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  2. Hi guys, i am newbie here. I am looking for subaru wrx 2.5 hatchback 2008, kakis. Do you guys have groupchat?
  3. Hi guys , Im selling my ride . Please find the link below . Please contact me @ 86855729 price is slightly negotiable for sincere buyer Have a great day ! I’m selling my Subaru Impreza 2.0 S-GT Auto for S$20,000 here:
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  5. -Prodrive GC07. Spray silver 9mths ago. Original gold colour. 18x8 et43 5x100 with 225/40/18 Pirelli PZ4 (more than 70%) $1200 -Force BBk. F 4pot 330mm R4 pot 300mm. Pads and rotor more than 70%. Currently fitted on Legacy BL/BP. $1000 -Cusco front strut, rear strut, rear anti roll and 4pt brace for BL/BP. $100 each. Take all $2200. WA 92399963
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  7. Anybody try this before? RepairCarJobs It claims to being to get bids from workshop... or you guys got any good workshop in the west to recommend? That open on Sunday There is this loud noises from under the car
  8. thanks for the advise bro. tried calling bms today. last service in 2017. gonna try bks and edge tmr. thanks again bro
  9. call bms/bks/edge and see if there is any services record there
  10. Hi, keen to buy this car. Would like to know the owner so that can retrieve servicing records and what have done to this car to know more. thanks
  11. used less than a 1mth, going to try other brands, -Price is dealing in Singapore Dollars (SGD) -Shipping on overseas buyer’s account -Intallation can be done by me or your own workshop. -Paid $1400+ directly from Japan -Condition as good as new, can see for yourself if interested. -Specs as given and provided. interested can PM me.
  12. Thanks , i understood.. Can i pm u?
  13. Hi All, selling my newly bought aluminium boot trunk as i purchased wrongly its pre drilled to be used for High Rise Spoiler weighs only 5.5Kg contact : 97894662
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  15. look at the post above yours
  16. Where is xiaoming bro.. Got any address.. 😊
  17. go to xiaoming Hi, just like to help my ex-mechanic from BMS, Xiao Ming(H/P: 012 465 1618). He had been servicing my car (GC8 and GDB) ever since. So experience wise is 2nd to none. He open a new workshop in JB. Address: TS MOTOR WORKSHOP SERVICE NO. 58, Jalan Setia Tropika, 81200 Johor Bahru. Open 9am to 6pm. Monday to Sunday. Location is very convenient. Just beside EDL highway thus can avoid all the jam. Message me if you need enquiry.
  18. Exhaust still available?
  19. Hi, new to this thread.. Any updates to this workshop? Thanks in advance
  20. Hi, just cleared the storeroom and have a used BL5 original airbox to giveaway if anyone still wants one. Please PM if interested.
  21. Sorry guys, its 18'' rims
  22. 1)Black Colour PCD 5x100 Offset 42 x 8jj Selling 2 pcs only - $150 2) Red horn x 2 - $30 Hella Design (Brand New)
  23. No it wont. Just need awhile to get used to it
  24. There is no Spring on the carbon plate, will it be difficult for street use?
  25. Blitz open pod + Perrin SRI - $200
  26. Noted and thanks for accepting
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