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  1. I didn't receive the 2nd letter but a call from MI to help make the appointment. It's the passenger side airbag only.
  2. Sent in before 10am & got it back after 5pm. 1 airbag take so long I can't imagine if car got 7 airbags!!!
  3. By the time parts available, car scrapped liao
  4. I believe they will repo the car, auction it off to get back whatever is owed to them.
  5. Wrong trans fluid? Boost leak? Better check with mechanic instead.
  6. Don't know why log card got additional 'S" behind. It's 3g cos it's the 3rd Generation of Impreza and the code is GH8
  7. To be frank, if you are concerned about fc, don't even look at a Subaru.
  8. Cooling coil leak? Better get it check by an car aircon shop.
  9. I think one 4l tin if just drain and fill. If flush at least 2 tins.
  10. Have you had your 3 year warranty void for your new car cos you fixed some parts at other workshops?
  11. Should be 3 free servcing (oil change) and 5 years warranty. Motor Image shall not be obliged to honour any of the warranties stated in the booklet under any of the following circumstances: The vehicle has been repaired or serviced by someone other than Motor Image or its Authorised Service Centres. Any parts not supplied or installed by Motor Image. There are unauthorized upgrades, modifications or alterations to the original specifications or structure of the vehicle. The vehicle is damaged through misuse, negligence, improper maintenance or accident. The vehicle has not been given periodic maintenance as recommended by Motor Image in this booklet. The damage is due to normal wear and tear. Meaning they can void your warranty anytime for any reasons above. Not 3 or 5 years free servicing.
  12. Driver's side compartment Fuse no 14 (15A)
  13. The oil in a performance filter actually helps to trap & collect the dirt that will otherwise get sucked into the engine. It's better to clean a dirty filter that's doing it's job than to have a 'clean' filter that doesn't do anything but let the dirt in.That's the function of a filter. The trick is not to over-oil the filter.