to text me. Quick replies assurance. I am here to sell & not waste your time.   Same Day Supply / Deliver...
      For further questions, kindly look up the internet. *Price matching applicable to all items, Conditions Apply...

      Welcome the enquiries of other parts that are not listed. Listed prices are Negotiable.
      Complete body,mechanical & electrical parts for sale off an 2003 cockeye, Some autowrx parts available upon request. I will do price matching - Items priced to sell... I do not have whatsapp.
      kindly text your enquiries.

      Shoot your offer.

      Deposits are forfeited if goods / items / parts are not collected within 10 days.

      Refunds will not be entertained after successful transaction.

      To Purchase, SMS/CALL 92700635
    • Updated as of 21/8/2017 Hi Selling the following: 1. Kakimoto Full Exhaust System with 2 certs - $1000 Any offers higher than $650 secures. Fast Deal! 2. Defi meters with controller (oil press, oil temp, water temp) - $400 (Reserved) 3. Brembo Gold 4-2 Brake Kits (with Dixcel SD rotors and Pads - at least 70% new used for low mileage) - $1800 $1500 above secures! Fast Deal!! 4. Biltz Turbo Controller - $250 (labour by buyer) (Reserved) 5. Prodrive 18” Rims with PS Tyres (light weight) - $800 SOLD All items are out of the car and are at TSG Motorworks @ Kaki Bukit. Do contact me at 87668688 for more info. Slightly nego if you are taking all at one go. Do check with your workshop if you are intending to use for other car models. Thank you for interest.
    • Hi am willing to nego slightly on asking price but pls bros, dont low ball alright?! Thanks again...
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