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    1. If your items are sold, please update and rename the topic and add a (SOLD) at the end of it. This would very much help other SELLERS to reach out to potential BUYERS in a more effective way. And also, SELLERS won't be getting calls/enquiries after the items are sold. 2. Please restrict yourself to using only 1 thread when selling multiple items at the same time 3. Members will not be permitted to use the STICKY feature for their post in this folder 4. All threads will automatically be pruned (removed), 7 days from date of first post. If your items are still available, please repost after the expiry date. 5. Members are encouraged to make their own backup copies of their sale information if they foresee the details are still required after 7 days. subaruclubsg.com takes no responsibility and will not be able to provide any restoration services. 6. All BUYERS & SELLERS are entitled to their exclusive rights in pricing. 7. All transactions are to be carried out independently between BUYERS and SELLERS. SubaruClubSg.com shall be in no ways liable or responsible for any transactions made here. 8. Members found violating any of the above rules & regulations will be subjected to suspension of their login account till further notice.
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    Hello all members, As with our latest software upgrade, we have a refreshed core committee in place - we believe in the passion for Subarus Sharing of knowledge, great meet-up sessions, supper runs, off-road challenges, tracking, charity drives, new model launch privileges etc. Introducing to you, our new (.. but old) core committee members, who will facilitate and bring the best out of the Subaru Experience to you. Remember, for the members, by the members. Bryan aka d3vil0gy - PR/Sponsorships Paul aka highrider - SCSG Vice Chief, Forester Chief, some say.. the legendary forester that tail lamp cannot even see.. Wah Kum aka elijahbaley - Chief technical, race events chief, 3GWRX Chief, multiple trophies representing the pride of Subarus Ken aka kenken - Chief racer, PG Track days coordinator, legendary PG White Knight, multiple trophies representing the pride of Subarus Jerry aka 320bhp - Chief technical, legendary PG King, Content chief Keith aka bigtoe - Chief NA pride (yet has another turbo impreza) KQ aka BLehBleh - Chief technical, Chief Events, SubTag Chief, Chief Mega meet Chua aka Chua27 - 4G Turbo Chief, Chief IT, Vice Chief Mega meet Joshua aka Keeper8388 - 4G NA Chief, Events Wee aka Dontellu - Chief Support, Events Our inbox are always opened! Do feel-free to drop us a PM to any related queries! Looking forward to serving the Subaru community! For the members, by the members Best Regards, Bryan
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    Selling the following: 1) 2007 STI aluminum lateral links with Group N bushings pressed in (all 8 pieces, inside and outside) 2) 2007 STI KW Club Sport dampers only (114.3 PCD) 3) Whiteline roll centre adjusters with tie rod ends (corrects for 10mm lowered rides) SOLD 4) Zerosports roll centre adjusters (very rare, no longer in production, corrects for 25mm lowered rides) SOLD 5) Whiteline rear subframe lock down bolts 6) Whiteline anti lift / caster kit SOLD 7) MSI lightweight rear subframe with optional RCA adjustment (corrects for 25mm lowered rides) - unused, never installed No longer for sale 8) 2005+ JDM STI quick steering rack with 13:1 ratio (EDM and USDM STI rack is 15:1 ratio) - please check fitment with me first All parts are in 100% serviceable condition from a very low mileage STI (60,000km). Make me an offer if interested, lowballers welcomed.
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    Bro, u juz waste my data. I dunno others but all ur 8 new msg are abt watsapp Terence for good insurance premiums. And some are very old post. Pls think or at least use ur eyeball and look at the last day it's was updated. Thks
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    Did a 10 day trip Dec 2016 Phu Pha Phet Cave Supposedly the largest cave in Thailand.
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    The first "performance mod" I've done; installed the Invidia Q300 catback exhaust system after my 5k servicing lol!! Really like the little extra note it adds to the vehicle and those larger diameter tail pipes that flush with the bumper look alot better than the stock pipes!!
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    Hi everyone, my name is Tim.I've just picked up my new car earlier today and its a Forester SJG in dark metallic grey. I used to drive a Honda Civic FD2 before this and did some small minor modifications like brakes, coil overs, tuning and an aftermarket exhaust system. I intend to do some stuff to this one as well lol. This is the first Subaru I've owned and the first turbo charged vehicle I've driven. Its performance : price ratio is great compared to other similar cars of its type, also there are lots of extra features present that are usually only found on continental cars. I'll probably be lurking around gathering info on the car and its possible mods / tweaks, but I hope to meet you guys soon. Cheers!! Tim
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    An Automatic and a Manual. These are the iconic view impressions of the Subaru 2006 / 2007 WRX models on our road today. The intimidating intercooler intake scoop at the bonnet The 5 star constellation badge adorning the front and rear of the car.
