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  1. Updated Sales Post:- Walboro Fuel Pump - SGD50.00 UR Room Bar MY08 HB - SGD100.00 Cobb Intake Box - SGD100.00 HKS Radiator Cap - SGD30.00 for 2 pieces STI V10 TMIC - SGD300.00 STI V10 Stock Supension - SGD200.00 Aftermarket Intercooler / Oil Cooler Nozzle Spray - SGD50.00 for 2 pieces PM to deal.... Quote
  2. Updated Sales Post:- UR Room Bar MY08 HB - SGD100 Forged BOV - SGD100.00 GFB BOV - SGD100.00 HKS Radiator Cap - SGD30.00 for 2 pieces STI V10 TMIC - SGD300.00 STI V10 Stock Supension - SGD200.00 PM to deal....
  3. Updated Post:- Selling the following:- UR Room Bar for MY08 Hatchback Model - SGD100 (Sprayed Red / BNIB) COBB Gear Knob - SGD80.00 Forged BOV - SGD100.00 GFB BOV - SGD200.00 DW 850cc Injectors (Top Feed) - SGD300.00 GT3071R - Reserved STI TMIC - Reserved COBB Intake Full Kit - Reserved PM to deal....
  4. Selling Garrett GT3071R Turbo - Used but not abused. Turbo is still currently in my ride and will be removing it once have a firm buyer for it. Extremely fast spooling turbo due to its ball bearing design. Further to that, its stock frame turbo which meant is direct plug and play for Subaru ride. Attached the following link of the turbo. https://www.turbobygarrett.com/turbobygarrett/sites/default/files/default_images/turbogroup/catalog_pdf/Garrett_GT3071R_700382-3_20.pdf CHRA # 700177-5003S PM for further discussion....
  5. Selling the following:- Brand New Room Bar for MY08 Hatchback Model - SGD100 (Sprayed Red) AD08R 255/35/18 - SGD400.00 for 4pces (Almost 60-70percent left) COBB Gearknob - SGD80.00 (Meant for Subaru) STI Metal Door Side Sills - SGD80.00 4.3” LCD Car Monitor - SGD30.00 Password JDM Blue Radiator Mounts/Holders - SGD20.00 PM to deal....
  6. Selling:- Used Cobb Gearknob for Subaru - SGD100.00 (Thread 12x1.25mm) PM for more details
  7. Wanna buy aftermarket short antenna - for my08 hatchback and above. Pls pm me if any
  8. Selling the following:- Blouch 18g XTR Turbo STI Metal Door Side Sills 5x114.3 Spacer with long bolts type (20 & 15mm 4pces) PM to deal....
  9. Hi All, Have the following item that I am willing to trade with a stock 2010 and above STI Passenger Seat or you can buy it off from me on the following too... 1) Extremely Good Condition Edirb Full Carbon Kelvar Bucket Seat (Premium Bride Series - Leather with Suede) PM me for further discussion..
  10. Selling:- Used Dixcel Front Pads - Meant for AP Caliper (7040 & 9040 Series) Z Series - 800 Degs Pads - Selling Sgd150.00 Pm to deal.
  11. Selling:- Full Carbon Fibre Lightweight Full Face Helmet - SGD850.00 (Comes with 2 Visor - Amber & Clear) **Only used once in Sepang Pls contact me @ 98333606 for enquires & pics
  12. its the same for the prev auto rex and sgt.... same gearbox...
  13. Selling:- 6 DEFI Meters (Amber Color - Boost / Exhaust / Oil Temp / Water Temp / Oil Press / Fuel Press) - Sgd1200 Pls ctc me at 98333606
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