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  1. Awesome post. I like it. Keep it coming. I'll participate in some of his events from time to time.
  2. You can look for Chua, he drives a 2015 STI or Panda. They should be on here somewhere. They have a whatsapp group. Let me PM you their numbers.
  3. The ASN (National Sporting Authority) of each country got together a few months ago to revive the Asian Gymkhana championship last held in 2005 in Malaysia. There are 10 countries participating with each country eligible to send two drivers on an all expense paid trip to TaiChung Taiwan. Here's the link: http://www.ctmsa.org.tw/xms/ Of interest is Masaki Nishihara and Tetsuya Yamano from Japan. These guys are my heroes, both are sponsored by Subaru and both are All Japan Gymkhana champions in their own respective classes. Masaki always drives the latest STI and Tetsuya used to drive the STI Impreza at the Nurburgring 24hr from 2009-2012 plus stints in SuperGT300 with the BRZ factory car. Below vid is Masaki-san in action. Malaysia will send Mitch Chong and Shazmie. Mitch is top notch fast everytime in his Satria. SMSA will be sending Johnny Wong and Terence Soh to represent Singapore for this event. They were our top 2 local drivers from last years SMSA Gymkhana championship. Jolly nice blokes, ace pilots and damn nice guys. Johnny just restored back to prime condition a Mitsubishi GTO and it is beautiful plus its road legal. Looking at that car reminds me of Jackie Chan and Thunderball the movie from 1995. The cars all participants will be using will be the Skoda Fabia 1.6L and left hand drive. Lets hope Terence and Johnny can come back with some trophies.
  4. http://automoment.com.sg/autotest/ It's probably the last race run by Vincent, Yoon and Royston. Lets all come down and give them a warm send off for 3 years of dedicated service to the local grassroots motorsports community.I'm really not sure if there are any entities in talks with them to take over the series.See you all on the 25th September.
  5. Recon is about $300-$400. They change the oring seals to stop the leak. Ideally is to get a new one, but its expensive.
  6. The 2nd fan comes on at 97deg C if on the stock ecu. The temp will go down from there. 100 is a bit strange.
  7. I buy them from Motor Image at Toa Payoh. It's at an exorbitant price though - $37 for a piece of plastic.
  8. Welcome to the Subaru community.
  9. Yes, I was there. Had a good outing. Next event this Sunday 30th August at Changi Aviation Park. SMSA Gymkhana.
  10. Oh yeah, nice catch at 4:30. Phew.
  11. That is fricking awesome dude. Flying down flugplatz flat out then the right into the foxhole was gorgeous. And sp much speed you carried on the Dottinger Hohr, must be around 240km/h. Must have driven that track a thousand times in my head. Great vid.
  12. There's a pizza party next week at their place. Some of the fozzies will be going. https://www.facebook.com/events/876366885743185/
  13. Greetings. Just checking if you do your work at Auto-Enginuity in Glenmarie? I hear they do good work. My in-laws are in Klang and I go up there quite a lot. Just in case things happen and I need to find a pro-Scooby workshop.
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