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    When you put two WRX together, they can't seems to live in harmony. They tend to perform a face-off in anguish. They do not want to be a second by themselves. A single slope yet both seems to challenge each other. A special WRX feature shot. Enjoy ! No bumpers were scratched during the photoshoot.
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    The very first meetup for VA WRX/STI!!
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    I've always felt Subaru has one of the best "Performance & Features : Price" ratios of the Japanese brands. As compared to similar cars of this type by other brands, this has class leading performance figures as well as extra features over its competition for a very competitive price. Lol I'll be sharing my photo journey of the personal touches I add to my Forester here, some people see a new car, I see a fresh piece of canvas to start over with... Plus that Pleiades star cluster logo looks unique and how many other car manufacturers can say they had an anime collaboration? See below for the images of the Gainax X Subaru collaboration anime (After-School Pleiades).
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    took about 3-4hrs. he spend a lot of time fixing up other issue for me and didn't charge me also
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    thanks for the contact. booked appoint for timing belt change next wk just to share, gates timing belt used to be good. but now they use cheap bearing and tensioner made in china. i bought another kit by aisin from amazon prime about sgd$350 shipped. all bearing and component made in japan except belt that was made in thailand by mitsuboshi (oem quality) https://www.amazon.com/Aisin-TKF-004-Engine-Timing-Water/dp/B00HFKEJN2 use amazon prime singapore for free shipping.
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    Hi all, parts are cash and carry, no swap needed. Too many parts and lazy to put price. PM me with a reasonably offer and we discuss from there. Lowballers will not be entertained. I will reply in the night as day time may not respond immediately. This is the current list. Any parts not listed do let me know as i may have missed out: Currently these items first: 1. Black Rota ikr 17"×9jj offset 44 with RE11A 2. STI Gold brembo Brake kits with pads, slotted front rotor, curved slotted rear rotor. 3.black varis bonnet with lock pins 4.Ganador cf side mirrors 5.rear and side diffusers 6.Amaron battery 60ah(bought mid Sep 2015) 7. Sti 12l intercooler tank with brackets to install at rear boot area 8.Rear strut 9.snow meth kit with controller 10.Perrin pulley 11.Cabin room bottom bar 12.STI door side sills (cf) 13.Sparco prodrive bucket driver seat (small hole on left thigh support) with sparco rails 14. Sti pedals/footrest 15.Sparco P310 Steering wheel and Boss kit 16. 5 Defi blue meters/sensors and cu2 - oil/water temp, oil pressure, turbo, exos temp 17. Shift-i shift indicator 18. Defi link display VSD Concept HUD with controller 19. Billion VFC II fan controller 20.HKS EVC 6 colour 21. Apexi black turbo timer 22.Hydra ecu 23.front titanium sti strut bar 24.greddy front mount intercooler/pipings 25. 11 rows oil cooler 26.Blitz Zs radiator 27.Sti 1.3bar pressure cap 28.Perrin engine oil cap 29.HKS open pod 30.HKS racing BOV 31.Sard fuel regulator 32.HKS hypermax 3 coilover (abt 20k mileage) 33.Cf alternator cover 34.Perrin tih 35.DW fuel injector 850cc 36.DW 300 fuel pump 37.Cusco oil catch tank 38.Owen GTX30r Turbo with stock cover 39. Cf rear boot 40. Sti original metal roof vane 41.Spec c side/passenger seat 42. Spec c uphosltery for door panels 43. HKS light action single plate clutch (abt 20k mileage). No issue to hold 600Nm at current 44. 6 speed non dccd 45.kartboy short shifter 46.undercarriage engine metal cover 47. HKS Silent hipower with LTA cert (bought in 2014) 48. 3" downpipe Other misc items: 49.sti meter cluster 260km with opening ceremony 50. Stock extractor, uppipe, downpipe 51.decatted stock downpipe 52.headlight and taillight Will add on if can recall more. Thanks!
