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    All gotta go!!! -Stock 6 speed JDM gearboxes: i'd got 2 of them. [built-in oil pump compared to newer models, hence, more reliable than GRB/GVB models] -Stock Brembo kit with Tarox rotors (front & rear dual PCD): $1.5k -Stock Single scroll extractor (one part of the cover removed) & up-pipe: $100 [for those who are scrapping car or selling it to dealer or exporting] -Stock STI driveshafts: $200 -Stock STI manifold and throttle body set: $350 -Stock STI clutch: $100 Intake -HKS Racing Suction with BKS 4" MAF Inlet: $120 Cooling -HKS Oil Cooler: $500 Interior -Defi Advanced BF gauges (new model): Boost, WaterTemp, OilTemp, OilPress: $800 -HKS Turbo Timer: $80 PM me if you are keen!
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    PM if keen. Performance 1. STI turbo VF43 - low mileage, on a 11,000 km per year car. Clocked 60k km. 2. Blouch 20G XT - Clocked 20k km. 3. BKS turbo inlet hose 4. Cockeye STI TMIC (bigger than Hawkeye STI) 5. Carbonetic twin plate carbo clutch. By far the nicest clutch feel, same as stock. Nice sound too 6. Sard Fuel Regulator 7. 1000cc FIC Injectors 8. AEM Methanol Kit 9. HKS Kansai Carbon Air Box + stock intake funnel 10. Trust open pod filter (fits the air box perfectly) 11. Koyo full aluminum radiator + silicon hoses (blue) 12. Fujitsubo catback exhaust with cert and serial number visible. This must be the best condition round (not dented) fuji you could find, regularly polished, almost chrome Properly operated. 13. Walbro 255 lph fuel pump 14. BKS oil catch tank 15. STI air splitter with matching rubber shroud Handling 1. Yellow Brembo 6/4 pot 355mm front + rear slotted rotors. Need 18" to clear. Thick pads and rotors. These will give you absolute confidence in braking. If these 6/4 cannot stop you well, I don't know what will... and they look gorgeous too! I have used 4/2 Red with upgraded parts, Brembo 4/2 gold with upgraded parts, don't waste time on those! 2. Rota IKR 5 x 100 ET35 18 x 9.5" Gunmetal. Original color. Very minor kerb surface rashes on the rims of wheels, I believe were from tyre change. 3. 4 x AD08R 265/35/18. 2 pieces 90%, just bought with receipt. 2 pieces 50%. 4. ISC N1 coilovers 10kg front 8kg rear. come with front camber plates ordered separately. No leaks. 5. Front Cusco ARB 22mm 6. Rear Cusco adjustable ARB 22mm 7. Front Cusco Strut Bar with Brake Stopper 8. Rear STI Pink Strut Bar 9. STI front aluminum A-arms 10. STI pink rear lateral links 11. STI rear lateral arms 11. Powerflex aluminum C-links 12. Whiteline front spherical endlinks 13. Stock STI rear I-links 14. Cidep red fender bars 15. Group N Engine and Transmission Mounts 16. Kartboy Pitch Stop Mount 17. Whiteline Crossmember bushings 18. TiC Rear Differential bushings 19. TiC Subframe bushings 20. Original STI rear diffuser with subframe bar 21. Project KICS R40 Neo Chro Lug nuts 22. Kartboy short shifter with bushings 23. Front H&R camber bolts 24. Rear SPC camber bolts 25. Project KICS R40 Neo Chro Lug nuts Exterior 1. STI Spec C aluminum boot. ~5kg. Lighter than most CF boots. Square key hole. Urban grey 2. STI original high mount spoiler. Urban grey 3. Chargespeed side lips. Matt black 4. Chargespeed rear side diffusers. Matt black 5. STI rear bumper. Urban grey 5. STI rear fender arches. Urban grey 6. Fog light cover without holes. Urban grey 7. Original STI vlip with rubber add-on 8. Carbon fibre roof vane. Urban grey at sides. 9. Clarkewan HID bulbs 12k. Misc 1. 6 x Defi BF amber. Boost, oil temp and press, water and exhaust temp, fuel press 2. Defi VSD Concept. Display your parameters on windscreen 3. AVCR Black. 4. Pioneer AVH-P4150DVD + Reverse Cam + iPhone cable. This head unit has interchangeable colors to match your interior lights 5. Red wrx speedometer low mileage. Red LED professionally done by suparu 6. Original 2 x Bride Stradia Low Max black. Come with original Bride railings for GD chassis. No tear/burn/holes as they are used with original Bride protector pads. 7. 4 x Original Bride protector pads. Black. Meant for Stradia Low Max. Left and right kidneys, left and right thighs.
