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  1. brand new Kartboy front endlinks, for those with upgraded front anti-roll bars. Fits 2008 to 2014 WRX/STI package opened but not mounted. http://www.kartboy.com/x4/product.php?productid=16230&cat=254&page=1 comes with mounting hardware show in picture below. Asking for $160. Selling because they do not fit my 2016 WRX PM for interest.
  2. well, there's only a handful of VAs running around in SG, so I doubt they'll even know the difference. Besides, nowadays I hardly ever see any LTA bike on the roads compared to say 5 years ago. Of course with any modifications, there's always a certain risk of getting caught. It is up to each individual owner to decide for themselves.
  3. new headlights showcased in 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon from Taiwanese manufacturer CoPlus website here (yes, another Taiwanese company pretending to be Japanese company using a .jp domain) anyone good in Chinese wanna write to them to organise a group purchase? Remember to specify to them that we require RHD headlights.
  4. forget the Invidia Q300, here comes the new Invidia R400! hot off the press from Invidia Taiwan... more details in the Invidia Taiwan facebook page 惡魔管-惡魔排氣管 p.s. I didn't realise that Invidia is a Taiwanese company until today, I've always thought they are American...
  5. The problem is the taillight connector pinout on USDM cars is different from our Aus(?) spec cars. You will need to re-pin your taillight connectors for those aftermarket tailights to work. Same situation as the Forester guys on their Colin Shread taillights.
  6. I paid 5.5k for the brakes (inclusive of calipers, rotors, pads, adapter brackets and installation), I supplied my own Goodridge steel braided brake hoses and the Cusco brake master cylinder brace. I got it done at AC Gruppen. for 6 pot calipers you need at least 18" rims. It also depends on the rim barrel and design of the spokes whether they will clear the calipers.
  7. spent the weekend bedding in the brakes look at the beautiful bluish-grey burnishing on the rotors from the pad friction material transfer. My setup is 6 piston CP7040 calipers with 355mm rotors up front and 4 piston CP6600 calipers with 330mm rotors in the rear. Coupled with steel braided brake hoses and a Cusco brake brace, the pedal feel is very firm, very progressive unlike stock brakes where the first 20% to 30% of the brake pedal does nothing. While bedding the pads and rotors I got them so hot till they were smoking from 30 consecutive hard stops and still did not experience any fade as opposed to when I was bedding in the stock brakes, after 15 consecutive hard stops, you can bury the pedal to the carpet and you are not slowing down at all. Slight pad knocking noises are to be expected, I chose slotted rotors as opposed to the famous AP j-hook rotors so as to reduce a bit of noise, nevertheless, at over 50% brake pedal pressure they still do make a bit of noise. So if you are those who like a quiet comfy ride, these brakes are not for you. I chose AP Racing because a similar setup from Brembo will cost roughly 1.5 times more.
  8. lol.... how did you manage to read my mind? I also have the S207 springs on order.
  9. If for some reason the system went back to Auto. Just push the "Auto" button to switch to Full Auto and start off again from there using the same procedures posted earlier.
  10. ah... I see that you have an STI, only STIs with the dual zone aircon have the "mode" and "dual" button. The WRX does not have the "mode" or "dual" buttons. That is why I had to go through such a lengths just to switch off the auto
  11. the secret code to switch to manual mode is up up down down left right left right B A start..... ok, just joking . Switching to manual mode is actually a pain in the arse, that is why once I am in manual mode, I will leave it in that mode not bothering to switch off the aircon before shutting the engine, that way the next time I start the engine the aircon will still be in manual mode. I discovered it by chance. Assuming you start with the aircon at Full Auto mode. You first have to switch the fan speed to 5 and above, doing this will also switch to Semi Auto. You then push the A/C button to switch off the A/C. Next you turn the knob on the left to change the air flow, (e.g blow head, blow leg) just any position will do until you see the Auto mode go off. Then finally you push the A/C button again to switch the A/C back on, push the recirculate button to set airflow to recirculate, turn the airflow knob on the left back to blowing whatever part of the body you prefer and finally lower the fan speed to what you desire..... (just a gentle reminder, please do the above while stationary) It is really a rather complicated sequence , but you really have to play with your system to master it. End result is worth it, no more stupid overrides by the ECU. p.s. the 1.51 bar peak boost is actually boost spike, since mine is a manual transmission and my car is relatively "stock"
  12. I see so many fellow owners setting their temperature to 20°C, and since I'm comfortable at 22°C, I'm curious what modes are your aircon running? are you on "Full Auto"? (I don't recommend this mode as it always open the vents for "fresh air" but in Singapore, all you smell is the exhaust fumes from other cars) or just "Auto" mode? (or I like to call it "semi-auto" mode, similar to "Full Auto" just that it is always on air re-circulation mode) or finally the mode I'm using, the "Manual" mode. I find this the coolest and no compressor cut off at all.
  13. Hi wtg54, Question 1: I spoke to my SE before, you have to purchase the entire Brembo brake system from MI and it has to be installed by MI, however they will still void the brake system warranty while letting you maintain the warranty for the rest of the car. Don't ask me why but I know this is dumb, I asked why won't they warranty their own work using Subaru original Brembo parts? Anyway the alternative is you install aftermarket brakes and MI will void the entire warranty of your car. Question 2: So at this point I gave up on MI's stupid warranty policy, and installed this instead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly0OYR1pWBk took me 1 hour under the car to install right in the carpark, but you don't have to jack up the car. If course you got to be handy with a multimeter know how to splice wires. Question 3: I don't know as mine isn't a CVT. I also had the aircon issue, which I believe almost everyone has this similar issue, even the Levorg folks. After complaining to MI twice they claim they found nothing wrong with the aircon system. They simply advised me to set the temperature lower. I now set my temperature to 22°C and I switched off the Full Auto mode. The throttle issue is due to the retarded factory throttle mapping, I intend to get an aftermarket tune soon, that will make the throttle more responsive.
  14. lol.... I also daily the car and I still find the suspension to be too soft for my liking, the dampers are definitely under dampened leading to the bouncy ride and it could do with stiffer/thicker sway bars as there's too much bodyroll, felt like it was driving an SUV.
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