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    Dekits : Cosworth Stoptech BBK 4/2 Black in colour - SGD 1,000 5 x Defi meter with sensor (Fuel press, water temp, oil temp, oil press, Turbo) - SGD 700 Process West TMIC - SGD 500 Cosworth replica extractor for Forester SH model - SGD 120 * all parts are negotiable * all parts require sway * all parts labour on buyer * pls contact me Edmund at 9021 6009 to deal.
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    yours is a GE3, 1.5 MT MY10 = Manufacturing Year 2010 GE = 3rd Gen Impreza Sedan GH = 3rd Gen Impreza Hatchback GR = 3rd Gen Hatchback STI (Widebody) GV = 3rd Gen Sedan STI (Widebody) For GE and GE, the 3rd character denotes the engine 3 = 1.5 7 = 2.0 E = 2.5T
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    2017 Subaru WRX OEM factory Enkei rim (18x8.5 PCD 114.3)Previous generation STi rimBrand NewPrice: $900 cash & carry (Set of 4 rims) 07 STi Side skirtBrand NewCash and carry Price: $150 Please contact 9 789 3504 for photo.
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    Guys Its Finally Here!!! We have been hearing you.. Finally! Subaru Club Singapore's Official get together! It's been a long awaited event and we've finally have an official venue to host everyone!Please visit here for more information and RSVP your attendance!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/1807829776208661/ In conjunction with our Subaru Club Singapore 2017 mega meet up on the 21st May 2017, 3pm, we are proud to announce: Our 2017 limited edition decal is now for sale! This will be a Limited Edition and there will only be 1 run for these decals! (you can't get them anymore in the future) Each decal will cost $10. Profits will go to a selected orphanage as charity. Collection of decals will be at the event. Please visit this link to register https://goo.gl/forms/othbBZQfdRUlNPTb2 Cheers! *New Updates** Cut off order for the decals will be this Wednesday 2359 10th May 2017!! Payment will be message to you on this Friday via your mobile number. Those who have not order please do it quick else you will miss the chance having this limited edition decal and a chance to do charity.. Cheers!! ***Please Take Note!!!!*** Dear members, the team at SCSG have discovered quality issues with the decals issued out during our megameet. We are now working with our supplier to print a new batch. Affected decals would be the black decals. Once the new batch of decals are out, we will do a 1 to 1 exchange to all affected decals. SCSG would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused. ***New Updates!!!!*** Hi Guys... Latest update on the replacement decals!!!! The replacement decals are ready!!! We will be holding a decal replacement session on 2nd July 17, 1-5pm at kallang leisure carpark infront of burger king.. Those who had purchased our subiefest decals please drop by with ur existing decals regardless of black or white edition or give us your name to exchange with us.. For those who cannot make it, please contact the decal in-charge on when you want to meet him to collect. Date are subjected to changes... If there are any changes, it will be updated here.. Thanks!!
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    It was a great event ! Thank you to all the organizers for the hard work and dedication, rain or shine to make this event happen for all the members to gather and meet as well as appreciate each other's rides.
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    Hi everyone, as mentioned in the title. been driving my SGT almost 3 years. planning to renew my COE and looking forward to meet more Subaru enthusiastic. Will be coming for the Subaru Fest on the 21st May. see you guys!
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    Hawkeye WRX Dekit Sales Intake HKS Mushroom Intake (Green) - Foam 3 months old - $80 Exhaust System HKS Silent Hi-Power Exhaust, Operated with 3" rear muffler pipe for better flow and original foam put back, got Cert. I pass inspection with this pipe - $200 STI Original Up-pipe, No cover - (sold) Tomei Twin Scroll Up pipe $80 Handling Spec C Front A Arm, one pair - $200 GAB SS Coilover One way, no leak no knock - (sold) STI Pink Strut Bar Front - $50 Cusco Rear Strut Bar - (sold) Whiteline Front ARB Adjustable - (sold) Whiteline Rear ARB Adjustable - (sold) STI Pink Lateral Links x 4 and a pair of WRX Trailing Arms, Rear - (sold) Brake BKS BBK Mini 6 pots and Rear Mini 4 pots c/w Taiwan Slotted Rotor Front 6 months and Rear 2 months old - (sold) Defi Gauges x 6 - White Lights Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Press, Boost, Exhaust Temp, Fuel Press c/w all sensors and controller - (sold) Body Spec C Version 8 Door x 4 - Red - $200 Carbon Fibre Door for GD model x 4 (Wrap with White Vinyl) - $1000 Carbon Fiber Ganador Side Mirror - (sold) Aluminium Undercarriage Cover - (sold) Aluminium Radiator together with radiator fan. Radiator sprayed with thermal coating TSD Boron Nitrate (sold) Stock Parts Intake Airbox MAF Housing WRX Extractor WRX Exhaust Wrx Downpipe - Decat with Test Pipe TD04 Turbo Front HID Headlights 2 x passenger side 1 x driver Rear Bake Lights x 2 Side mirror - white x 2 Please whatsapp me at 92226178 to deal.
