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  1. I'm on ings replica. Also will kenna the bottom when going down MSCP even though my ride is only lowered a bit. But not because it is "externded" but the bottom of the bumper is lower than stock.
  2. Hi all, I've upgraded my brakes, so selling off the following. They were previously used on my hawkeye autorex. I had no problems with them. 1. Brembo Gold Front 4-pot (Not used after Repainted) - $790 - Calipers with pads (no rotors) - You'll need to reuse the 4 x bolts for securing the calipers or get them from your workshop. - c/w steel-braided hose - Repainted at Lim Tan and not used since 2. Brembo Gold Rear 2-pot with Brembo Rotors - $790 - Calipers come with steel-braided hose - Rotors are from Brembo and are 5x100 PCD If interested, please PM or SMS to 96696396. Self-collect from Sembawang. Cheers.
  3. I believe the recommendation for the engine bay one is 90,000km and costs ~$40. I don't think there's a recommendation for the in-tank one.
  4. Cheers. Just a writeup of what I've done.
  5. The top left brown part is the filter. It starts out white.
  6. my '07 autorex has the fuel filter in the engine bay leh... something like this: Mine should have the in-tank filter as well. Something like this:
  7. The main benefit of the STi trailing links should be the pillow ball joint which allows "smoother and more precise movements". At least for my Autorex, it is no lighter. And quite honestly, I could not feel the benefit from the upgrade. Here's my writeup when I did the upgrade: http://thedreamscars.blogspot.sg/2012/04/sti-trailing-link-set.html Stock trailing link on Autorex: Upgrade to STi trailing link:
  8. some of the pro-Scooby workshops should have them lying around. Can try BKS Admiralty. Give them a call to check.
  9. with greater camber at the rear, won't your car understeer more?
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