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  1. hmmm
  2. Hi bro/sis, anyone in this line? wanna share views? Lets do it here lol
  3. Whats ORQ?
  4. anymore cheaper places? lol
  5. Heard market street parking is abt 200-300 plus
  6. Any bro drive to work at shenton way? any reasonable car park to intro?? Thanks
  7. The race is back again!!! Glory Man Utd!!
  8. carrick seems rather slack always, just look at his face it tells the story. The second yellow by little raf is so soft man.. i was shock to see that a yellow card for that tugging.
  9. most place out of stock.. but u can try.
  10. Bird and Nani shines again!!! Woohooo!
  11. It out for like 3 weeks plus already leh
  12. Hi bros anyone been to there to do servicing or repairs before? please advise.
  13. haha just bought ff13 today man!
  14. Any ps3 gamers over here? wanna talk abt games? play together online?
  15. tireless park!!! nice flying header! torres is just another loser man, kick the penalty spot, ref should have book him for that man... loserfool!!!!!!!!!!!!