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    Hello all members, As with our latest software upgrade, we have a refreshed core committee in place - we believe in the passion for Subarus Sharing of knowledge, great meet-up sessions, supper runs, off-road challenges, tracking, charity drives, new model launch privileges etc. Introducing to you, our new (.. but old) core committee members, who will facilitate and bring the best out of the Subaru Experience to you. Remember, for the members, by the members. Bryan aka d3vil0gy - PR/Sponsorships Paul aka highrider - SCSG Vice Chief, Forester Chief, some say.. the legendary forester that tail lamp cannot even see.. Wah Kum aka elijahbaley - Chief technical, race events chief, 3GWRX Chief, multiple trophies representing the pride of Subarus Ken aka kenken - Chief racer, PG Track days coordinator, legendary PG White Knight, multiple trophies representing the pride of Subarus Jerry aka 320bhp - Chief technical, legendary PG King, Content chief Keith aka bigtoe - Chief NA pride (yet has another turbo impreza) KQ aka BLehBleh - Chief technical, Chief Events, SubTag Chief, Chief Mega meet Chua aka Chua27 - 4G Turbo Chief, Chief IT, Vice Chief Mega meet Joshua aka Keeper8388 - 4G NA Chief, Events Wee aka Dontellu - Chief Support, Events Our inbox are always opened! Do feel-free to drop us a PM to any related queries! Looking forward to serving the Subaru community! For the members, by the members Best Regards, Bryan
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    Hi all, For sale. Sale for December only. 1. Used 3 x Defi (Blue) meter with controller - 1set ($500) 2. Used 07 Forester supersprint exhaust- 1set ($300) 3. Used 07 Forester bonnet Scoop 1set ($150) 4. Used pair of Tein coilovers - 1set ($550) 5. Used pair Front & rear Rotors with 4p/2p Brembo gold -1set ($950) 6. Used Front gear knob - 1set (Sold) 7. Used Front Strut Bar - 1set (Sold) 8. Used 18" japan brand 5x100 offset 8.5' rims with michelin tyres 225x45x18 (left 70-80%) - 1set ($950) Noted (Need swap your 16" rims and tyres) 9. Used WRX front only Seats - 1set (Sold) 10. HKS EVC boost controller -1set ($280) 11. HKS Hi-Power exhaust for forester 2.5XT (Sold) 12. APC dual entry top mount intercooler with twin induction to better spread the cooling.($400) 13. APC Blow Off Valve.($250) 14. VF22 turbo ($300) 15. 3 x Zero sport gauge pod ($180) All item offer ($3000) Interested parties kindly contact me. 50% deposit for reservation. No obligations at all for viewing. All items C&C.
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    I've been tuning WRX/STIs for awhile now and have seen more than my fair share of lightly and heavily modified cars. Often many people modify their cars based on the recommendations of workshops and people they know, claiming that X modification is great etc. Sometimes these are right, sometimes they're misinformed and other times they are outright lies. I'm not affiliated with any workshop so here is a few cents from me on how to modify your WRX/STI to suit your power goals. I'm not going to discuss anything not related to engine performance such as handling etc. Fuel System Common modifications are fuel pump, fuel injectors and fuel regulator. On 2.5 engines you do not need fuel upgrades if you don't plan to run more than 1.3-1.4 bar of boost. Fuel upgrades are required above that so you don't run lean during high boost, high RPM. Upgrading any of the 3 components will increase your maximum injector flow rate but my preference is for a fuel injector upgrade as that is the only parameter you can input in the ECU for an accurate tune. Upgrading the fuel pump will also increase your injector flowrate but your tuner will then have to make an educated guess at your new injector flow rate. This increased flowrate may be non-linear, meaning that it will require hacks other than modifying the injector flowrate to produce accurate fueling (such as messing with your MAF scaling or fueling targets). I will consider upgrading the fuel regulator as the last resort as most aftermarket fuel regulators modifying your fuel pressure according to boost but the exact figures are difficult to dial in during tuning and will lead to even more guesswork. Recommendation: Leave fuel system untouched below 300-350 WHP as long as your tuner is not maxing out your fuel injetors. Change requires tune: Yes, immediate. Boost Controller Most people don't need an aftermarket boost controller. The stock ECU is capable of controlling boost fine. You can upgrade the solenoid only as they allow for ECU to have finer control of boost levels and are able to handle higher boost levels. If you want to buy an aftermarket boost controller to view / set boost levels on the fly, that's fine as long as you don't run levels higher than what your tuner has tuned your car for. Be also warned that if you bypass the