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  4. Whiteline front anti roll bar - 180 Stock wrx front brake kit full set - 150 Pioneer 2350dvd - 150 Boost actuated side plant - 150 (need swop your stock downpipe) Habilead s2000 225/45/17 (2pcs) - 50 Stock 5speed gear knob - 30 Oil temp sensor adaptor - 10 Water temp sensor adaptor - 10 Defi 52mm visor - 10 Cash and carry 9475 1581
  5. Haha this is not from MI. Itโ€™s more of getting a peace of mind on the paintwork.
  6. Hi All, Dekitting my Exiga GT and have some items to let go. Do PM me to discuss. - Cusco Rear Sway bar (also fits GRB Sti) - VF46 presently on car (or TF035 stock Exiga GT turbo) - TD05-16G (not direct fit for Exiga unless have the supporting hose & IC like in the case of process west setup) - GRB Sti Brembos Front & Rear sets with SSB hose. (option to swap your rims+tires with mine (Rays G Games SSOG 18") to clear the brakes... with small top up as rims are pretty scratched up) - Defi controller + water temp gauge (with sensor) Cheers
  7. What do you mean by above?
  8. Seems like 2008-2011 model fits my mat that I have.
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  10. MASS DEKIT! All original parts used less than 2 years on a 2017 dec impreza 4D 2.0 1. Original rays g35 full forged 5x100, black with silver trim, comes with cpc6 (good for another 10000km)- require swop with original 17" rims and tyres (Bought $4200, selling at $1500) 2. Original Subaru front fog covers with DRL + Fuse box + switch (Part number H4517FL200, H4517FL110, H4517FL900)- cash and carry (Bought $555 from japan, selling at $250) 3. Original STI auto dimming side mirrors with arrow indicators (STI part number ST91039ST140 ) - only for those with side led mirror indicators - cash and carry (Bought $280 from japan, selling $140) 4. Original STI front flexible tower bar (STI part SG517FL500)- cash and carry (Bought direct from japan, selling $200) 5. Original STI Flexible draw stiffener front (STI part ST20118GH000) - cash and carry (Bought direct from japan, selling $170) 6. K&n air filter, just cleaned and recharged with new oil -only for GK/GT/SK impreza/XV/forester- cash and carry (Selling $70) 7. Original Subaru Rockford speaker/DSP upgrade for HK HU (subaru part SOA0SFL000), throw in free rear Rockford speaker upgrade too - swop with stock paper speakers (Bought from USA subaru, rear speakers locally purchased, total $700, selling for $350) best upgrade for those with HK HU who does not want to spend a bomb on audio, comparable to 1.2k setup while retaining the stock and integrated look. 8. Original STI gear knob (STI Part C1010FL010)- cash and carry (Bought for $220 subaru USA, selling $100) 9. Original STI Red with LED engine start button - cash and carry (Bought from MI Leng Kee, selling $100) 10. Original Subaru rear seat protectors (subaru part J501SFL401) - cash and carry (Bought $120 from subaru USA, selling $60) 11. Original Subaru rear cargo tray for 4D (Subaru part J501SFL311) - cash and carry (Bought from subaru USA $120, selling $60) 12. Original Subaru rear right lamp cluster for 4d(Subaru Part 84912FL12A)( so that you will have 2 reverse lights + symmetrical look) - cash and carry (Bought from subaru USA $220, Selling $110) 13. Reserved 14. Original STI lock nuts in black with removal key (20pcs) - cash and carry (Bought from MI Toa Payoh, selling for $100) 15. Original subaru sport grille (Subaru part J1017FL300) - Bought for $446 from Subaru japan, selling $200 Also have 16. Stoptech front and rear ssbh brand new not installed - cash and carry (Bought $156 while I was in USA, singapore selling almost $400. Im selling for $120) Please text me individually and collect by next week. Thanks!
  11. How come I didn't know that
  12. Selling a pair of wing mirros Suitable for MY03 to MY07 GD Impreza/WRX It is Power Folding Mirror, not the normal ones. PM me if interested
  13. Selling forester SJ 2016 stock radiator with hose at $150 Used for 30k mileage, good condition Msg me at 90908049
  14. Hi all, i just bought a subaru impreza hatchback coe car. Anyone selling 2nd hand full bodykit here for hatchback 1.6 or any place in sg i can find it๐Ÿ˜Š
  15. 5 years paintwork warranty for the Forester. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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