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  3. selling only two 18x8.5j 5x114.3 et50 original WedsSport SA-54R rims ASAP at S$50 only . first rim no kerb rash. second rim some kerb rash. WhatsApp 94751683
  4. Hi able to send me pics on item 3 sir?97387649
  5. Gunmetal with some kerb rash. brand new was abt sgd500 per rim. selling sgd200 per rim asap. nego for interested party. Whatsapp 94751683
  6. Suitable for 08 Subaru Impreza RS / S-GT / WRX: 1. Authentic STi front lip - $180 2. Whiteline Anti-Roll /Sway Bar Front & Back 22mm Heavy Duty (3 settings from soft>medium>hard) - $180 each (including all bushings/hardwares to mount) 3. Brand New Samco Upper & Lower Radiator Hose - $85 (Forester SH can use also) 4. Brand New Omni 4 BAR MAP Sensor 2006-2019 STi - $209 5. Authentic Advan RG2 18X9JJ ET29 (Silver) - $1,500 6. Stock GRB/GRF ENKEI 5 Spokes Design Rims with 245/50/18 RE003 (more than 60%) - $600 7. AP Racing 6/4 (rotors more than 70%) - $3,800 (can neg slightly) 8. Authentic Varis Bonnet - $1,200 9. STi 565CC Injectors - $250 Contact 9731 9460 to deal now.
  7. - Cusco Rear Sway bar (also fits GRB Sti) - $150 - VF46 presently on car - $400 - TD05-16G (not direct fit for Exiga unless have the supporting S hose & IC like in the case of process west setup) - $300 - GRB Sti Brembos Front & Rear sets with SSB hose. - $2K - Defi controller + water temp gauge (with sensor) + throw in boost & oil temp gauge with sensors ($240) - Reserved - Maximum velocity lightened crank pulley - $120 Cheers
  8. Hi all, I have a set of 4 Rays original 18" rims to let go at $1,200. Currently on Forester XT with no kerb rash. Interested please apps me at 9005 7755. Thanks.
  9. LTA approved with cert. Currently fitted on Subaru Forester XT SJ 2016. Exhaust in mint condition, used for 3 years, 40k mileage. No need to swap with your exhaust. I will dekit when my new exhaust arrives. Cash and Carry. Priced to sell at $1300 or Trade with Invidia Exhaust. Low ballers will be politely ignored.
  10. Hi all I’m looking into getting a 2017 Impreza Hatch down the road. My must have feature list includes a few things Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Support Remote Start Heated Seats Which 2017 Impreza trim level will provide all of these features? Thank you!
  11. Left over parts for sale 1) IHI Vf52 - $600 https://sg.carousell.com/p/264618735 2) Driveline rear toe control arm - $150 https://sg.carousell.com/p/264457609 3) Pedders SportsRyder eXtreme XA Adjustable Coilovers. $600 https://sg.carousell.com/p/263963708 4) Perrin turbo inlet house for Subaru - $200 https://sg.carousell.com/p/263840375
  12. Hello everyone,, On my previous vehicle I was able to buy an OBD bluetooth receiver and download an iPhone app to change things like the windows going up and down from the keyfob, how many blinks on a lane change, etc. Does this exist for Subarus? Edit:guys i found a site near me and it does free shipping too!! https://ljmcardiagnostics.co.uk/ Thanks you!
  13. WTS - A pair of Recaros STI from R205 With railings Condition - 8.5/10 Asking price $3,000 or best offer PM if keen
  14. Whiteline front anti roll bar - 180 Stock wrx front brake kit full set - 150 Pioneer 2350dvd - 150 Boost actuated side plant - 150 (need swop your stock downpipe) Habilead s2000 225/45/17 (2pcs) - 50 Stock 5speed gear knob - 30 Oil temp sensor adaptor - 10 Water temp sensor adaptor - 10 Defi 52mm visor - 10 Cash and carry 9475 1581
  15. Haha this is not from MI. It’s more of getting a peace of mind on the paintwork.
  16. Hi All, Dekitting my Exiga GT and have some items to let go. Do PM me to discuss. - Cusco Rear Sway bar (also fits GRB Sti) - VF46 presently on car (or TF035 stock Exiga GT turbo) - TD05-16G (not direct fit for Exiga unless have the supporting hose & IC like in the case of process west setup) - GRB Sti Brembos Front & Rear sets with SSB hose. (option to swap your rims+tires with mine (Rays G Games SSOG 18") to clear the brakes... with small top up as rims are pretty scratched up) - Defi controller + water temp gauge (with sensor) Cheers
  17. What do you mean by above?
  18. Seems like 2008-2011 model https://www.subarupartspros.com/sku/j501sfg200.html fits my mat that I have.
  19. MASS DEKIT! All original parts used less than 2 years on a 2017 dec impreza 4D 2.0 1. Original rays g35 full forged 5x100, black with silver trim, comes with cpc6 (good for another 10000km)- require swop with original 17" rims and tyres (Bought $4200, selling at $1500) 2. Original Subaru front fog covers with DRL + Fuse box + switch (Part number H4517FL200, H4517FL110, H4517FL900)- cash and carry (Bought $555 from japan, selling at $250) 3. Original STI auto dimming side mirrors with arrow indicators (STI part number ST91039ST140 ) - only for those with side led mirror indicators - cash and carry (Bought $280 from japan, selling $140) 4. Original STI front flexible tower bar (STI part SG517FL500)- cash and carry (Bought direct from japan, selling $200) 5. Original STI Flexible draw stiffener front (STI part ST20118GH000) - cash and carry (Bought direct from japan, selling $170) 6. K&n air filter, just cleaned and recharged with new oil -only for GK/GT/SK impreza/XV/forester- cash and carry (Selling $70) 7. Original Subaru Rockford speaker/DSP upgrade for HK HU (subaru part SOA0SFL000), throw in free rear Rockford speaker upgrade too - swop with stock paper speakers (Bought from USA subaru, rear speakers locally purchased, total $700, selling for $350) best upgrade for those with HK HU who does not want to spend a bomb on audio, comparable to 1.2k setup while retaining the stock and integrated look. 8. Original STI gear knob (STI Part C1010FL010)- cash and carry (Bought for $220 subaru USA, selling $100) 9. Original STI Red with LED engine start button - cash and carry (Bought from MI Leng Kee, selling $100) 10. Original Subaru rear seat protectors (subaru part J501SFL401) - cash and carry (Bought $120 from subaru USA, selling $60) 11. Original Subaru rear cargo tray for 4D (Subaru part J501SFL311) - cash and carry (Bought from subaru USA $120, selling $60) 12. Original Subaru rear right lamp cluster for 4d(Subaru Part 84912FL12A)( so that you will have 2 reverse lights + symmetrical look) - cash and carry (Bought from subaru USA $220, Selling $110) 13. Reserved 14. Original STI lock nuts in black with removal key (20pcs) - cash and carry (Bought from MI Toa Payoh, selling for $100) 15. Original subaru sport grille (Subaru part J1017FL300) - Bought for $446 from Subaru japan, selling $200 Also have 16. Stoptech front and rear ssbh brand new not installed - cash and carry (Bought $156 while I was in USA, singapore selling almost $400. Im selling for $120) Please text me individually and collect by next week. Thanks!
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