ECU by using an aftermarket boost controller, the ECU will not be able to reduce your boost levels when it detects problems in the engines such as excessive knocking / detonation. Recommendation: Replace only the boost solenoid. Change requires tune: Yes if set to higher boost and tuner did not tune your car to handle those levels. Turbo / Actuator Choose the right turbo for your power goals. If you're a technical person, you can look at turbo efficiency graphs to determine which turbo is ideal for your power goals or check with your tuner. There is no point spending money on that huge ass turbo when all you want to run is 1 bar of boost. All you end up with is more turbo "lag" and a lousy torque curve. Most people don't need an upgrade on their actuators either as a properly controlled boost solenoid (via ECU or aftermarket units) will do fine at holding boost. Recommendation: Choose the smallest turbo that is efficient at your intended boost levels. Change requires tune: Recommended for performance gain, required if there is a big difference in size Intercoolers I'll say get a big TMIC, right sized air-splitter and be done with it. Unless you're looking to make above 400WHP, I believe that the trade off in a laggier spool up is not worth it. A big FMIC can easily delay your boost by 300-500 RPM. Not to mention that you're now more prone to boost leaks (more joints), may have to remove / modify your crash bars and other issues associate with FMICs. For people looking to make big power though, the added cooling by FMICs is probably worth it. A rotated intake manifold can also help in reducing lag on FMICs. Recommendation: Stick with a TMIC below 400 WHP. Bigger is good, as long as your air splitter allows air to flow to it properly. Change requires tune: No, unless the setup changes significantly such as TMIC to FMIC Intake Stock intake is fine up to 300+ WHP. The built in cold air intake works well, stock filter filters better than any aftermarket filter while flowing well and there is little reason to change it except for the sound. Changing the air intake is one of the most common modifications people make but there is usually no performance gain and definitely requires a retune especially if the MAF housing is changed. Recommendation: Leave it alone. Change requires tune: Yes, immediate if MAF housing size changed. Exhaust 3" downpipe will give you the most gains, followed by a similar sized mid pipe. Mufflers won't much of a difference except for the sound. I believe there are no legal modifications to downpipes though decatted downpipes cannot be seen visually. Recommendation: 3" downpipe and catback exhaust. Otherwise decatted downpipe. Change requires tune: You will see immediate performance gains when upgrading from stock even without a tune. A good tune may give further power gains. Methanol Injection Big power gains for a few hundred dollars, why not? Just be warned that a failure in the system will most likely lead to engine damage very quickly as cars tuned with methanol injection will probably knock heavily without meth when under boost. Many meth kits in the market now have failsafe features which makes this somewhat safer. Recommendation: Install one with failsafe features. Change requires tune: Yes, as you will not see power gains without a tune. Radiator Get the thickest, most dense sonuvabitch full aluminum radiator you can find. I believe Subaru puts higher pressure radiator caps on the radiator than the expansion tank but generally there are no issues sticking with stock radiator caps or putting 1.3 bar ones on both. Stock rads fail all the time so when they do fail, it is the perfect time for an upgrade. Recommendation: Swap the stock for a thick aluminum radiator Change requires tune: No Engine Internals If you're rebuilding your engine or just want big power numbers, then consider getting strengthened engine internals. A common modification done during engine rebuilds is reducing compression ratio through the use of a thicker headgasket so the engine can run higher boost. However, reducing compression ratio this way leads to other issues (such as quench height) which causes engines to knock more and may not be as straightforward as believed. Another common modification are forged pistons which will probably make the most difference in increasing the strength of the stock engine. However, most forged pistons have looser tolerance, which leads to a slapping sound especially on cold starts. They are also more likely to consume a bit of oil. If you're looking to make even bigger numbers, then other components like connecting rods, head studs, bearings, crank etc can all be strengthened. Recommendation: Leave it alone unless you plan to run >1.5 bar of boost Change requires tune: No unless compression ratio or displacement has changed More to add later. Feel free to correct me if there are any errors.
