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    1. If your items are sold, please update and rename the topic and add a (SOLD) at the end of it. This would very much help other SELLERS to reach out to potential BUYERS in a more effective way. And also, SELLERS won't be getting calls/enquiries after the items are sold. 2. Please restrict yourself to using only 1 thread when selling multiple items at the same time 3. Members will not be permitted to use the STICKY feature for their post in this folder 4. All threads will automatically be pruned (removed), 7 days from date of first post. If your items are still available, please repost after the expiry date. 5. Members are encouraged to make their own backup copies of their sale information if they foresee the details are still required after 7 days. subaruclubsg.com takes no responsibility and will not be able to provide any restoration services. 6. All BUYERS & SELLERS are entitled to their exclusive rights in pricing. 7. All transactions are to be carried out independently between BUYERS and SELLERS. SubaruClubSg.com shall be in no ways liable or responsible for any transactions made here. 8. Members found violating any of the above rules & regulations will be subjected to suspension of their login account till further notice.
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    Hi all, Selling original PRODRIVE GC-010E British Black 17 x 7.5J Offset +38 PCD 5 x 100 with Achilles 2233 Tyres (225/50 R17) changed August 2017 (Mileage 21K km) with Orange TPMS Price : $1,200.00 slight nego https://sg.carousell.com/p/prodrive-gc-010e-17”-176738459/?ref=search&ref_query=prodrive&ref_referrer=%2Fsearch%2Fproducts%2F%3Fquery%3Dprodrive&ref_reqId=apVx57ZnBcZChffwbwOhAHtY8COw35Yv Whatsapp to deal 9656-8006 Thanks for viewing. Cheers
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    Easy since you got his IC number... 1) Go CASE report him. 2) Go make POLICE report. 3) Go Sub-Court pay $20+ SUE him. Lan Lan he will appear before court... Ha... NEVER go Jalan Sultan to rent or buy any car... had super bad experience with the rental company there also. the office in textile center or jalan sultan but actual car shop in turf city... scams n cheaters
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    New shoes!! It's now ready for bigger aftermarket brakes!! 18x8.5J Work Emotion T7R in Matte Bronze
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    Nice , where u brought this nvidia ? Like it
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