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  1. would love to see a local lifted impreza.. I think it will look cool!! something different from the typical hellaflush imprezas(TS,wrx,sti, or TS hatchback) anybody here has tried lifting their imprezas and putting on some huge rally/offroad tires?
  2. Hi I got a fairly new set (no punctures) 4pcs 90% 215/65-16 yokohama ATS. for that offroad thread tires. bought at 168 per pc. asking 100 per pc.. no white lettering.
  3. Turbo diesel wagons??i am more likely to see a tp bike than a turbodiesel wagon in sg roads hehe.
  4. Looking for front pair. Pls SMS to 97222729 if u got a pair of fabric seats (03-07 Fxt)
  5. I bro yes I remember u. Hehe. Btw it is not the oil supply pipe issue. It was tuning issue. Now car just tuned. Hope it stays this way.
  6. Anyone know which workshop sells the above product?
  7. Hi jonathan, thanks for your great info! I believe this is my problem and I will tell my mechanic asap!
  8. Hi this is my third td04 in less than 2 months. First td04 I tot was due to old age and becos spool was bad. So I swap for another used unit. The second used one had funny noise but spooled better but it deteriorated after a couple if weeks. Now I am on my third used td04 and this iS definitely a very good condition td04 cos I am getting back the nice acceleration and spool up typical of a td04. But I am slowly feeling it deteriorate again and hearing some whining noise coming. The mechanic also puzzled. I am so lost right now cos I am thinking what the hell is happening here? The turbo is not the problem. I suspect it's gotta do with some oil supply problems but if there is an oil supply problem, wouldn't the engine go first? Could it be the first turbo chip some fins and now my oil got debris or sth? Or wad other possibilities pls share with me? Cannot be every month spoil turbo then change right? I am losing faith in this whole Subaru thing and maybe the mechanic/tuner. Maybe I should scrap my car Liao. Btw I did my timing belt package just before this whole stupid turbo issue happen. It is frustrating.
  9. Ha ha. Steamy effect!! Anyway mr. Satria, for people like me,with no gauges to see, what are te driving symptoms for such leak? Will this affect turbo?
  10. I did not buy the spacer from LS. Bought from a fellow forester bro. He also don't have the bolts. I am going amk autopoint tmr to meet a friend. Maybe I willtry my luck withthe bolt and nuts. Loving the ATS though hehe.
  11. I bought them used that's why. I was there cos I installed some Yokohama ats. Inspired by the offroad look of yours hehe. Anyway I will go back to them soon. Think they will close for cny from today for couple of weeks though.
  12. Hello bros. I bought spacers recently. 5in5out wheel spacers in 20mm. Problem is it does not come with any flat nuts to fit. Dunno wad these nuts are for but LS tyre shop told me it's a must but they do not have the nuts. Can somebody tell me which shop can find me these nuts and include installation?
  13. Omg did I miss cny? Which day was cny? Over Liao?
  14. wow his ride too fast.. I think that guy must be looking at chery qq.. should be normal enough for him..
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