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  1. You can look for Jerry 83688641 from bms workshop.
  2. Evin. get a six speed gb.
  3. Hi Bro.. After u skim your rotor r u still using your old brake pad.
  4. Prata.. wat u need to noe just buy us ice milo we will tell u. wanna go test drive buy us lunch.
  5. Hi Porstcode, yes is at e air intake sensor. for jerking check your injector.
  6. Hi Bro. should be your map sensor. borrow a map sensor from ws and try it out.
  7. 1) hatchback wrx fujisubo catback exhaust with cert (OPERATED) 500sgd removal of inner silencer only no external welding marks. 2) Stock wrx/sti exhaust manifold W/up-pipe 150sgd 3) stock wrx fuel pump 20sgd 4) td04 for hatchback Condition 9/10 350sgd 5) stock hatchback wrx intercooler 50sgd 6) stock wrx hatchback airbox 50sgd 7) stock wrx hatchback injectors 200sgd Contact: Michael 9746 9098
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