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  3. Dear All, Want to buy Subaru Impreza Hawkeye carbon fibre trim which as decribed below: - a/c upper trim around hazard in cf - a/c mid trim panel with hvac in cf - gear console trim with coinbox in cf - two round circle a/c surround trim - steering bracket/cover trim in cf - driver, pessenger, and rear window console in cf. - speed cluster cover in cf. Let me know if you are selling. Prefer in complete set, mint condition. Inbox me i will reply to you. Attached pic(s) for attention. Thank you admin.
  4. additional items to let go. pivot shift lamp turbo timer
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  6. All items are CASH and CARRY and out of my ride. No labour. Please Post or SMS me at 97591266 and self-collection at East. All parts are well fit with Cockeye or Hawkeye ride (TS, WRX and STI). (MY02 to MY07) Kindly check wif your workshop for fitting of your ride of the non above models. NO Lowballers and Aeroplane pilots. USED 1. Original DEFI BF (White Light) and Carbon fibre hood, condition 9/10 - S$850 - Without Carbon fibre hood – S$750 set consists of : - Turbo - Water Temperature - Oil Temperature - Oil Pressure - Control Unit and cables - all 4 Sensors,4 Cups with stand and cables 20170422_142354.mp4 2. TEIN Street Flex or Mono Flex for PCD100, still in very good working condition like new, 100% MADE IN JAPAN. (Bought New from ST Power used estimate 2 years, NO leak, No knocking sound and never track). S$700 3. STi 07 intercooler with STi Hose, Y-Pipe, dummy BOV and pressure pipe. ( In good working condition, tested on my ride). S$200 4. STI Full set Lateral Link with STi rear Stabilizer bar – S$500 5. JDM WRX2.0 Turbo TD04 (Good Condition, verify by BMS Ah Boon) – S$250 6. Hawkeye JDM AUTO WRX Speedometer with opening ceremony plus carbon fibre cover – S$200 7. Cockeye Taillights ( Left side had modified same to have light bulb as on the right) – S$200 8. JDM Auto WRX of side mirrors wif Twister Tinted Blue wide angle come with auto retracted motor - S$200 9. Original Mishimoto Radiator Hose with all clips (Blue) - S$150 10. STi Steering wheels with red stitching including airbag – S$250 11. JDM Auto WRX Steering wheels with red stitching including airbag – S$150 12. JDM Auto WRX Air-con Panel for Auto WRX and STI – S$150 13. JDM Auto WRX Air-con Compressor – S$150 14. ICE Alpine CDE-141E Single DIN CD receiver with remote control include connection cable plus single DIN tray - S$50 15. MY 03 to 05 Stock Radio with 6discs changer type – S$30 16. MY 03 to 05 Front Grille for Cockeye. New from MI - S$80 BRAND NEW 17. Brand New Power Stop Evolution Ceramic Rear Brake Pads for Legacy GT Calipers. - S$80.
  7. Varis Bonnet Sold!
  8. What is the condition of item no. 4 - stock rear deferential?
  9. 1)stock set of 4 wrx knuckle (TS will need this to convert from drum to disc brake) $150 2)stock propeller shaft $80 $50 3) stock set of 4 drive shaft (no leak) $150 4) stock rear differential $80 5)turboXS knocklite and shiftlight $80 - sold 6)wc lathe werkz 5spd Copolymer WRX Sphere $50 7) stock crank pulley (in good condition) $30 8) wrx shifter assembly with perrin front, rear, linkage bushing + perrin short shifter adapter (eliminate all the free play in shifter) $50 9) 5mt group N gearbox mount $50 (use for 2yrs) 10) pair of 5x100pcd 316x20mm drilled rear rotor for wrx on brembo, 170mm inner hub, left 30-40%. good for dekit or short term usage. $80 11) wrx 5spd gb, good for dekit $150 (pm me for detail) - sold
  10. Prices marked down for quick sale. PM to deal. Tks LM500 S60 - 2.5k Condition: Customised new from Litchfield with upgraded billet compressor wheel, ported shroud, upgraded turbo fins. Less than a yr old. New 5.5k. No abuse or track use. HKS Silent Hi Power with Certificate - $280 Blitz FMIC - $480 Condition: Great condition. Imported new from Japan. Only 2 mths old. New $1050. Koyo Radiator - $380 Condition: Great condition. Imported new from Japan. Only 2 mths old. DW 60mm 1200cc injectors - $780 Condition: Used for close to 2mths. New $1200. Integrated Engineering Surge Tank with Bosch Rally Fuel Pump - $480 Original Vented Varis Bonnet - $380 Recently sprayed to rally blue. Includes bonnet fastening catch. This version clears LTA as has proper structure. New $2200
  11. prev auto rex pre owned, gear shifting was thought to be normal for a rex.. shifting can be felt a little jerky. didn't care less and continue driving until one day, auto gear cannot engage to second gear and can't climb mscp slope... it just slipped at half slope on a mscp. Overhauled gear box. currently another auto rex, the gear shifting was entirely different feel. although different generation, so can't really confirm if it's improvement or what. but definitely if you mentioned jerky shifting, better be aware.
