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  1. wah bro.. jump ship to 9tro?! up for ur post.. quick come in n contribute!
  2. read in evoforum many of them using w40 n the best weight for their car.. unless u hardcore trackie, i guess w40 is sufficient
  3. milo, i used to drive a EK but that was many years ago *cough* seen ur nick b4 at shc b4 too.. i'm a personal friend of j-sho. think u know him too?
  4. bro u can try calling 90069797
  5. jecht, just bring ur car down to foo bros n ron will help u solve every little problem lol btw u've got a nice ride n engine bay
  6. bro u using for normal driving without track? if yes this is good enough for u.. can lower n yet adequate comfort
  7. bro hope u find a buyer soon.. it's a great car to own afterall.. i love e boxer sound
  8. maybe e scooby driver scared go down kena whack by e ctr driver
  9. wah didn't know got so many barcap ppl around...
  10. ya man.. how do u know..
  11. bro u working at mbfc tower 2? i know tower 2 still got nomura, macquarie and bhp billton etc.. many companies...
  12. np milo! we make good breakfast lol
  13. bro call 90069797. my prev car driver's window is fixed by this guy n was recommended by another bro here. price should be $180.
  14. happy birthday Ron!! was at your workshop today but don't know about it.. paiseh