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    1. If your items are sold, please update and rename the topic and add a (SOLD) at the end of it. This would very much help other SELLERS to reach out to potential BUYERS in a more effective way. And also, SELLERS won't be getting calls/enquiries after the items are sold. 2. Please restrict yourself to using only 1 thread when selling multiple items at the same time 3. Members will not be permitted to use the STICKY feature for their post in this folder 4. All threads will automatically be pruned (removed), 7 days from date of first post. If your items are still available, please repost after the expiry date. 5. Members are encouraged to make their own backup copies of their sale information if they foresee the details are still required after 7 days. subaruclubsg.com takes no responsibility and will not be able to provide any restoration services. 6. All BUYERS & SELLERS are entitled to their exclusive rights in pricing. 7. All transactions are to be carried out independently between BUYERS and SELLERS. SubaruClubSg.com shall be in no ways liable or responsible for any transactions made here. 8. Members found violating any of the above rules & regulations will be subjected to suspension of their login account till further notice.
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    The very first meetup for VA WRX/STI!!
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    I have a set of Brembo GT for sale. Front 4 pot, rear 2 pot. 4 x100 ( 330mm) Front rotors and rear brake pads need to change. Other then that, everything is in perfect working condition. Items already out of car so it’s cash and carry. Feel free to pm me for any queries. Asking $2.4k
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    you are better off asking in nasioc. but if your current timing belt has 281 teeth then i can confirm is the same as EJ25 you can buy this kit from amazon https://www.amazon.com/Aisin-TKF-004-Engine-Timing-Water/dp/B00HFKEJN2
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    Wah. 4 iridium spark plugs ?
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    TopTech Front 6 Rear 4 Big brake kit for sale Front uses Ferodo 2500 with 330mm Rotors Rear uses Medium temp brake pad with 330mm rotors $1850 with Swap And only top up 500 if swap with Brembo Gold
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    Erm. I think that's the only gasket there is. Just a matter how bad it is already. https://carfromjapan.com/article/industry-knowledge/the-history-of-subaru-head-gasket-problem/ I did my white WRX at Gek Lim automobile located at Defu lane. Otherwise the regular Subaru Workshops BMS BKS.
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    awesome cool car! saw it in the flesh.. too bad I just got my used forester SG9
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    Awesome mods bro esp the taillights and that android display...
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    Hey guys, clearing some room so I have the following items for sale: Tomei equal length header/extractor with up pipe and 3" downpipe - $550 Moton height and damping adjustable coilovers (2 of the coilovers need to be serviced/rebuilt) - $400 Subaru original steering wheel rewrapped in genuine leather with red stitching, reuses your stock airbag - $200 Subaru original brand new single scroll turbo bracket. Part number 14421AA021 - $80 Subaru stock header/extractor for EJ255 BL9/BP9 - $150 Defi Advance BF 2.0 bar turbo gauge (red colored face), includes controller and sensor - $150 All items are from a Legacy GT BL9 and already out of the car, so price is cash and carry. For other model cars please check with your workshop for fitment first. Thanks for reading!
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    Original OZ ALLEGGERITA 18"x7.5" offset +48 PCD 5x100 super light weight rims $800 cash and carry. Pm me to deal.
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    Hi all, Selling the following items : 01. PRODRIVE GC-010E British Black 17 x 7.5J Offset +38 PCD 5 x 100 https://sg.carousell.com/p/prodrive-gc-010e-17”-176738459/?ref=search&ref_query=prodrive&ref_referrer=%2Fsearch%2Fproducts%2F%3Fquery%3Dprodrive&ref_reqId=apVx57ZnBcZChffwbwOhAHtY8COw35Yv 02. Hawk Performance Brake Pads for STI Brembos Front and Back https://sg.carousell.com/p/subaru-sti-brembo-brake-pads-184704445/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Ffatjack%2F&ref_sId=1312240 03. 5mm Spacers x 04 pieces https://sg.carousell.com/p/5mm-spacers-pcd-5x100-185160187/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Ffatjack%2F&ref_sId=1312240 04. Engine Cover for Subaru Forester SH9 2.5XT https://sg.carousell.com/p/subaru-forester-engine-cover-189626885/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Ffatjack%2F&ref_sId=1312240 Kindly whatsapp to deal nine656-eight006 Thanks for viewing. Cheers
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    1) Mishimoto radiator fans with aluminium shrod (brand new as did not get a chance to install); 2) Prodrive (by Alcon) 4-pot front brake calipers with mounting brackets and still-lots-of-meat 5x100 brake rotors; 3) 2 brand new sets of Hawk brake pads for Prodrive brake calipers; 4) 2 brand new sets of Hawk brake pads for Brembo 2-pot (gold) rear calipers; 5) SSR type C 5x100 17" x 8" rims (newly sprayed Ferrari red) with offset ET48 (no need fender roll); 6) 1 set of used 5x100 brake rotors for Brembo 2-pot (gold) rear calipers - customised for the smaller 175mm handbrake hub size - still got plenty meat left); Whatsapp/sms to 9640 8295 with your kind offer. Car already scrapped...so above items all in storage. Not in hurry to sell.
