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  1. Hi, yes it's approved. Brought in by Driven Performance : https://www.facebook.com/DrivenPerformance/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1123334274352142 What made you choose this over HKS? Issit louder?
  2. During the workshop, we were told that this anti rust thingy will add another 10kg to the car's weight. During my 1k servicing, I declined this offer and opted for the BlackVue + power magic instead. For those thinking of getting this, you can offset $200 from your DUO points, must top up another $500+ .
  3. Only 2 brands available? I hope got more to come.
  4. PM u bro. Pls add me on FB group. Thanks.
  5. Is it 2016 or 2017 model? According to this site, it's a 2017 model and it's available for order in Japan. https://practicalmotoring.com.au/car-news/more-refreshed-2017-subaru-forester-details/
  6. Bro, 2.0XT is the turbo version right? Can pump RON95? I tot minimum for turbo is RON98?
  7. Bro Insignia, please pm me the tow truck number too. Thanks.
  8. Had the same problem. Mine's an aftermarket alarm locking system. I had to replace the old alarm locking system with a new one and now ok.
  9. NICE ! Do we need to 50% downpayment if buy from direct ownwer?
  10. damn i missed the ship. Looks like i got to wait for another promotion
  11. 129k? I tot the price at sgcarmart has been abt 155K? Is 129k after trade in your previous ride?
  12. Wow congrats. Are you affected by the 50% downpayment scheme?
  13. monxtre


    I hope the garmen come down hard on all these insurance companies, just like how they did to the 2nd hand car dealers. I think add a car cam is also considered a mod. If like that damn jia lat. For me (im driving a TS) I just take 3rd party with no fire & theft also. Bcos It doesnt make sense for me to get a comprehensive insurance in Spore. Just need to be alert when I drive.
  14. Taken from http://www.mycarforum.com/blog/myautoblog/2940/are-you-the-new-subaru-wrx/ Looks shockingly different from the concept. Car looks narrower and taller and those headlights.... Mit Lancer lights??
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