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  2. I've a 3 inch catless downpipe if you are interested
  3. Hi, I am looking for a hood scoop bonnet. If anyone letting go, please hit me up:)
  4. Hi, I recently the decat my FXT from the turbo onwards towards the resonator and replaced it with a 3 inch pipe. After installing, I realised there is alot of vibration when the car is in D mode with aircon turned on and little to no vibration in N or P mode. However, if I do not turn on the aircon, even in D mode, there is no vibration. Is this normal for a decat?
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  8. Hi guys newbie here would love to know more scoobies out there n to hangout n chill...driving a 07 scoobie here!
  9. Hamli

    Im new here

    I am just booked a XV and wish to learn things from everyone
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  11. BKS @ Northlink Engine mount and transmission mount is separated and dont have to be done together.
  12. Hi all! Wanted to ask which subaru specialist workshop (other than MI) would you recommend to replace engine+transmission mounts? Also is it always necessary to replace both engine and transmission mounts together? Thanks!
  13. Hi looking to buy/rent any stock wrx sti exhaust that will fit Hawkeye model , pls pm me if available
  14. Haha, no i driving WRX. But i thought can help answer general Qs or ask one of my hippo friends.
  15. Looking for trust pe-ti for 2g wrx/sti.. anyone got one to let go pls pm me.
  16. YYF

    New Exiga GT Owner

    That would be great! (PM replied)
  17. the english version is really just a thin booklet... if you want the full JP version, i can send you a copy. you've got PM btw.. @Unfair, you driving Exiga GT also?
  18. YYF

    New Exiga GT Owner

    Well, let's just say I am quite pedantic when it comes to documentation... 😙 Another reason is for personal collection.
  19. couldnt find one in English lol. What info do you require ? I havent gone thru my subaru manual before haha.
  20. Does anyone know if there is a legal aftermarket exhaust for SJ5?
  21. Whole set for 400!
  22. Items are out of ride. Used but perfect condition ( made in USA RARE !) KStech 83mm Mega Maf intake. $220 For those who want to push high horspower. This intake helps by increasing ur maf housing size to be able to push harder with lower MAF voltage Used Perrin 3 Inch Turbo Inlet Hose. $200 All items are cash and carry!! Contact me at Jay, 98899522
  23. Hi everyone, just bought my Exiga GT, expected to receive the keys next week. Generally in great condition but there is no owner's manual! 😱 If any fellow member is willing to sell one or can direct me to a source, I will greatly appreciate.
  24. Does anyone know how to stop the seats in the second and third row from rattling?
  25. Greetings. Anyone actually purchased a OEM mass airflow sensor for a 2008 Forester (2.5XT) from an online site can help share their experience thanks. Does anyone know who makes our MAS / MAF sensor and the part number? Appreciate any insight. Also, anyone purchased a OBD2 scanner bluetooth device that works from a online site can share their experience also. As in what free Android apps (or paid one) I should consider. I would like to be aware of all the key temperatures in the 2008 XT engine bay eg engine oil, coolant, trans, battery etc since esp there is no such reading avail in the dash (no temp, no battery readings). I just wanted to be aware of temps to avoid issues so is the Android Torque app really the only one to consider or are there any other free apps to consider? Btw Autobacs having a Bosch Aerotwin wiper set sale at the moment ( $42.95 for a set of 2 wipers, $35 for just 1 ) just sharing. I wasnt sure if my existing wiper's rubber insert could be replaced so I replaced both entirely with the Bosch 24" + 18" units, keeping the current set for future should I be able to find out where to get new (better quality) inserts. Would love to know who made the existing original wipers - is it Denso?
  26. Found them in my storeroom, clearing both the items at $50, cash snd carry. Interested party pls contact me at 88786788
  27. Want to buy vf37 turbo. anyone who have 1 to let go pls pm me your contact. Thanks
  28. Currently on my 2015 Forester XT. $250 with trade of your stock springs. You arrange labour for both vehicles at the workshop of your choice. Top up $50 for STI rear sway bar & bushings.
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