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  1. Update: these are all that are left: - Original front foglights. - Custom STi WRX mesh foglight covers (STi painted on mesh so can see STi words and fog lights can also shine through). $60.
  2. Item is sold. As mentioned in an earlier reply on 20/12/16: Car scrapped. These are all that are left: - S204 spoiler (Rare original! Smooth surface, no warp, with curvature for real downforce, unlike replicas). $400. - Original front foglights. - Custom STi mesh foglight covers (can be used with fog lights). $60. Any kind soul can advise how to edit or delete the original post to minimize inconvenience for everyone? Have emailed the Moderators but no reply.
  3. Car scrapped. These are all that are left: - S204 spoiler (Rare original! Smooth surface, no warp, with curvature for real downforce, unlike replicas). $400. - Original front foglights. - Custom STi mesh foglight covers (can be used with fog lights). $60.
  4. - All items from 2007 Subaru WRX Auto (blue). Only 1 Owner for 10 years! - BKS customer for 15 years! Car extremely reliable & well-maintained. - Expected demod: around 7 Dec 16. - Priced for quick deals. Slightly nego only, cos of labour costs to demod. - Availability depends on successful demod. - Deposit required. - Travelling often. Expect delayed replies. - No replies for low-ballers. - Contact 91739391. Performance - BKS Brakes 6 pot front, 4 pot rear. Anodised blue - easy to keep clean! $688. - Fujitsubo Super Legalis R. LTA certified. Very rare! Less than 10 in Singapore. $688. - ECU Tek. $688. - VF22 Hybrid Turbo from Edge. Built with an extra fin from Apexi, for low AND high end power. $500. - Process West Top Mount InterCooler. $500. - Hurricane open pod metal mesh air filter. $99. Reliability - Koyo Radiator $299. - ATF cooler: Rare! Legacy Spec B Heat Exchanger (water-cooled!) $199. - ATF cooler: B&M supercooler 70266. $199. - ATF cooler: A1 Supercool. $150. - Oil Cooler from BKS. $250. - Beat Rush replica metal undertray with cooling vents from BKS. $99. - Cusco Oil Catch Tank. $70. Suspension/ Handling - Tein Super Street $588. - EDFC & motors $288. - STi pink lateral links and trailing arms. $588. - Spec C A-Arms. $588. - Super Pro (off set) control arm lower inner bushing. $138. - Whiteline RCA. $128. - Cusco rear anti-roll bar w metal C-links. $150. - Cusco front strut bar. $99. - Cusco front anti-roll bar. $99. - Whiteline front anti-roll bar 22mm bushings. $20. - Cusco Brake Stopper. $88. Gauges - Defi Control Unit 2, EGT & Oil Temp Gauges. $688. - Blitz R-Vit iColour (silver). $200. - R-vit ATF Temp sensor & sensor adapter $150. - Apexi Turbo Timer. $60. - Defi Boost Gauge (sensor not working, u will need to buy new one). $60. Audio - MBQuart 8” Active subwoofer AW800D. Slim. Mounted below passenger seat. $120. - MacAudio Front speakers. $99. - Mac Iron component tweeters. $68. Interior - Itronics ITB100HD Full HD 1080p GPS. Car camera with power saver. $250. - 2007 STi Steering Wheel red stitching with airbag. $250. - STi look automatic gear lever conversion (custom, rare). $150. - Cubic Print carbon fibre interior panels (center panel, side aircon vents) by MotorImage. Swap needed. $120. - STi Carbon Fibre look door sills (metal with carbon fibre print). $88. Exterior - S204 spoiler (Rare original! Smooth surface, no warp) $688. - Original Subaru Window Visors. $120. - Cusco Rear Diffuser (looks like STi one). $120. - Custom STi mesh foglight covers (can be used with fog lights). $88. - Clarke’s HIDs Japan type 6000K. $50. - Front STi pink i badge $15. Wheels - Volk Racing CE28N wheels. 17”. One of the lightest in the world! Gunmetal spokes with silver rim. $688. - BKS 20mm Spacers (high quality for performance driving). $150. - Nismo long hub bolts $130. - Volk Racing carbon fibre + metal center caps (expensive items! Original price $240). $120. - Rota Boost gold wheels 17” can fit BBK (look like Advan RG2). $500. - STi custom wheel caps for Rota Boost. $20. - TPMS (from Leong Seng) $99. - Spare 17” rim & tyre to fit BBK (due space-saver spare too small). $50.
