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  1. Encountered one on NSH,saw it on my left rear,exiting from an Esso Fuel stop n next thing it was past me. I thought it looked a little different & sounded different too, a sharper exhaust note"..so I gave chase n then saw the badge " V Spec". No red brembos, just sliver Nissan BBK...and 2 pipes instead of 4.I knew they were coming to this market but never expected it to be so quick forsale on the road!
  2. agreed. Ithink they got chris bangle for designer now..he KILLED the BMW brand!
  3. Thanks for the welcome note bro. thumbs up A4 TQM? nah..been there , done that! n u wouldn't believe how CRAMP the rear legroom is and the center seat is so hard n bulge out! good ride though. Deprec was crazy at 14K. Always thought it was the better car, being quiet n fast n all until I tried the LGTW in US! LGTW rocks!! gonna hav flaming from audi pple liow.!
  4. Whoa..nice ride. belong to any bros here?..im keen.heh heh heh
  5. Hi Anyone knows if the Rex Wagon has a firm or harsh or jiggly throwup ride? ( talkin abt stock of course)..Im not sure if the ride feel is a lot diff from the sedan rex. Thanks all & have a great week ahead!
  6. wow! u mean a rex couldnt catch up wz a rex? That is fast! I heard the STI gearbox is much stronger than the base wrx? sorry scoobie newbie here.
  7. waahh..my first post here n already u fellas made me feel so welcome with your discussions..thanks! aiming for my next Scoobie wagon soon. Need the space lar!!
  8. u got a red one? fierce?! anything done? Me jus done Miltek straight thrus.
  9. That's what I reckon after checking wz YKW agent. Hey..U have a RS4 too?!
  10. HI Saw a very rare WRX WAgon at Century Sq CP yest. It looks realy really good. Never been a fan of pignosed rexes but this one takes the cake! n wagon too! Nice grey too. Me luves wagons. Wanted to peer in n admire the interior ( whether Manual , STI or AT ) but think its kind of rude . ha ha.. Kudos to the owner n I called YKW agent n they said."huh? WRX wagon? si mee chia? what is that?..!! got meh?wrx no boot one lar! ". Somehow their aka Ah Seng advert rubs off on them! Why I even bother to call YKW agent, I wonder. I reckon it has to be PI-ed . Hope to see more WRX wagon on the roads. Cheers and BEST WISHES TO ALL HERE FOR THE YEAR AHEAD!
  11. HI I didnt know there is a Legacy forum? Don't mind the link please? I cannot google it. Thanks n sorry for trouble.
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