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    And, finally it was time to head home. This was the plan, a straight 1356km 16 hours journey. Started from Phuket 5:30am (Thai time) or 6:30am Sg time. Passed by the mountainous Krabi region. A quick pose at Trang railway station. Bought some Trang specialty, its roast pork. They are sweet in taste. The triangular-look building in the center is the Wang Prachan check-point. Driving through the Thai checkpoint. Passports are done on the other end. Just entered Malaysia (without road-charge) passing through the Wang Kelian state park. And, after many many kilometers and many many hours, home! All ready to welcome the new year. That was 2:30am. Almost 20 hours journey. Done 4906km for the trip. And in just 6 months, did 20k - double the national average!! Average at 9.2L/100km. Hope you all enjoyed the postings.
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    Huai Khok Mu viewpoint. This point is located in the Suan Pung district in the province of Ratchaburi. It's 1837km from home. This is as far as a vehicle can go beyond which it will be Myanmar. An actually maintained road leading up to the viewpoint, which at various points were quite steep. Some "helpers". On the way down, with X-mode activated.
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    Elephants in the wild at Kui Buri National Park, eventually.
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    Wandered off wrongly (but happily) to some pineapple plantations. Supposedly to head to Kui Buri National park. Thanks to Google Map for its (incorrect) direction.
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    Sam Roi Yot (a really quiet and peaceful) beach.
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    Thale Noi Waterbird park Unfortunately it was raining badly no boat services available to venture out into the lake. So big rain it flooded. It did feel safe in the Forester, even though pretty much any car could make it - just like the Vios in front. But, felt safer!!
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    Hi everyone!! am a new Forester (SJ) 2.0xt owner! Just collected my bronze SJ a couple of weeks ago (just had first servicing last week). Not unfamiliar with car mods but I am new to owning a Subaru... hope to be able to learn more from the old birds here ^.^
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    Yes, a mega meetup is in the pipeline. Details will be shared shortly. Stay tuned.
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    I found the chrome bits on the front a little too garish for my liking and got rid of them
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    Selling the above mentioned suspension.. Looking at fast sell $350 cnc *price revised + photo Item dekit from car.. Contact 985nine221zero
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    yes I would say the car itself is pretty reliable in that I rarely hear of them being stranded (except for dead battery or flat tyre), unless the car was poorly maintained or crazily modded beyond original factory specs. While the 2.5L engine is more susceptible to heat issues than the 2.0, it is manageable by proper tuning and/or sane driving. the 5 speed auto gearbox handles stock power and light mods well, although a ATF cooler is highly recommended to prolong the ATF (and consequently, gearbox) life. ATF and the front and rear differential fluids will need to be replaced at regular intervals too. The interval will depend on what fluid was used (ATF usually 10-30k, Diff oils 20-40k) stock radiator (and to a lesser extent, the stock top mount intercooler) will leak too, due to plastic ends. Quite a number of us have changed to full aluminium radiators for peace of mind. Steering pump and steering rack will eventually leak, but it happens gradually and is usually fixed/replaced easily. The front drive shaft boot covers will tear and require replacing (esp the right hand side one). Cheap to fix though. Stock rubber vacuum hoses also will become brittle and crack over time, due to heat. Easily replaced, either with stock or aftermarket silicon hoses. The beauty of it all is, since the car will go to the workshop every 5k (instead of 10k), problems are usually identified and fixed sooner than later I like AAS because they have an actual checklist to go through and tick off. The pro Subaru specialists usually do a casual visual inspection from bumper to bumper, and may miss some items. The Subaru specialist however, will be able to plug into the ECU to read the actual mileage, so as to see if the in-dash mileage was tampered with, and are usually more experienced with modifications on the car. If really keen on a specific unit and not too familiar with subarus, you may want to send to both AAS and a Subaru specialist, subject to the owner's agreement. yes, it is hard to find a clean unmodded LGT. Are you firm on a sedan or will you consider a wagon (LGTW)? I suspect it is more likely for a LGTW to have less mods than a LGT sedan. pm me if u want more info on subaru workshops.