  5. Volk Racing CE28 rims for sale. Brand new price: $3200. Highest offer secures. - 17 inch, Width 7.5 inch, PCD 5x100, Offset 50. - Forged Monoblock. - One of the lightest 17” wheels in the world, 6.3kg (wheelweights website)! - Can clear Subaru WRX stock 4 pots, can’t clear Brembo unless you use spacers. - Custom colour: Gunmetal spokes with metallic silver rim. - NO CURB RASH!!! - Slight bits of paint worn off, but not obvious, as you can see in the photos. If fussy, spend a bit and go paint shop to touch up. - Cleaned up and packed nicely in boxes. Spacers (20mm) PCD 5x100 Brand New Price: $400. Asking: $200. Best Price: $180. Highest offer secures. - From BKS. Motorsport Grade - these are not the basic grade 5-in 5-out type of spacers! No safety issues for high speed driving, etc. - Best to get Nismo long hub bolts to install the spacers. I have on my ride, but you'll have to pay for the labour to remove them as well. Not sure if still worthwhile for you. - Combined with the Volk Racing wheels, will flush nicely with fenders for my 2007 AutoWRX HawkEye version. Need to roll rear fenders. Volk Racing Center Caps Brand New Price: $240 for 4. Highest offer secures. - Solid build quality with carbon fibre center and VR logo. Not those cheap plastic type of caps! PM or Whatsapp/ SMS: 91739391. Deal in East.
  6. Hi, posting on behalf of a friend. He's a Certified Instructor with a Sports Car Manufacturer. Number of trainees taught to date: about 1000. Driving instructing experience: Events by Porsche, Mitsubishi and Suzuki. Countries: Germany, Finland and Singapore. He wants to find out if anyone is interested in trackday driving instruction. Small groups, max 5-7 people (depending on the package chosen) for a 3h track day. Includes 1.5h theory lesson before the trackday itself. Fees: from $200 per person. ** But currently having a special launch price ** Please do not reply to this thread. Contact him directly at [email protected] Regards
  7. Me using Toyota ATF from BKS. Previously was using OWS ATF from BKS.
  8. Not sure how many are already aware, but Caltex Thanks rewards? new catalogue has some major changes ? for the worse. 1) There was a change of redemption points for some items, making them more difficult to redeem. E.g. old catalogue 350 points = one $10 Caltex Store Voucher Now, you need 14% more points: 400 points = one $10 Caltex Store Voucher. E.g. old catalogue 160 points = one Snow Wash Voucher. Now you need 38% more points: 220 points = one Snow Wash Voucher. 2) It is significantly more difficult to accumulate points now, with points awarded by each litre of fuel (about $2 per litre) instead of the old formula of 1 point for every $1.25 spent. That?s an increase of about 60%. 3) When I wrote to Caltex to highlight these, their reply was that ?The change in Thanks! programme is a reflection of the current competitive business climate.? I would have thought that in a competitive business climate, one improves rewards to customers instead of the other way round.
  9. Hey Guan, I had a similar experience as u - autobox alarm n horizontal dashes showing when I was in steptronic mode, hard driving. Had 1 ATF cooler then. Thought of installing a bigger ATF cooler, but Ah Keong through his experience recommended that 2 normal sized ATF coolers are better than 1 big one. Which is what I did. No more such problems. A few months already. Hope Kean's and my experience with this helps
  10. My ATrex had 2 places rattling. Both rectified under warranty (car was 2 weeks old) 1) Left A pillar area - one of the connectors of the wires inside was the culprit. 2) Rear windscreen - lubricated the top part of it. But excess lubricant not cleaned up and the windscreen & roof were horribly smeared with lubricant when my car was returned to me. Plus, rubbish, cardboard boxes and opened plastic wrappers thrown in my interior. Complained also no use. Never went back again.
  11. The meet up was good! Glad to have met u guys. Thanks for organising, SafetyCar Guan!
  12. VENUE: OR LU LU c/PARK next to KALLANG MAC DATE: 9th JAN 2008 WED-TONIGHT !! TIME: 2030 hrs 1. SafetyCar aka Guan 2. Stunner aka Eddie 3. ShiokMC aka Marc 4. ? ? aka Nelson 5. ARC aka Victor 6. Specialist aka Benny 7. Glam82 8. BestBet 9. vaisms aka Daniel (see what time my dinner ends) 10. sw aka samuel, come w friend. 2 AT rexes 11. Kean Ho with a guy fren im newbie-93388456 12. Rexamania aka Steven (newbie) 13. ManRacer
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