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    Hi all, Scrapped my beloved legacy and have the below items for sale; 13. JDM BL9 rear bumper (New, unpainted & unused, shorter & nicer looking rear as compared to stock) = $500 15. Koyorad aluminium radiator + Hayden ATF cooler + Air direction cooling plate = $400 17. Project Mu SCR-Pro slotted 2pc Front rotors (x2) + Project Mu Rear rotors (x2) = $400 Please kindly PM me if you're interested in any of the above items for sale. Thanks for viewing. Sold Items: 1. Battery cover (engine bay) 2. Beatrush aluminium undertray (slighty modded for more air flow) 3. Black Brembo 4pot Front + 2pot Rear calipers + Endless SSM pads (& numerous other brake pads) 4. Blitz air intake cover (hybrid system) + Zerosports air intake pipe (blue rubber) 5. Center console arm rest extension (BL5, for more storage space) 6. Cusco Front top strut bar (with brake cylinder stopper) + Rear top strut bar + Undercarriage H-bar 7. Dash Mat (BL5, for covering the dash board cracks) 8. Floor mats x 4 (original legacy stock) 9. Front Fog lamps (Original, only used for 1 year) 10. Fujitsubo cat-back Exhaust system (LTA approved with cert for BL5, some dents + scratches) 11. Greddy Infometer (old model) 12. JDM aluminium rear trailing arms & lateral links (weight savings) 14. JIC coliovers (some knock sound from 1 of the rear coil) 16. Oxygen sensor (Original, new & unused) 18. SSR Type C (Original, Forged, 17"x 8J +48, Gunmetal color, with some kerb rashes) + 1pc 17" stock rim + Rays Lock Nuts 19. STI oil filter (pink) x1 20. STI reinforcement braces (black) 21. Twister side mirrors (blue color, wide angle to eliminate blind spots)
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    All parts Cash & Carry, no need swop. Contact me @ 98458917 ====================================================== 1) STi Gold Brembos Front with Ferodo DS2500 - $880 2) HKS EVC4 boost controller- $180 3) Dixcel slotted rotors 5 x 114.3 316mm X 2pcs - $180 4) Apexi turbo timer (Silver) - $30 5) Sabelt 4 point harness (Replica) - $60 6) EGR headlight covers tinted yellow (Right side has a crack, but still works protecting the headlight) - $50 7) MAF sensor - $50 8) Agritz rear brake pads for Brembo Gold (80%) - $60 9) Subaru MY05 manual with folder - $20
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    Hi, Left with these parts.. Cash and carry - 2.0 WRX front Oxygen Sensor Very New Testing only - $50CnC - D1 Spec Turbo Timer with Shift Lamp -$30 CnC - IKH22 iridium plugs brand new in box -$70 CnC - Cusco Cylinder Brake Stopper - $50 CnC - Perrin 3 pot EBCS - $50CnC - HDI FMIC Full set - $300 CnC - 2.5 Oxygen Sensor $50 CnC - Red Subaru 2 pot (90% pad ) with knuckles & HB mech
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    Hi Bros, car is due to dealer for trade-in very soon. Have some parts for sale if anyone is interested. Price is fully negotiable. Some items are still on vehicle which will need to swap. Buyers will need to bear the labour costs. Pls note below - Model is MY05 TS - Reasonable expectation as car is approaching 10 years but price is fully negotiable. - Supersprint exhaust dual tip with certificate (require swap) -$100 - WRX 4/2 disc brakes (red) (require swap) - $100 - Clark Extractor (no need to swap) - Original stock MY05 TS brakes - front disc and back drum (No need to swap) - Original stock MY05 TS exhaust (No need to swap) - Original stock MY05 head unit with disc changer (No need to swap) - 17" Pro Drive GC-06H (Black/Red) forged rims (With kerb rash and scratches), tyres need replacement. (require swap) - Attached pix showing condition of scratches. - $200 Pls pm me if keen. Thank you.
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    Bro, u juz waste my data. I dunno others but all ur 8 new msg are abt watsapp Terence for good insurance premiums. And some are very old post. Pls think or at least use ur eyeball and look at the last day it's was updated. Thks
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    Did a 10 day trip Dec 2016 Phu Pha Phet Cave Supposedly the largest cave in Thailand.
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    The first "performance mod" I've done; installed the Invidia Q300 catback exhaust system after my 5k servicing lol!! Really like the little extra note it adds to the vehicle and those larger diameter tail pipes that flush with the bumper look alot better than the stock pipes!!
