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  1. Ask for discount sure will want lah. But be reasonable lor. Ask for dun and then give funny price really drag and shoot to death.
  2. am on Brembo...but not using stock rim...on Advance RS but still 17"
  3. I got my iPhone 3Gs in August 09 and jb it on the first day. Don't know about the worm but so far so good.
  4. Guan...when u become from rapist to sex instructor? Got license one or not?
  5. shift forward also can be uncomfortable if there's no leg room
  6. speed doesn't goes with cruise control...what a pity...HAHA
  7. can put 1 golf bag but rear row seat got to put upright...seating can be very uncomfortable then...
  8. U want better? Try kpe within speedlimit plus cruise control. Hahah
  9. can fit meh??? photoshop si bo??? I rem you are not using stock rims leh...HAHAH....how u manz? Been travelling?
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