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  1. Hi, Anyone know where in Spore or JB can i install the body kit for 2016 Forester XT? When I bought my STi 9 years ago, I did it at Miracle but I checked with them, they like no ready stock for Forester body kit. Any other place in Spore or JB that does Subaru body kit? I am looking at something like these. I know Japanparts carry them but gotta import, I am trying to see if locally if anyone carries them or something similar. Thanks.
  2. Anyone know where to get this front grill or similar grill to cover the hole in front of the radiator for 2006/7 Impreza/WRX/STi? Last time I think Miracle carries it but I can't find their folder anymore. Mine is broken and wanted to get a new piece. Thanks.
  3. Location : blk 104A MSCP Henderson Crescent , Deck 4A Date: 12th Jan 2014, Sun Time : 1000am - 130pm Price : > $10 < $80 Satisfaction : Priceless Instructions: 1) Queue Number will be given based on FCFS, Park alternate lots. Pls park from the end of the Lots.. 2) Price is determined by Uncle Gary (not me) Limited to 20 cars for now: 1.ayusan kong 2. kelvvv 3. jayy25 4. Gr3Y 5.basher 6. Jecht 7. demodder 8. goric 9. STiTS 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. --------------------------END-----------------------
  4. Hi bro Thievery, the session still on?
  5. Clearing storeroom, so priced to clear! 1L Cusco LSD Oil (about 80% left) - Leftover from last servicing. Outside selling about S$45 for 1L. See photo. Selling at S$20. 4 x stock Brembo rubber brake hose - Removed soon after car delivery when I changed to steel brake hose, in very good conditions. Selling at S$20. Stock STi Air Box - Removed soon after car delivery when I changed to open-pod, in very good conditions. Selling at S$20. Cash & carry around Jurong West/Raffles Place area only Contact 94884425
  6. Location : blk 104A MSCP Henderson Crescent , Deck 4A Date: 15th Dec 2013, Sun Time : 1000am - 130pm Price : > $10 < $80 Satisfaction : Priceless Instructions: 1) Queue Number will be given based on FCFS, Park alternate lots. Pls park from the end of the Lots.. 2) Price is determined by Uncle Gary (not me) Limited to 20 cars for now: 1. inin36 2. subaru7010 3. demodder 4. basher 5. EUGEANZ 6. STiTS (Kok Peng) 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. --------------------------END-----------------------
  7. Hi bro, Thanks for organising. I also have problem login due to the migration, but finally managed to get it but I have missed this one. Keep me posted on the one before CNY bro, I will be there. This is a yearly affair! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family bro!
  8. I did a search on the forum and while most bro has the common issue of aircon not cold after a few years, I have a very strange aircon problem - mine is blowing super cold air all the time. I am driving a MY07 STi (about 4 yrs old), so the aircon has climate control, which means hot weather the air will auto be colder and cold weather, it will auto adjust it to be not so cold. But the last few days I think the aircon went kuku, no matter what is the temp outside, it keeps blowing super cold air. Even at night and early in the morning, so cold that it's freezing and I need to turn it off. And even when I switch to "manual" control, same thing - keep blowing very cold air no matter what temp I set it at. I just did my aircon servicing like 6 - 7 mths back. And I have nvr encountered this before. Any bro has experienced this? Some control inside spoilt is it? Any good aircon workshop in the West to recommend? Thanks.
  9. Thks bro. Workshop ask me to run the car hot then open the coolant reservoir to see got bubble or not. So far dun have, keep finger crossed.
  10. Thks Jerry, for your advice the other day. Yup, changed to Koyo & changed all to silicon hoses, damn big hole in pocket...
  11. I know. Gasket only abt $200 but the labour is $800... Anyway, the good news is looks like gasket is ok but need to monitor a few days to make sure really no damage. Thanks to all bro.
  12. Thks to all. The other nite actuallybthe water temp already shot up very high but I didn't notice until the oil temp warning started. Car already in workshop, keep finger cross. If really burn gasket then really suay...