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    Hi everyone, my name is Tim.I've just picked up my new car earlier today and its a Forester SJG in dark metallic grey. I used to drive a Honda Civic FD2 before this and did some small minor modifications like brakes, coil overs, tuning and an aftermarket exhaust system. I intend to do some stuff to this one as well lol. This is the first Subaru I've owned and the first turbo charged vehicle I've driven. Its performance : price ratio is great compared to other similar cars of its type, also there are lots of extra features present that are usually only found on continental cars. I'll probably be lurking around gathering info on the car and its possible mods / tweaks, but I hope to meet you guys soon. Cheers!! Tim
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    Since there seems to have been a slight bump in activity in this forum after the software upgrade announcement, I might as well say an official hello, though this isn't my first post. I drive an MY2016 Legacy 2.5 i-S. It's my first Subaru. Bought it earlier this year. Never thought I'd ever buy a Subbie since I'm quite a boring guy, and always thought of Subbies as too sporty and exciting for me. Almost bought a Kia Optima K5, Hyundai Sonata, Mazda 6 or Ford Mondeo instead. Which goes to show how different the demographics are for BN9 owners versus pretty much every other generation of Legacy. It's a value-for-money mid-sized family sedan, which seems to be attracting mid-sized sedan shoppers. That's a far cry from the traditional Legacy demographic of WRX owners looking for more family-friendly space, or at least that's the stereotype I've heard (I'm no expert). The BN9 is probably the rarest current-gen Subaru on the roads, which is fine with me except for the fact that there isn't much BN9 discussion going on here. In fact, I haven't found a single BN9-related post on SCS. I guess this is the first then. The Legacy/Legacy GT section's all about BL (love the BL rear, btw) and BR guys dekitting or looking for parts. Anyway, hi everyone. My natural inclination would've been to get the Dark Grey, but my kids like Venetian Red Pearl:
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    Did a short over the weekend trip to Fraser's Hill in Malaysia, its first maiden trip. Happy SG51 people!!!
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    Upgrade the rims lol
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    Done most of the body mods
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    Selling Price : $49.800 (Nego) Reg Date on : 31-10-2008 OMV : $33,550 COE : $14,101 Milage : 37,000km Features 2.5L 4 Cylinders 16 Valves DOHC Turbocharged Boxer Engine Producing 296BHP With 6 Speed Manual Transmission, Symmetrical All Wheel Drive System. Accessories All Original Parts From Factory. HID Head Lights, STI Brembo Brakes, Auto-folding Mirrors. Description Lowest Mileage 2008 STI On The Market. 100% Genuine Mileage With Service Receipts To Prove Upon Request. Immaculate, Completely Stock. New Bridgestone Tyres. Very Clean Car, Well Looked After, Accident Free, Original Paintwork. Full Service History And Paperwork. Call or text To Arrange For Viewing Appointment Now. (Ryan 91812068)
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    Dekiting sale / selling as whole car. Car is 29 March 2007 Hawkeye WRX Car in good condition selling due to upgrading Getting +/- 500whp Try to believe. Engine: Rebuilt in September 2015 Less than 3000 km since rebuilt Full forged with Manley conrod ACL CONROD bearing ACL Main bearing Cp Piston 100mm 292mm aftermarket high cams Custom shortblock with BLOCKPINS to strengthen piston walls Aftermarket Valve spring Aftermarket valve Aftermarket headstud Dual fuel pump Custom fuel rail kit with fuel filter Full set new cometic gasket Cusco heavy duty timing belt New sets of belt Full set new engine mounting and gear mounting Selling whole engine at $3000 with swap Methanol kit $400 6 speed euro gearbox full set $1500 ATS TRIPLE PLATE CARBON CLUTCH $1000 Aftermarket rear drive shaft with knuckles $700 (Can hold up to 1000hp) Greddy front mount inter cooler $500 Blitz BOV $200 1000cc injectors $600 Blouch Dom 3 turbo $1200 Blitz open pod air filter $200 3 inch custom downpipe with stock covers $200 Fuji Exhuast w 3 inch custom straight thru midpipe $400 Tial wastegate with extractor $300 Carbon fibre Bonnet $400 Carbon fibre reverse scoop $150 Carbon fibre side fenders $300 Carbon fibre rear diffuser $200 Carbon fibre Voltex GT wing $300 Custom cut front bumper $200 Custom cut rear bumper $200 Carbon 4 doors $1000 Full set HARDRACE undercarriage $1000 All strut bars 5 Prosports gauges $400 EVC 6 Colour boost rcontroller $600 Ultragauge $150 Contact me at 92222732. Lowballer please stay away.
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    An Automatic and a Manual. These are the iconic view impressions of the Subaru 2006 / 2007 WRX models on our road today. The intimidating intercooler intake scoop at the bonnet The 5 star constellation badge adorning the front and rear of the car.
