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    Good morning everyone, PCD 5 X 100 225/45 R17 The Rims have no kerb rash so I will say condition is 9/10. Thanx
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    *CORE only. no brackets. for all GD chassis going cheap. you offer. nine 6 99 seven 3 2 5
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    Ups for a good bro. The jic exhaust sounds damn nice. Hope someone will buy it.
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    Dekits : Cosworth Stoptech BBK 4/2 Black in colour - SGD 1,000 5 x Defi meter with sensor (Fuel press, water temp, oil temp, oil press, Turbo) - SGD 700 Process West TMIC - SGD 500 Cosworth replica extractor for Forester SH model - SGD 120 * all parts are negotiable * all parts require sway * all parts labour on buyer * pls contact me Edmund at 9021 6009 to deal.
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    yours is a GE3, 1.5 MT MY10 = Manufacturing Year 2010 GE = 3rd Gen Impreza Sedan GH = 3rd Gen Impreza Hatchback GR = 3rd Gen Hatchback STI (Widebody) GV = 3rd Gen Sedan STI (Widebody) For GE and GE, the 3rd character denotes the engine 3 = 1.5 7 = 2.0 E = 2.5T
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    Hi Guys! Ever wondered why your car needs a layer of coat? How to rid your vehicle of pests such as cockroaches and fleas? We are Singapore's Best Auto Detailer and EA Detailer is here to help you! Please visit our official blog for more tips to take care of your ride and we are here to answer any enquiry you have! http://eadetailer.com/car-detailing-blog/ Stay tuned for promotions specially crafted for Subaru Club Singapore!