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  2. VF22 is a ball bearing turbo capable of bigger boost than most VF series turbo because of its large turbine housing (P20). This turbo will spool a lot quicker than a 16G to achieve boost target of 1.3 bar. The 2.5L WRX needs little mods to support the power of a VF22, like a big TMIC. Removed from car and checked by pro Subaru workshop - Very good condition, shrink wrapped. VF22- $450 C&C
  3. Hi, Can assist me with how to price my current ride for sale. Thanks
  4. Hi Joe, Have you tried the workshop in JB?
  5. Hi, Can assist me with how to price my current ride for sale. Some info below. Subaru WRX Registered on 14 Sep 2007 Got another 2 years 6 months OMV ~$18, 000 Thankyou
  6. Thanks everybody. I hope this is informative to everyone reading this thread. Btw, the worker couldn't take out one of the lug nuts from the wrench and resorted to trying to knock it out using a screw driver and hammer. Those lug nuts cost $90. My was free and is fading anyway so i didn't say anything. Anyway, I'm just trying to make a point, going to branded place don't always mean good job.
  7. External cos he just push in the stuff and it should close up the hole. Honestly, when the boss told me that he is charging me $20 for the job cos hey took a long time to find the hole. I told him it's his expertise to find it otherwise why would I go to them again. Well! I was handed a bill of $20 anyway. I just don't want to be overcharged.
  8. Hi, How much did you pay to repair 1 punctured hole? I went to H Tyre along bendemeer road yesterday and they took a long time to find the punctured hole cos it's so small. Anyway, it cost $20. I thought I did a repair 2 years back was about $10.
  9. Hi, Yesterday, I realise my tyre lossing alot of pressure so decided to go to a tyre shop to check at about 10:30pm. The guy told me that he can't remove the lug nuts manually and the motorise one may cause the nuts to spoil. Asked him to use a wrench and he said he doesn't have it. is that possible? Anyway, I gave up. I think he is just lazy cos he can't find any punctures visually and after removing and checked nothing, it means no money earned.
  10. Hi, My WRX is white and no matter how dirty it was, after washing the gloss is still there. Just did grooming and the paintwork became matt and the person said that my paintwork was already like that. Well... looks like LL, can please recommend me what I can do to restore the gloss besides re-spray. Please help cos it looks horrible now. Thanks
  11. check your air filter box cover if fully closed properly. If this is the problem, your car may also stall.
  12. Hi, I realise both rear suspension has the same problem. Recently, I had 3 colleagues rear and 1 front. Not heavy type. When turning even slight turns, the fenders will hit the tyres. Checked at workshop and no leakage. Could the suspension be faulty already? Can Foo troubleshoot this?
  13. Hi, I do have the same problem. It's rattling so much. If you've fixed your problem, please do post here.
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