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    One bald act rich buyer Dua me so car and parts up on sale again.... Looking to SWAP Full forged Engine Block - (4K) - Labour at your cost. What is included in the 4K? - Forged engine - Forged CP Piston - Ported Head with Cosworth 278Cam - Kelford Valve & Retainer - Cosworth Manifold - Cosworth Fuel Rail - Full APS Intercooler Piping - Full APS Turbo Inlet Hose - APS BOV - Cusco Oil Catch Tank - HKS Oil Cooler - Blitz Radiator - APS Intercooler - Turbo - your selection (Owen GT32/ APS SR56) - Tial 44mm Wastegate - Sard Fuel Injector - HKS Oil Cooler with piping - $400 (Labour by you) - 1000cc Injector -HKS Hi Silent Exhaust with Cert - Orgura twin carbon clutch with 6SPEED STRENGTHENED EURO GEARBOX ( if you are on a base WRX, I will throw in the rear Knuckles) - $2000 -Varis Carbon Bonnet - to swap with Black Bonnet (wrap or original black I Dont Care) - $700 -Chargespeed rear bumper -Spec C Aluminium boot with Apr GT wing (can opt without swap) $500 -Ganador side mirror -Tien Mono Flex -STI undercarriage - Original RAYS FORGED RIMS 18" (GENUINE) very light as good as running on 17” - $800 Condition : Matt Black, Slight curb Rash can reinstate for u - WRX Stock Grey and Black Seats (2 Front + Rear) - WRX Stock Grey & Black door Panels - WRX Stock Blue and Black Seats (2 Front + Rear) - WRX Stock Blue Door Panels - ZeroSport Triple Genome holder with 60mm STI Genome Guage -Pioneer Headunit (C&C) ITEMS TO GO -STI light weight carbon fiber strut bar - $150 -STI gold brembo front & back - $1300 (C&C) -RAYS grams light 57 17' (C&C) -RE070 (just changed not long, car under utilized CONFIRM more than 80%) -ARC Air Intake Box - $450 -Blitz I- Colour - $380 - Morette Front and Rear Lamps - $680 - APS SR56 (Plug & Play) - $900 - OWEN Turbo GT32 - $2000 - VTTR Gold BBK (2 X Big 6 + 2 X Big 4) - $2000 (Personal preference, it's much better than Brembo ) - Beat Rush Engine Covers Gold X 2 - HKS evc 6 - $ 500 - Limited edition STI seat - $500 - Full black STI alcantara door panel with top CF (to be collected from ProjectDeCreation) + Rear Alcantara Seats $500 - CF boot with bone - $400 - CF boot with bone - $400 -CF boot without bone - $380 - Garette GT30 Ball Bering Turbo - $2000 - OWEN GT 30 - $5500 - OWEN GT35 - $2000 - Cusco Black Roll Cage - $680 - DEFI advance CR X4 - $800 - Stock Rear Tail Lights 1 pair - $150 -Stock STI driveshafts - $200(Labour by you) - Spec C water tank and spray button - $380 -260km/h red Optitron with opening ceremony: $380 Appreciate that you text me with the offered price to 91897172 I am a lady driver and I am not exactly aware of what the market is offering currently however don't shortchange me...
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    When you put two WRX together, they can't seems to live in harmony. They tend to perform a face-off in anguish. They do not want to be a second by themselves. A single slope yet both seems to challenge each other. A special WRX feature shot. Enjoy ! No bumpers were scratched during the photoshoot.
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    For those items not listed here, it's already sold. Items all now ready for collection. Cosworth Cams- 500 HKS Oil Cooler- 400 Stock Extractor- 50 Fujitsubo Cat Back with cert -200 Call/sms/whatsapp 93389045 First come first serve Item ready for collection .
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    PCD: 5x100 Tyres Brand: Pirelli 70% left Tyres size: 225/45/17 Asking: $220 Cash n Carry please PM if interested...thanks
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    Hi, I've been driving a Forester NA since 2006 and was looking at switching to another brand. Shortlisted new Harrier, CX-5 and used XC60. Didn't quite feel right with the above models when I sat in them. Decided to see the new Forester and felt immediately at home. Though both the SG5 (2006 model) and the current model had the same name and brand, the interior is completely different. Love the buttons on steering wheel and the big sun roof. And the price of the Premium model was also very attractive at $120K (on 19 July 2015). Was tempted to make a booking but decided to hold back as it was just my first time considering the new Forester. With the COE dipping, hopefully the price will drop too and I can continue my Forester jorney
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    1. If your items are sold, please update and rename the topic and add a (SOLD) at the end of it. This would very much help other SELLERS to reach out to potential BUYERS in a more effective way. And also, SELLERS won't be getting calls/enquiries after the items are sold. 2. Please restrict yourself to using only 1 thread when selling multiple items at the same time 3. Members will not be permitted to use the STICKY feature for their post in this folder 4. All threads will automatically be pruned (removed), 7 days from date of first post. If your items are still available, please repost after the expiry date. 5. Members are encouraged to make their own backup copies of their sale information if they foresee the details are still required after 7 days. subaruclubsg.com takes no responsibility and will not be able to provide any restoration services. 6. All BUYERS & SELLERS are entitled to their exclusive rights in pricing. 7. All transactions are to be carried out independently between BUYERS and SELLERS. SubaruClubSg.com shall be in no ways liable or responsible for any transactions made here. 8. Members found violating any of the above rules & regulations will be subjected to suspension of their login account till further notice.
