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  1. FSP

    Foo Bro

    Hi bro thanks for the FR:) Hope after doing up ur car, ur car is running smoothly:) Cheers!
  2. FSP

    Foo Bro

    Thanks bro for the bump upz! Juz to clarify my fish tank is not those Geylang type! Wahaha! Real fish inside tank. Hehe...
  3. FSP

    Foo Bro

    Hi bro, we are still located at Tampines Industrial Park, behind Tampines SAFRA. ** Address is as below : Foo Brothers Auto Service Blk 9002, #01-42 Tampines Industrial Park A Tampines Street 93 Singapore 528836 ** Operating Hours : Monday - Saturday 9am - 5.30pm Close on Sunday & PH For ur car problems 1 & 2 I roughly know what is the issue but still need to come let me check to confirm if it's what I suspected. But for problems 3 & 4 really need to test drive & troubleshoot then can pin point what is the cause. Best is to drop car on weekdays for me to check because on Saturday most sparepart shops open only halfday. So I scared after troubleshooting if any parts needs to be replaced & need to order from stockist they already close. I can be contacted at 96640688. SMS or WhatsApp me if I don't answer ur call as I might be tight up or hands dirty or charging my phone inside office. Hehe! I'll get back to u ASAP. Cheers!
  4. FSP

    Foo Bro

    LOL! All old kaki start rejoining! Haha!!!
  5. FSP

    Foo Bro

    I'm always around bro. Hehe... I still have ppl PM me ask me for quotations, advice etc (which I will give if I can hehe)
  6. FSP

    Foo Bro

    See u this Saturday bro:)
  7. & to me "distributors" that sell their products to end users plz dun call themselves distributors. Coz they juz wanna make $, disregarding those shops that they supply their products to. Selling same price to end users, the same price they supply to shops. Plz remember workshop have overhead cost to pay like rental etc... They need to mark up a little to make $. Who will buy form these shops if they can get it cheaper from those so call distributors?... Nowadays ppl are more IT savvy, everything at their fingertips. U can get everything online... But plz remember u r killing the trade slowly but surely bring ur own oil, filter etc... I'm speaking from my point of view from a workshop operator. Not much affected by this trend but I have been monitoring. Lucky I have many loyal cuatomers:)
  8. Use what oil which u think is good for ur car. Every oil brand will say their oil is good coz have this addictive, have that grade bla bla bla... It's all personal preference. There is no BEST oil out there. Different oil for different applications...
  9. & u didn't state u r the distributor for Redline & Amsoil? & I dun think anyone will use price as a gauge to determine the quality of the oil. Maybe for those ignorant individuals( my apologies if I have offended anyone). & I dunno where u got the info Motul is dumping it's price since beginning of 2015. Maybe to those parallel importers trying to clear old stocks. But on my side price has been the same since day 1.
  10. FSP

    Foo Bro

    Hi bro Chan! Glad everything's sorted out! You know 1 have another customer had a similar case like urs! For ur case u bought the car with different size tyres causing the AWD light to light up. My that customer also juz bought the auto wrx that comes with wrong size tyres! The tyres are squashed like pancake as the width is too big for the rims! LOL! Worse is the tyre YOM is 2008! Geezzz.. Car dealers nowadays do all these nonsense juz to cut cost... Dangerous leh...
  11. Stock suspension Vs Stiffer suspension.... Why change to stiffer suspension? Watch the video clip below then decide which type of suspension suits u best... I think stock is still best! http://www.carthrottle.com/post/BsWUnP/
  12. Bro, in China baby milk power oso got fake 1. Wat they cannot do? Haha!
  13. http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/news/art/20130328/18209722
  14. Knockoffs!! http://www.zerotohundred.com/2014/auto-news/psa-found-cheap-brembo-read-this/#.U-o7s2AcQkl
  15. FSP

    Copy & Paste

    Found a way to copy & paste. Click the top left icon dat looks like a of off switch. Click it then I can copy & paste...
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