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  1. Ok noted.. i guess best to go in and check with him first what parts needed for the job..otherwise buy already then some parts left wasted trip
  2. Do we need to bring in the parts ourself or the workshop have stock ?
  3. Looking to buy/trade hawkeye rear boot, plain without any spoiler and/or holes. PM if you have one.
  4. Looking for the following items :- 1. Original front bonnet (Looking to buy or swap with my current carbon fibre bonnet and preferable color is rally blue) 2. Stock boot without high mount spoiler (Looking to buy or swap with my current boot with high mount spoiler) 3. Working condition original shock absorber & spring (Looking to buy or swap with API RS Coilovers)
  5. WTB in working condition HKS EVC 5-6 at reasonable price. PM if you have one available to let go. (Preferably cash and carry) Whatsapp 90252467
  6. I know its a bit too late to revive this thread with the number of autorexs being sent to scrapyards. Just bought a renewed COE rex and wonder if there is anyone that can do something like this is still around ?
  7. Looking for near scrap autorex for COE renewal. If you own one and is in good well maintained condition, pm me your price. Genuine buyer here (not dealer) if price is reasonable. Thanks. (90252467)
  8. Just wondering if any member here owns one.. If you know of anyone who owns and is thinking of selling the ride at a reasonable price, appreciate your inputs here. Quite difficult to find this model in the 2nd hand market. Thanks mate.
  9. FT Garage used to carry it...you can try and give Ah Fai a call
  10. EVC-S will do the trick...no need so fancy2 la...as long as it serves the purpose can liao....
  11. Think there is no clear symptoms except that if you have abnormal water and oil temp readings than I guess its time to mediate before the damage gets major. Mine shows no symptom but suddenly one day while driving, the oil pressure gauge alarm, oil temp alarm and water level gauge went haywire. Aircon suddenly blew hot air. Lucky for me, my wife who was driving the car did not drive further after the alarms were out and immediately tow the car back to workshop. Somehow I was lucky no damage to engine, just replace the radiator and hoses.
  12. Proven and tested...my stock radiator broke down at 107k mileage...so you might want to consider changing your radiator as well...One thing leads to another...
  13. At SPC, if you use AMEX card on Fri, Sat & Sun will get 16% discount. Better still if your company provide a Corporate AMEX card, 16% everyday.
  14. bro...need the stock car cigarette lighter...u selling ?
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