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    The very first meetup for VA WRX/STI!!
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    I've always felt Subaru has one of the best "Performance & Features : Price" ratios of the Japanese brands. As compared to similar cars of this type by other brands, this has class leading performance figures as well as extra features over its competition for a very competitive price. Lol I'll be sharing my photo journey of the personal touches I add to my Forester here, some people see a new car, I see a fresh piece of canvas to start over with... Plus that Pleiades star cluster logo looks unique and how many other car manufacturers can say they had an anime collaboration? See below for the images of the Gainax X Subaru collaboration anime (After-School Pleiades).
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    Guys Its Finally Here!!! We have been hearing you.. Finally! Subaru Club Singapore's Official get together! It's been a long awaited event and we've finally have an official venue to host everyone!Please visit here for more information and RSVP your attendance!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/1807829776208661/ In conjunction with our Subaru Club Singapore 2017 mega meet up on the 21st May 2017, 3pm, we are proud to announce: Our 2017 limited edition decal is now for sale! This will be a Limited Edition and there will only be 1 run for these decals! (you can't get them anymore in the future) Each decal will cost $10. Profits will go to a selected orphanage as charity. Collection of decals will be at the event. Please visit this link to register https://goo.gl/forms/othbBZQfdRUlNPTb2 Cheers! *New Updates** Cut off order for the decals will be this Wednesday 2359 10th May 2017!! Payment will be message to you on this Friday via your mobile number. Those who have not order please do it quick else you will miss the chance having this limited edition decal and a chance to do charity.. Cheers!! ***Please Take Note!!!!*** Dear members, the team at SCSG have discovered quality issues with the decals issued out during our megameet. We are now working with our supplier to print a new batch. Affected decals would be the black decals. Once the new batch of decals are out, we will do a 1 to 1 exchange to all affected decals. SCSG would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused. ***New Updates!!!!*** Hi Guys... Latest update on the replacement decals!!!! The replacement decals are ready!!! We will be holding a decal replacement session on 2nd July 17, 1-5pm at kallang leisure carpark infront of burger king.. Those who had purchased our subiefest decals please drop by with ur existing decals regardless of black or white edition or give us your name to exchange with us.. For those who cannot make it, please contact the decal in-charge on when you want to meet him to collect. Date are subjected to changes... If there are any changes, it will be updated here.. Thanks!!
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    Hi bros, Im selling away the following items: 1. Hks legamax muffler, w Cert- $180 (will consider swap with stock at less price) 2. Sti replica front strut bar- $50 3. Aftermarket Fender brace (fr Rons workshop)- $80 4. H-brace, 4 point- $60 5. Sti pedals, 3 pieces- $50 6. Mishimoto radiator, with silicon tubes (need swap with stock) - $150 Labour on buyer pls. Feel free to whatsapp me at 9093 5898.
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    Wandered off wrongly (but happily) to some pineapple plantations. Supposedly to head to Kui Buri National park. Thanks to Google Map for its (incorrect) direction.
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    Dekitting STi stuff. All items out of car and NO SWAP REQUIRED. 1. STi side skirts (blue - original paintwork) $100 2. Hawkeye STi ECU $250 3. STi titanium strut bar - $100 4. STi optitron 180KMPH $200 5. Chargespeed side skirts - dont know if original or replica. Red colour $200 nego 6. WRX speedometer - original green lights $80 7. WRX passenger seat (grey) $60 8. STi interior full set front seats, rear seats and door panels $300 9. Brembo full set front and rear. With 5x100 rotors. Original gold colour. $1250. 10. WRX Red 4 pot front brakes kit with rotors $300 11. STi chrome door handles - set of 4 $50 12. Defi Triple meter hood - $80 fits cockeye and hawkeye 13. STi 6 speed gearbox complete $1500 14. Advan RG2 17x8 offset 45 gold colour. with csc5 tyres $850 15. Fujitsubo exhaust with cert $100 Anything else you need from impreza model please sms me. Interested please SMS only no calls please. 96306760.
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    Looking to sell off STI exhaust (quad exhaust) with cert for Legacy BL9. PM if interested. Already dekit but need your stock exhaust. Price lowered to 600.
