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  2. SOLD! pls delete post thanks
  3. Stock rim cannot clear due to the offset
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  5. Hi all, anyone has installed a push start on your older model of STI (mine 2008 GRF STI)? I recently purchased the panel switch, links below trying to find workshop that knows how to install and wire the push stop button. Ofcourse am am also wanting to get a keyless entry plus alarm. Appreciated on the replies.
  6. Looking for approved exhaust. PM me if can help.
  7. Interested pls PM. WRX (Semi Leather) front bucket and rear seat - $550. Conditions: 9/10 WRX FRONT 4 Pot & handbrake mechanism $900. All items are kept in store.
  8. Hi subie bros, looking to buy Trust exhaust for cockeye/Hawkeye with LTA cert. Open to swap my fuji catback too. If swap willing to pay for your labour. Kindly whatsapp me at 9879 0412. Cheers!
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  10. Finally had time to change the necessary ... good job BMS 💪💪✌
  11. Dear All I am looking for the above cargo cover. Anyone have a spare unit or scrapping their car? Thanks.
  12. ok thanks
  13. you can ask ST powered. they are the distributor for cobb here
  14. they list subaru. maybe will message them.
  15. Ya lor.. anyone recently went ?
  16. could be for another car other than subaru.
  17. You are right there is no EDM option on their main website but there is a European distributor for Accessport.
  18. accessport for available for USDM car. our EDM or JDM car cannot support it
  19. I didn't know that Edge do opensource. Last time I tuned with them was 10 years ago and it was Ecutek. Yup could do myself but trial and error is probably going to end up way more expensive at the end of the day. I will talk to Ken.
  20. Yes but mine is tune and forget. Because I don't keep modding parts. Edgeworks first tune iirc 400. Retuning is cheaper at 150. If you want you can try yourself. Just need a cable and laptop haha
  21. Of course a stock WRX is much more than enough.. lol.. I just liked the idea of the Accessport with the monitoring built in and ability to use of the shelf maps if I wanted to try myself. . At least I get something physical for my money unlike Ecuteck that was just a licence. Do you use a tuner for your opensource?
  22. -Selling in $6800 Singapore Dollars(SGD) -Shipping can be arranged( for overseas buyers) -Selling as a pair -Refurbished @$900 SGD and kept a side - only 18kg a piece - selling at half the price now. my loss is your gain -comes with original seat rail -optional custom made FXT seat rail available(seat was used on SJG previously) Reason for selling, no more in use. upgrading to other seats. interested pls kindly call 97894662
  23. I think stock enough for street. No need to keep visiting Workshop as car will be more or less reliable. I am using open source tuning. The Accessport i think is useful if you want to keep changing tuning maps. But locally i dont really see people using it.
  24. Hi, is the caliper able to fit subaru XV? With 17 inch stock rim?
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