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  1. Hi all Could 2.5 legacy GT's stock suspension be fitted on a 2.0 legacy GT?
  2. I was previously on the same 17" wheels for TS and WRX setup. To me, the rd noise was pretty bad when I was on WRX set up. So revert back to stock TS
  3. How about rd noise? I was also previously on stock WRX setup. Family memebrs also feedbacked that it was too stiff and rd noise was terrible.
  4. Maybe wishful thinking on my part but is there a coilover model that is stiffer than TS but more comfortable than WRX's?
  5. Not a bad idea. Thanks for tip bro.
  6. Any bros know of any shop that provide good serivces for cleaing of fabric seats? PM me if it is inconvenient to post openly. Thanks
  7. STi rear seats have a centre arm rest and a moveable backing behind (to access the boot). Would like to check with the bros here whether is there any way to secure the backing in place because TS do not have a mechanism to secure it. Thanks in advance
  8. I would like to know the reliablilty and service of the workshop. Any bros care to share. Thanks in advance
  9. Never did anything to it since the meter reading was pretty close to my original reading.
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