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  1. I've voted in. How long will it take to settle all paperwork before it can arrive here?
  2. For a long time, I had a field of a day bragging with my my other BPL mates... Enjoy the moment while it last... St James's Park - Home of the Gods.
  3. I participated in 2 wedding convoys before. Warning number 1. Carpark would be packed & jammed. Warning number 2. Some idiots would post on Stomp & complain of the noise.
  4. Diff to access lah.. But will try again, if cant do it, i drop by yr place.
  5. Got that sound whenever i depress my clutch. I grease-up up all connecting parts in the cabin side (clutch pedal bracket/ spring assy etc) still the sound is there. Then I realise the noise also came from the bonnet. I grease up the spring & cable& yet it is still there. From there I realise the sound came from that black "fork" where the cable is hook on to. I hope you guys understand my explaination & could advice me what is the problem. Thanks..
  6. Even with my windows up with ac & car is moving, i could smell the fumes. Thats my worry. Any help?
  7. Go & look at MAN Exhaust. They should be able to get you the stock ones.
  8. I decatted both recently. Now my car got fume smell.. Is that normal? I'm worried as my pregnant wife & toddler kid might get effected by it. Could it be the flanges leak?
  9. We wo. 4-1... !!! Stay up lads...
  10. Drew againts the Toffees.. 1-1. As long as don loss ok. Just stay in the EPL this year..
  11. Wah lau... The Spoiler really does Spoil the show. If ur married then i suggest u don mod again. Just change ac vent.
  12. Another story. Wife: Dear, You change yr rims is it? Me: no lah!! Where got? Same one what.. Wife: then why from gold to black colour? Me: Ohhh.. I ask someone spray it for me. Very cheap only $50. Same rims but look different right!! Wife: Wahh.. !! Good deal lah. Truth is..... Its not the truth!!! I changed rims. Haha..
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