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    I found the chrome bits on the front a little too garish for my liking and got rid of them
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    There's going to be a similar but much more exciting trip this coming Sat 24 Sep. Imagine driving through those dirt road at night, pitch dark!!! Dinner at an Orang Asli host!!! And, instead of admiring just the dung, admire the animal itself!!!! I'll be going for another trip slightly further north on that day so I'll give it a miss. It'll be a less interesting, civilized trip - yes a trip that includes shopping. Maybe I should change plan!! Say, I'm just spreading the benefits and am not in anyway benefits from the company's profit and loss.
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    All items already dekitted. For cash and carry only Replica Greddy Type RZ BOV and Original Greddy Type RS BOV and top mount adapter - Both for $130 Cash and Carry Used for 6 mths before dekit. Original Greddy Type RS Bov diaphragm spoil hence replacement is needed. Replica Greddy Type RZ Bov working perfectly fine. All items dekitted from 2.5 STI and cash and carry only. PM me if keen. thank you.
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    3" bellmouth down pipe with side plate @280 http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a237/gary_ang1/Mobile%20Uploads/20150608_143621_zpsi194j9ui.jpg http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a237/gary_ang1/Mobile%20Uploads/1383349621436_zpsrst9qm5h.jpg Original down pipe,min pipe &sti muffler @500 http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a237/gary_ang1/Mobile%20Uploads/20150523_091222_zpsecp1ulgu.jpg http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a237/gary_ang1/Mobile%20Uploads/20150608_143930_zps1sck3vat.jpg http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a237/gary_ang1/Mobile%20Uploads/20150608_144148_zpssqgq4qhk.jpg All (cnc&veiw)@cck any info can contact 96807531
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    With cert for 2.5L WRX and STi. Need to be of acceptable condition. Buyer top up $300/- each bear own labour. Also open for sale at $600/- labour you bear. Text @ 9723 7799 Cheers
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    Hi, Name : Effa Gender : Female Age : 34yrs Race : Malay Loc : Toh Tuck Link, Spore & Pasir Gudang, Johor
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    Hi, Selling below items: - Syms, center is CF, High Spoiler currently fitted onto Hawkeye. -> $250 together with original boot (Blue in colour) No Extra holes seen on boot. - 18G Turbo, no shaft play, in very good conditions want to swap with TD04 at top up of $150/- or Cash and Carry at $250/- - 4 pcs of Replica SSR 17", 8.5J, 5X100 rims; 2 of the rims have slight kerb rash. 1 out of 4 tyres inner side wear out, the rest still have about 30% thread. ---- SOLD! - Subaru WRX Hawkeye 260Km/h Speedometer - $150 cash and carry. - Kics Racing Wide Tread Spacer Hub Unit System (5 In 5 Out) - Bought at $384 from Stamford but used for 2.5 months only. Selling at $180 cash and carry. Screw lenth is est. 26mm. - Selling whole set of Hawkeye 5 Speed Gearbox (5 spd GB) with stock clutch and Kartboy Short Shifter ---> $500 All items out of ride, Cash and Carry. All have photos attached. Contact me at 9741 3666/- to deal.
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    Dear all, What I have is Rota 17" for sale. I don't know what exact model it is.. Hopefully on of you recognise it... No dents or weird vibration, it should be pretty true, haven't vibrated at 180km/h.... Minimal kerb rashes... I say it's conservatively 8/10... I won't know what offset is has cos I don't use brembo brake kit... PCD 5X100 Yours for SGD 350.00.. Whatsapp 98481849 for a hassle free transaction:)
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    Trust pe-ti exhuast without cert as wield before-$200( no need swap but still on car) Biltz boost controller-$100(still on car) rep bride seat(carbon fibre backing) with bracket and railing-$250 (need to swap) Bcbr coilover-$100 ( need to swap) Post on behalf of my Fren Add-on-GT 35 Owen turbo come with tomei extractor , downpipe and waste gate going at -$1500 ( cash and carry as item already out of car) Pls contact 92298221 Max All labour on buyer If there is any other thing u need from the car pls contact me. Pls contact 91838469 Price r all nego for serious buyer
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    Must be clean & regularly serviced (with proof). Prefer stock but will consider light mods. No high mileage cars please. Must be street legal. PM please.
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    1. Defi meters with controllers and sensors, oil press, oil temp, exhaust temp and boost. $550 neg cash and carry at Clementi. 2.ARC TMIC no more already :}p Thank you and keep the boost high!!
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    Hi, are u still looking for coilovers? I have a set of API racing Type RS. Pm me if you are keen.