  12. Sorry for the click bait.. haha ! Ex Auto Rex owner Now with old S-GT Will be taking some time to check out relevant topics regards to 2008 model S-GT
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  14. Let me know if you're scrapping. Keen to get the front of your car. Bumper, bonnet, headlight, fender
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  16. maybe not too sure yet.
  17. Bro. Your car scrapping?
  18. Upz. Price nego for fast deal. 94751581
  19. 1. defi red water temp, oil press, oil temp and turbo. 2. brembo gold (need swap with red stock brakes) 3.hyperflow intercooler (need swap) 4.greedy boost controller 5. aps turbo inlet hose. please pm offer. low ballers won't be entertain.
  20. Hi all, as above. Whatsapp 98584545 to discuss
  21. Updated Sales Post:- Walboro Fuel Pump - SGD50.00 UR Room Bar MY08 HB - SGD100.00 Cobb Intake Box - SGD100.00 HKS Radiator Cap - SGD30.00 for 2 pieces STI V10 TMIC - SGD300.00 STI V10 Stock Supension - SGD200.00 Aftermarket Intercooler / Oil Cooler Nozzle Spray - SGD50.00 for 2 pieces PM to deal.... Quote
  22. hey guys, i read on the LGT forums about this problem before. One of the solution they said was to reset the TCU (transmission control unit), which was to let the GB learn the gear shifting codes. The jerk up was thought to be a code problem. Anyone have thoughts about this? Anyway yes BKS quoted 3k for the overhaul. with some strengthening of the gb internals to handle more power.. I read there is this mod/strengthening on the valvebody which makes the gear change faster like a DSG, which Im interested to know where is able to do it?
  23. contact me at 97222729
  24. selling 4 pcs at 150sgd only. price is firm and it's as good as new.. reason for selling is because I got the new bridgestone s007a
  25. Hey, Ahh since your already tried Lubeguard, then yeah, no choice but to go for the overhaul. Mine's probably gonna require it down the line too. Yep, still got the LGTW. Renewed COE last year. Re North Thai, I think the main issue was the Ron (91 and 95 in thai) as E10 is easy to get. I stayed away from E20 and E85(!). Most of the time I could get E10 Ron 95. Only had to pump E10 Ron91 once. I'm using Ecutek racerom, which has two maps. One tuned on Ron 97, the other is tuned conservatively on SPC Ron92. Climbing up Don Inthanon (8k+ feet) was also a concern but I just took it easy on the way up.
  26. Car scrapped. below are some item left Feel free to offer me. whatsapp at 82887141 1. wrx front 4 pot overhaul with new repair kit and (rotor abt 20k km) with front and rear SS brake hose (require swop) 2. Cusco front struct bar 3. Cusco front Sway bar (reserved 9596) 4. Cusco anti roll bar (reserved 9596) 5. Tanabe exhaust (require swop) 6. pioneer double din 4550 7. 17" 5 x100 8jj off 30 Rep RPF01 (require swop) 8. Mishimoto rad (require swop) 9. 2010 sti midpipe (require swop) 10. 2.0 Rs extractor decat 1pc (require swop) 11. STI cup holder for rear passengers 12. Blackvue front cam.
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