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  1. Thank kean bro... Have a nice day...
  2. Hi, any1 know how to touch up hair line long crack on our windscreen, or I need to replace the whole windscreen? Any 2nd hand windscreen? Where to find? Need help....
  3. Hi, notice some oil leaking from e eng. oil pan..Any1 can help on how to solve this problem? Is it gg to be costly to fix it? Where can I go to fix it? Thanks.
  4. Thanks bros for all yr comments..btw can e saris rs fit onto impreza06? thought its meant for Suv or Mpvs only..
  5. Hi, thinking of getting e rack & mount on my 06 impreza..Have some questions here eg. Has any of u guys installed b4? Is it hard to install? Recommend rack? Lastly whats e price like? Thanks.
  6. Hi Guys, I was stopped @ checkpt for having some vcd(nt porn) with me. Was issued a dep. receipt & told to call MDA. Anyone ever experience this b4? What would be e outcome? Any fines? Hope some1 can advise..thanks!
  7. Guys, lets say go court judge gave u certain amt fine, can u still appeal aft dat for lesser fine? Or on e spot hv 2 pay?
  8. Bro, did u appeal? Did u attend court or compound @ traffic? Was advise by some frens to try to get it compounded @ it possible?
  9. Wats e fine be like? Hw many demerit pts? Any advise or chances can appeal?
  10. Hi guys, need some advise from those who ever got caught speeding @115km/h on 70km/h rd or knows what the punishment be like.. Was caught today.. Thanks!
  11. Hi All, where can i get a replacement motor for my driver's side window..roughly around hw much? Thanks alot.
  12. Hi All,anybody can help me as to where can i get replacement parts for my driver's side window..cant get it dwn liao,new cost abt $500+(motor & switch) 2nd also can..tanx
  13. I'm sorry guys, cant make it for game agn (working night shift)..mayb the next game ok..all the best !
  14. agree wif u bro, no offence to other bt tink it should be 1st come 1st play, its fair then..
  15. sori guys 4 late reply..shub b coming dwn dis wkend..btw dha,where can i play?