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  2. Probably due to the age, worn suspension as you mentioned. Can try looking for a set of used OEM struts in the marketplace or even brand new. Good luck!
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  4. Item 1: no braided hose and brake pad just rotor and brakes - looking at 1.2k neg Item 2: looking at 1.4k neg with michelin tyres 80%
  5. I have a 2005 Subaru impreza 2.5 rs sedan. I'm pretty committed to car as I like the body style and no hood scoop. Just curious what all I would need to do the sti swap? I currently have stock motor and tranny wrx rear dif and axles. I'm currently working on all suspension aspects. Coilovers, tie rods, lateral links, sway bars. Next is the swap. Do I just need the sti motor and tranny and obviously bigger axles or are the wrx ones same size? Obviously ecu. Wire harness from sti? Or can I piggy back mine to sti ecu? Any information would be very helpful. New to reddit as well so please feel free inform me of anything helpful. Thank you for your time.
  6. I'm looking for exhaust finisher/trimming, if you have it I'd love to buy it!!
  7. Hello everyone, Just got a new Impreza, 5 door, base trim. Only one significant complaint about the car so far. The rear suspension is so soft that with any cargo whatsoever on board, or a rear passenger, or a bike on a bike rack, it feels really under damped when you hit a dip in the road. Like almost as bad as worn out struts. The thing is way under damped. Curious if anyone else has noticed this overly soft rear suspension in their current gen Impreza. Considering ordering a pair of OE sport trim struts and swapping them in. Thanks for feedback. I mistakenly posted this question in the general Subaru sub until I discovered there was one dedicated to the Impreza specifically. Glad to find you guys. Thank you!
  8. *Update* Left with 1) 4pot front and 2pot rear brembo brake kit with rotors. 2) Enkei PF01 17x8j
  9. 19” x 8.5jj, ET 30-35mm, PCD 5x114.3 original Color silver, resprayed to black. $2500 Nego, selling as rims price only. Current with ad08r 20-30% meat left. Contact me 9060 1321
  10. Items are all dekitted *varis wing sold* left with: 1) brembo front and rear with rotor 2) AEM methanol kit 3) Boost controller 4) Air intake 5) PF 01 Enkei rims 17 X 8j
  11. Items are all dekitted 1) brembo front and rear with rotor 2) varis spoiler 3) AEM methanol kit 4) Boost controller 5) Air intake 6) PF 01 Enkei rims 17 X 8j
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  13. - Intercooler is reserved. The rest of the items are still available.
  14. Subaru Impreza road legal track car for sale in Thailand. For serious enquires please message me or add me on line jduxbury2000 or whats app +447732492168 Big spec car (forged engine)
  15. Hi, dekitting my s-gt: 1) 4 pot front and 2 pot rear gold brembo brakes 2) engine is equipped with sti conrods, sti camshafts and 2.2l stroker kit 3) process west intercooler 4) fuji exos with cert 5) AEM methanol kit 6) K&N open pod intake 7) Varis GT wing 8) Enkei PF01 All items are still on ride now. If you have any inquiries, please whatsapp me at 82684022.
  16. Apexi Timer bro MOBILE Number
  17. Hi, Looking for exhaust muffler and other parts. Thanks
  18. Oh. Thanks for your reply. Friend has long purchased one.
  19. I've a legacy GT wagon 2010.
  20. Hi selling used whiteline 22mm rear sway bar for $150 & perrin charge pipe for $200 (2014+ forester XT/2015+ WRX) previously fitted on Forester XT SJ 2016. Pls check with your own workshop for fitment on your car. PM me at 90908049
  21. Looking for D shape steering wheel. Pm me to discuss.
  22. Keen on fujitsubo with cert can contact 86855729
  23. Contact me at 92998387 1) Sgt stock hid headlights $250 - 1 pair - lights all working when took out - condition 7/10 due to fog on inside of headlight glass - c&c don’t need swap 2) S-GT stock bypass valve bov $80 - changed to bov - good working condition - c&c don’t need swap 3)Universal bumper hole plate $30 - 1 pair 6 holes - black in colour with nuts/screws provided 4)Universal HKS engine oil cover $50 - preciously used on Sgt - good condition 5) Universal Full black suede aftermarket steering $100 - come as it is - don’t need swap - suede material 6) STI hb side mirror $250 - one pair - blue colour tinted signal lights - c&c don’t need swap 7) Sgt stock steering wheel $200 - good working condition - buttons working - don’t need swap 8) Sti hb stock spoiler $150 - fair condition Top parts need respraying if you are fussy - 3rd brake light working - looks better than stock Impreza/sgt/wrx wing - c&c don’t need swap 9) Sti hb front pair seats $450 - according to ad 10) Sti hb varis front bumper with lip $450 minimum w/o spray $650 including spray - according to ad Photos and more ads over at: I’m selling my Subaru SGT / Universal Accessories / Parts here:
  24. Hi again , Please find the attached link . Car is selling as a whole if you’re keen too please contact me @ 86855729 I’m selling my Subaru dekitting for S$0 here: thanks and good day !
  25. Hi guys, i am newbie here. I am looking for subaru wrx 2.5 hatchback 2008, kakis. Do you guys have groupchat?
  26. Hi guys , Im selling my ride . Please find the link below . Please contact me @ 86855729 price is slightly negotiable for sincere buyer Have a great day ! I’m selling my Subaru Impreza 2.0 S-GT Auto for S$20,000 here:
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