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    Used for less than a year. Direct from Uk Comes with custom front Cusco Pillow ball mount made especially for this coilover condition 9/10 comfort and sporty handling at just a turn of a dial 10 individual settings for compression & rebound no knocks no leaks no damage brand new 3600 for just the coilover, custom Cusco plates 500 brand new. Price at 2400 Contact me at 98899522
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    GFB Mach 2 For WRX with Vent to atmosphere Kit - $ 150 C&C Perrin 22mm Adjustable Sway Bar ( Anti Roll Bar ) - $160 C&C
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    Front brake pad model is HAWK HPS (HB105F.620) Rear brake pad model is HAWK HPS (HB180F.560)
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    As titled. full set with ssbh, 5*100 rotor dekitted from legacy GT. $1000. cash & carry.
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    https://sg.carousell.com/p/dekit-subaru-impreza-wrx-v10-hatchback-181086400/?ref=search&ref_query=Dekit wrx&ref_referrer=%2Fsearch%2Fproducts%2F%3Fquery%3DDekit%20wrx&ref_reqId=MhrNezw3cBPpKLLAZTa5xMNZRhZNVljD
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    Looking around to get a set of 2nd hand coilovers or lowering springs for the exiga gt.. anyone knows what other subaru models share the fitting of the exiga, so when looking around i know what can fit.. thanks!
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    Hi all, Selling original PRODRIVE GC-010E British Black 17 x 7.5J Offset +38 PCD 5 x 100 with Achilles 2233 Tyres (225/50 R17) changed August 2017 (Mileage 21K km) with Orange TPMS Price : $1,200.00 slight nego https://sg.carousell.com/p/prodrive-gc-010e-17”-176738459/?ref=search&ref_query=prodrive&ref_referrer=%2Fsearch%2Fproducts%2F%3Fquery%3Dprodrive&ref_reqId=apVx57ZnBcZChffwbwOhAHtY8COw35Yv Whatsapp to deal 9656-8006 Thanks for viewing. Cheers
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    Easy since you got his IC number... 1) Go CASE report him. 2) Go make POLICE report. 3) Go Sub-Court pay $20+ SUE him. Lan Lan he will appear before court... Ha... NEVER go Jalan Sultan to rent or buy any car... had super bad experience with the rental company there also. the office in textile center or jalan sultan but actual car shop in turf city... scams n cheaters
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    New shoes!! It's now ready for bigger aftermarket brakes!! 18x8.5J Work Emotion T7R in Matte Bronze
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    Fujitsubo Exhaust with cert for GDA WRX 2.0 Koyorad Aluminium radiator fro GDA WRX 2.0- need to swap with stock radiator Blitz front-mount intercooler + HKS racing type II Bov for GDA WRX 2.0 - need swap with stock intercooler PM me if interested
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    You might want to ask your workshop to check on the the water thermostat. It might not be functioning properly. I had a similar issue where the my water/coolant temps would rise when vehicle was moving slowly or stopped at traffic lights. Once moving or engine revving(Even when stationary), the temp would come down. Turns out the thermostat wasn't opening fully so coolant wasn't flowing freely to be cooled. Revving would then force more water through the small openning which resulted in the temps coming down. After diagnosing, my workshop recommended just throwing out the thermostat without replacing.Never had that issue after that.
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    you can look for SGSJ in the facebook.. enjoy~~
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    took about 3-4hrs. he spend a lot of time fixing up other issue for me and didn't charge me also
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    thanks for the contact. booked appoint for timing belt change next wk just to share, gates timing belt used to be good. but now they use cheap bearing and tensioner made in china. i bought another kit by aisin from amazon prime about sgd$350 shipped. all bearing and component made in japan except belt that was made in thailand by mitsuboshi (oem quality) https://www.amazon.com/Aisin-TKF-004-Engine-Timing-Water/dp/B00HFKEJN2 use amazon prime singapore for free shipping.
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    Nice , where u brought this nvidia ? Like it
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    Selling a spare good condition Sprint booster Ver 1 for Legacy & Outback. Welcome to try for the instant difference in pickup within 2 mins of installation. Only $80 $70 Sms Nine 8 twotwo 12 five3
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    Hi bros, its been 2 weeks after I got the valve body changed. Previously will encounter at least to big bang from the gearbox per week, now seems fine and smooth. To all exiga owners, if you encounter the same problem, get the valve body changed.