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    you can look for SGSJ in the facebook.. enjoy~~
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    took about 3-4hrs. he spend a lot of time fixing up other issue for me and didn't charge me also
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    Hey guys, clearing some room so I have the following items for sale: Tomei equal length header/extractor with up pipe and 3" downpipe - $550 Moton height and damping adjustable coilovers (2 of the coilovers need to be serviced/rebuilt) - $400 Subaru original steering wheel rewrapped in genuine leather with red stitching, reuses your stock airbag - $200 Subaru original brand new single scroll turbo bracket. Part number 14421AA021 - $80 Subaru stock header/extractor for EJ255 BL9/BP9 - $150 Defi Advance BF 2.0 bar turbo gauge (red colored face), includes controller and sensor - $150 All items are from a Legacy GT BL9 and already out of the car, so price is cash and carry. For other model cars please check with your workshop for fitment first. Thanks for reading!
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    thanks for the contact. booked appoint for timing belt change next wk just to share, gates timing belt used to be good. but now they use cheap bearing and tensioner made in china. i bought another kit by aisin from amazon prime about sgd$350 shipped. all bearing and component made in japan except belt that was made in thailand by mitsuboshi (oem quality) https://www.amazon.com/Aisin-TKF-004-Engine-Timing-Water/dp/B00HFKEJN2 use amazon prime singapore for free shipping.
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    Selling a spare good condition Sprint booster Ver 1 for Legacy & Outback. Welcome to try for the instant difference in pickup within 2 mins of installation. Only $80 $70 Sms Nine 8 twotwo 12 five3