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  1. Yes, the group chat is active. Pm me your contact. :-)
  2. We already have a small WhatsApp group for 2015+ WRX. PM me your contact so that I can add you in.
  3. Eh, i think this question is not for me? I have not done anything to the suspension, in fact i quite like the stock suspension.
  4. Hi bro, Sorry for late response. Yes, i followed this video for the most part, but there are some important differences. If you end up buying this, feel me to contact me for some tips.
  5. Ya took me 9 hours to complete, did it slowly to prevent breaking anything. :-) i actually hand carry it back from USA. They do international shipping too. I don't think they have local retailer, in fact they don't even have it in USA. no popping sound, they have fixed those problems. Beeping still sound the same. Bluetooth phone call still sounds good and clear, not super loud. Didn't do Bluetooth music so I am not sure. For iPod music, it is a lot louder now and sounds pretty balanced. I basically set everything in HU to flat/off.
  6. Done my OEM Audio plus installation yesterday. Sound system is no longer the weak point of my ride. :-) love that it retain stock looks yet producing pretty satisfying sound. Also installed red stiching console hook and shifter console as the same time. Today installed the RB mud flaps. i think I am done with all the mods that I am interested in. My whole body muscle aching now haha.
  7. Where is your location? I wouldn't mind to let you sit in my car. Can't let you drive it though. :-) PM me your contacts.
  8. Hi Guys, I am thinking to start a whatsapp chat group for 2015+ WRX owner. Mainly for knowledge and lobang sharing. There aren't many on the road. So I am not sure how many people we can gather. If you are interested, please PM me your contact number.
  9. Found the problem/fix for the shuffle problem. If want to have it shuffle everytime you start the car, just need to set the shuffling at the ipod music apps.
  10. After driving the car for several days, i think i will live with the blind spot monitoring system. If anyone interested in the subispeed convex mirror, please let me know. It is the mirror in this link below: http://www.subispeed.com/2015-subaru-wrx/exterior/mirrors/subispeed-wide-angle-convex-mirrors-blue-2015-wrx-2015-sti#.V84VoPl95D8 Looks like price has dropped by 10 USD since i purchased it. Anyway, not trying to make a sales here. Am just thinking to make it easier for the bros here to get this useful mod. My next mod will be to install OEM Audio Plus sound system. The stock sound system is really crappy. :-) Bought the system 4 months ago, plan to install it during coming weekend. Hopefully the wiring harness will match well, keeping my finger crossed. Let me know if you guys are interested, then i will take some pictures when i install it.
  11. Hi bro, initially i do have some doubt about the CVT reliability. However, after driving it for several days, i think it is not some thing to worry about. The car is so powerful that there is not much chance to use to its full potential in Singapore road. I do not really race the car, not using the max torque and power frequently. So probably not going to stress the CVT too much and cause problem. If you want to mod for more power and go race in circuit, then CVT reliability might be a concern.
  12. The paddle shift is very responsive. I find the CVT to be pretty good.
  13. Hi Guys, The HU is pretty annoying to me. I have some questions for you guys, mainly to check if the problems i have is my own problem. I am using latest gen ipod touch with latest iOS software, with no jailbreak. 1. I normally like to shuffle my songs in a playlist. However, the HU seems like cannot remember this setting. Every time after restarted the car, the shuffle is off, so i have to shuffle it again. 2. Every time after restarted the car, the songs still continue to play where i left off, within the same playlist. However, if i press the "list" button, it list the entire music library instead of song in the playlist. 3. Seems like it cannot display chinese character, all ID tags in chinese are all blank. Thanks in advance.