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  1. additional items to let go. pivot shift lamp turbo timer
  2. maybe not too sure yet.
  3. 1. defi red water temp, oil press, oil temp and turbo. 2. brembo gold (need swap with red stock brakes) 3.hyperflow intercooler (need swap) 4.greedy boost controller 5. aps turbo inlet hose. please pm offer. low ballers won't be entertain.
  4. CP and mahle both good.. Tomei even better..
  5. as above. anyone one knows if this can be done.? and if possible where?
  6. well ken their chief tuner is good. their track car they rebuilt themselves. they have their own aircon room jus for engine rebuilding. haven heard of anything bad abt them. I think many of our bros here are also from edge jus staying low profile..
  7. Thanks for all your reply. Dtc is definitely a good place. Nevertheless i decide to go ahead with my trusted workshop. Edge!!!!!
  8. pls pm me if u have face issues with engine rebuilt at certain workshop?? so I know which workshop to avoid.. cheers all!!
  9. its my time to seek advice. if I need realibilty. shud i go for 2.5L STi lower block or forged engine?? driving my05 wrx vf34. staying put with vf34 for the moment or max 20g.
  10. oh u r the ang moh beng with black sti jus now.. lol
  11. anyone using this blackbox?? any feedback??
  12. hi Hamet, please help to re-activate "essswrx" email:esmundng@eseasyasabc.com thank you redhead
  13. im also a customer of edge and never had such problem. ken is a great tuner. all i can say they are reputable, reliable and always there to help out.
  14. upz for bosch from RON.! no regrets when come to foo bros!
  15. wah bro.. mine i change oil and spark plug liao with u at 40k.. after reset my ecu.. got 380-400km. now slowly going bad again and its not even 1 month.. sianz.. dunno what the hell is wrong with my car.. getting tired.. feel like changing to german car...! last month petrol $700++ sigh..