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  1. Hey guys, Singapore Motorsport Academy is having a full day of Gymkhana training on 23rd March 2014! It doesn't matter if you're driving a TS or BRZ, as long as you have a lever handbrake, you're welcome to join in! There are limited slots so book yours ASAP! Here are the event details: Event: Gymkhana Training Day Price: $260 Location: Kranji Turf Club Date: 23rd March 2014 Time: 9am - 5pm You will learn basics like proper steering control, accelerating, braking, weight transfer, and also more intermediate skills like slalom, 90° handbrake turns, 180° handbrake turns and even donuts. Contact us to book your slot now! Ken: 84060892 / 90079957 Leonard: 91765321 Facebook: https://www.fb.com/motorsport.sg Website: http://motorsport.sg
  2. I have a Greddy Profec used for about 1 mth. Selling at $600.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm organizing a group buy for Bosch batteries. Minimum to get the discount is 10 pcs. Installation is not included. Cash and carry only. Warranty by agent is 12 months. Batteries are all maintenance free. Bosch has several models of the same size. S3 and S4 are Calcium/Calcium batteries which are the most basic, OEM type batteries. S5 are Silver type batteries which are more powerful in terms of cold cranking power and more lasting. HTSS-S6, are Hitech Silver Batteries II, which is the newest addition to the range, is one of the most powerful batteries in its class. Suitable for cars fitted with Alternator Management Systems (AMS) as it is able to withstand high charge/discharge frequency. Please check your model number and which type you want. Model number, Type, 20HR Capacity, Cold Cranking Ampere, Dimensions and Prices are given below. JIS TYPE 1) 40B19L S3 35AH 300CCA 187x127x226mm $71.50 2) 42B20L/R S4 38AH 340CCA 197x129x227mm $79.20 3) 46B20L/R S5 45AH 370CCA 197x129x227mm $93.50 4) 65B24L/R/LS/RS S4 52AH 480CCA 238x129x227mm $88 5) 70B24L/R/LS S5 58AH 510CCA 238x129x227mm $110 6) 80D23L S3 70AH 580CCA 232x173x225mm $126.50 7) 80D23L S4 70AH 560CCA 230x173x225mm $132 8) 90D23L/R S5 75AH 650CCA 229x172x225mm $151.80 9) 80D26L/R S3 70AH 600CCA 260x173x222mm $132 10) 90D26L/R S4 75AH 620CCA 260x173x225mm $137.50 11) 110D26L/R S5 93AH 680CCA 260x173x225mm $176 12) 105D31L/R S4 90AH 710CCA 306x173x225mm $156.20 13) 125D31L S5 94AH 760CCA 306x173x225mm $198 14) 95E41R S3 100AH 830CCA 410x175x235mm $181.50 15) 115F51 S3 120AH 900CCA 505x183x240mm $236.50 16) 145G51 S3 150AH 1000CCA 508x222x241mm $269.50 17) 190H52 S3 200AH 1150CCA 523x279x248mm $338.80 18) 75B24L/R HTSS-S6 58AH 510CCA 238x129x227mm $137.50 19) 95D23L HTSS-S6 75AH 700CCA 229x172x225mm $170.50 20) 115D26L/R HTSS-S6 94AH 730CCA 260x173x225mm $206.80 21) 135D31L HTSS-S6 100AH 830CCA 306x173x225mm $222.20 DIN TYPE 1) DIN45 S5 45AH 420CCA 209x175x175mm $113.30 2) DIN55R S3 55AH 265CCA 245x175x190mm $112.20 3) DIN60L S5 60AH 600CCA 244x175x175mm $140.80 4) DIN62 S5 62AH 480CCA 244x175x190mm $126.50 5) DIN66 S4 66AH 510CCA 279x175x175mm $122.10 6) DIN74 S5 74AH 680CCA 279x175x190mm $167.20 7) DIN80 S5 80CCA 720CCA 313x175x175mm $187 8) DIN100 S4 100AH 800CCA 354x175x190mm $184.80 9) DIN100 S5 100AH 800CCA 354x175x190mm $223.30 10) DIN110 S5 110AH 850CCA 394x175x190mm $231 11) DIN B S3 180AH 1000CCA 508x222x220mm $321.20 12) DIN C S3 230AH 1100CCA 518x273x241mm $393.80 Please reply with your name and your order. Thanks bros!
  4. Hi Guys, I have an Apexi N1 exhaust which is not LTA approved cos it has been operated. Cert is still available though. Good for tracking. Sounds awesome as the boxer beat is solid and not fluttery like Fujisutbo. Selling at $300 firm. Contact me at 90079957.
  5. OMG, this thread is still here.. Sorry Agus22 bro, I didn't log in for a looooooooooooong time so I didn't see your msg. How was the trip?
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