  13. I was driving home last night then I hear a strange noise (can't describe, but it's a very strange noise). Then not long, oil temp shoot up rocket high (went up to 140 degree plus), and oil pressure dropping. I was very near home, so I stop the car for a while, wait temp go down a bit, continue drive home to park. When I turn off engine, smoke was coming out from the engine bay. So I initially thought something has burst causing engine oil to leak. All these while, the temp on defi was shooting up to 140+ but he dashboard water temp remained normal, WTF! This morning, I started the car to check oil pressure - it's back to normal, check the dipstick, level of engine oil is near to full so concluded engine oil is not leaking. So now I suspect is the radiator up lorry. And because of that oil temp shoot up 1st & oil pressure drop because of the high temp. I left the car at home this morning but is it advisable for me to top up radiator with water, and drive slowly to workshop? Or still safer to get workshop to tow it over? I stay in Jurong but I always go to workshop in AMK, so if possible, I still prefer to go back to my usual workshop in AMK if possible, but not sure if I can drive the car that far without overheating. Thanks for any advice. p/s: My ride is MY07 STi, registered in Feb 08, so already 3yrs+, mileage abt 90k.
  14. Maybe at high speed it's not so obvious, I think still have but very slight at high speed cos the wheel is spinning at such high speed.
  15. Found the problem, something very obvious but I didn't think of it. One of the front tyre uneven, that's why the steering keeps wobbling/vibrating at low speed. Changed out the 2 front tyres now ok liao.
  16. Thanks Jerry. I believe it's not the rotor cos the vibration doesn't come from braking. Even I don't brake, and just allow the car to slow down on its own, it will have the slight wobbling of the steering wheel. I have this feeling that it was the power steering pump that I changed recently that was not done properly. Just want to see if any other bro here have similar experience. Thanks anyway Jerry.
  17. Does any bro know what could have caused this? High speed cruising even at 140 - 160km/h on NS highway no vibration. But everytime I slow down to stop, the steering wheel will wobble to left and right (slightly on each side) until car comes to stop. Btw, I just changed my power steering pump few months back, could it be the pump? Cos it feels like the steering wheel has no "control" at low speed. Thanks for any advice.
  18. Sorry, just realised that this has already been posted.
  19. This is hilarious! Female salon owner keeps robber as sex slave, feeding him only Viagra By ANI | ANI ? Wed, Jul 13, 2011 http://sg.news.yahoo.com/female-salon-owner-keeps-robber-sex-slave-feeding-074453043.html London, July 13 (ANI): A Russian man who tried to rob a hair salon got more than what he had bargained for when the female shop owner, a karate black belt, overpowered him, stripped him naked, and for the next three days, used him as a sex slave to 'teach him a lesson' - force feeding him Viagra to keep the lesson going. Viktor Jasinski, 32, admitted to police that he had gone to the salon in Meshchovsk, Russia, with the intention of robbing it, reports the Daily Mail. But the tables were turned dramatically when he found himself overcome by owner Olga Zajac, 28, who happened to be a black belt in karate. She allegedly floored the would-be robber with a single kick. Then, in a scene reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, police say Zajac dragged the semi-conscious Jasinski to a back room of the salon and tied him up with a hair dryer cable. She fed him Viagra and had sex with him for three days before releasing him, telling him that he'd "learned his lesson." Jasinski went straight to the police and told them of his back-room ordeal, saying that he had been held hostage, handcufffed naked to a radiator, and fed nothing but Viagra. When police arrived to question Zahjac, she said: 'What a bastard. Yes, we had sex a couple of times. But I bought him new jeans, gave him food and even gave him 1,000 roubles when he left." Both have now been arrested. (ANI)
  20. That's the prob. Normal driving no rubbing but sometime when I hit potholes, there is a bit of rubbing (minimal), that's why I think the workshop bluff me bcos they want me to get this set of rim from them. I wanted to get the 17x8 one but they keep persuading me to get this 17x9 set, keep telling me confirm no issue. Now I am worried that it might spoil my rear fender.
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