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    changed my sg9 stock td04 to vf35 and love it very much...but it all down to the tuner though...
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    awesome cool car! saw it in the flesh.. too bad I just got my used forester SG9
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    Hi all, Selling original PRODRIVE GC-010E British Black 17 x 7.5J Offset +38 PCD 5 x 100 with Achilles 2233 Tyres (225/50 R17) changed August 2017 (Mileage 21K km) with Orange TPMS Price : $1,200.00 slight nego https://sg.carousell.com/p/prodrive-gc-010e-17”-176738459/?ref=search&ref_query=prodrive&ref_referrer=%2Fsearch%2Fproducts%2F%3Fquery%3Dprodrive&ref_reqId=apVx57ZnBcZChffwbwOhAHtY8COw35Yv Whatsapp to deal 9656-8006 Thanks for viewing. Cheers
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    Can check before original wrx 5sp Gb is taken from car (1 owner) next week. Good condition - no track - seldom rev over 4300 rpm - no gear shift issue. Gb will come with the knuckle, clutch and drive n prop shafts (PCD 5x100) Impt Note: owner will sell it only if replacements are ok else no deal. Do watapp your offer to owner, 94763059. Do not post your offer or inquiry here. Tks for reading.
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    Prodrive GC010e selling at $400. PCD 5x100 17 x 7.5j Offset +38 Kerb rash on all rims Condition 7/10 Need to swap with your 17" rims (PCD 5x100) Includes center ring but doesn't include lug nuts. Buyer pays for labour Text me at 96372336.
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    no takers for this lightweight forged rims? thick and 2x almost new tires..
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    Dekitting. Taken out from 2007 impreza 1.6A. Can be used with 02-07 wrx shocks. Just the 4 springs only. Used for 3 years. No damage or sound. Please see photo for the serial no. Cash n carry $188 bought from Fong Kim for $500 in 2013. Text 92329349 for quick deal
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    List of stuffs to sell cheap cheap. Whatsapp 9694 9900 to deal. First come first serve. 1. 17 inch Gram Lights rim 2. 225/45/R17 Yokohama tyres (Bought in late 2017) 3. Strut bar 4. Whatever you need from my car 😂
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    Up for sale is a complete BP9 Gearbox. Taken off a late 2009 Legacy. Mileage 84k upon removal @ BKS. Smooth with no jerks whatsoever. Great for those who have issues with current gearbox and what something to last til end COE or a little more. $1k obo. Perrin Arb front and back. $200 BP5 TMIC $100 BP9 TMIC $100 1. Original radiator (very good condition) $100 2. BKS 6p/4p BBC c/W ssbh. New front rotors and pads. Better modulation and braking power than Brembo gold. New from BKS is $4500. Selling for only $1.2k 4. Legacy front bumper. Good condition. $100. 5. CE28Ns 18" 5x100 PCD c/w F1 A3 tires (less than 20k mileage) Gold finish. No kerb rash. $1000. 6. CE28Ns 18" 5 x 100 PCD c/W F1 A3 tires (less than 10k mileage) Gloss Black finish. Brand new paintwork. $1300. 7. RAYS 19" 57Transcend 5 x 100 PCD c/W F1 A3 tires (less than 5k mileage). 4 maths old setup. $1999. 8. 3" downpipe with original covers. Passed inspection twice. $80. And more.... WhatsApp me if interested. All offers will be considered. 9four5seven7seven2eight. Thanks!
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    Hi guys. Kevin here and just turned 26. Very new as just bought my very first car, 1 year left Subaru Impreza 1.6 MT. Totally clueless on car maintenance, workshops and everything. Slowly picking up the ropes. Joined to learn from all the laojiao here. Currently researching to replace my clutch which seems to have worn off. Looking to buy the Exedy OEM replacements but very very confused. Thanks for having me
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    1. Subaru wrx red calipers with rotors, complete front and rear, plenty of meat left on pads and rotors. $400 Call 90021685 to deal
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    Hi I have Brand new HKS tshirt too. Size Medium. Still in the plastic wrapping. Selling at affordable price of $50
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    Interested with Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose. Can pm me the price?
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    Hi bros, its been 2 weeks after I got the valve body changed. Previously will encounter at least to big bang from the gearbox per week, now seems fine and smooth. To all exiga owners, if you encounter the same problem, get the valve body changed.