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    Hi All bros, I have scrap my 07 hawkeye STI and the sales of parts has been going well with some remaining item that have not yet to let go to another. If interested, please let me at 94248803 to deal. The item is all ready for collection. Items to let go as per the following below, 3. Apexi Rx6 offset turbo together with custom exhaust adapter for offset with custom downpipe *RESERVED BY XXXX4068 4. Red JDM Long Runner Spec C manifold Looking at $200 *REVISED 5. Works Engineering Fuel Rail with custom fuel steel braided fuel line *RESERVED BY XXXX4068 6. Sard Big Fuel Regulator *RESERVED BY XXXX4068 7. ARC Radiator together with custom evo9 radiator for maximum cooling ( cruising at less than 80deg, hot weather traffic jam less than 85deg ) Looking at $600 *revised* 8. Greddy Type R blow off valve Looking at $200 10. Alternator Looking at $100 *REVISED 12. Kamak Equal Length Extractor with Uppipe weld with tial 44mm wastegate external vent ( LTA friendly ) *RESERVED BY XXXX4068 13. Stock 2.0L downpipe decatted Looking at $100 16. Front Lower Arm with custom teflon bushing for better handling Looking at $300 for 1 pair 18. Rear Custom adjustable STI Pink lateral link Looking at $300 whole set 33. Apexi Turbo Timer Looking at $80 36. Front voltex bumper with custom intercooler air vent, wide fender with custom flare, custom wide side skirt with rear varis wide body & sti stock rear bumper ( please take note it is replica. ) Looking at whole set to go at $1500 *revised* 41. autronic SM4 standalone ECM with wiring harness Looking at $500 45. Rear Brembo 2p 5x114.3 rear slotted disc rotor without swap Looking at $500 46. Front cabring alum struct bar with brake stopper Looking at $150 47. Rear App or cabring alum struct bar Looking at $150 Take 46 & 47 together at $200