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  1. no shit..thats easily like 2 wrx back in the good old days
  2. 2.0L Flat 4 boxer engine. Front engine, Rear Wheel Drive
  3. someone reuploaded the video again. heard that it was a cefiro and the timing was said to be inaccurate as the driver didnt bother to set the right date and time.
  4. behold android and samsung..they are coming after you, apple!
  5. no flood la..PUB only say ponding..not flood
  6. not sure if the video i have is the same...but i have another link. ai mai?
  7. like dimples? then to bro ILR and LZ...your ???
  8. IIRC,unless the lane you are in says left turn only. i think that guy wants to turn left and cut you rashly ahead resulting in a near accident,right?
  9. bro ILR, your goddess again PS propose to let us embed videos in here la.
  10. i think this show deserves to be watched the second time or maybe more because there were other details that i left out only to be reminded by the at the start when the main character took the apple, i didnt realise that it was on top of a single piece of glove. as for the glove, only those who watched will know la
  11. yes..for sure
  12. i went into the theatre without any research but based on reviews online and i got attacked dip dip by the show wish we could discuss more but that would spoil the show for those who is intending to watch. i know of people who watched this movie several times man! anyway...another picture of your ???
  13. exactly! it seems like they are toying your emotions in the last 10 mins! like u can laugh with those tears in your eyes. (but i didnt shed even a single tear la! just left an impact in me )