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  1. updated to clear !
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  4. hi, i have an early 2006 sti. fully forged 2.5 with owen gtx30, apexi n1, tein monoflex, edfc active with gps,ap racing 6/4, asking for 40k all in. many stuff. carbonetic twin plate.
  5. updated! ! ! cheapppp
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  8. Ooo, so a blind ah ma drive a F1 car can have better timing than a regular trackie with a car that has power that matches the dyno?
  9. SOrry,have u been tuned by benny? Before discussing technical stuff,maybe u can open ur own thread?
  10. I was refering melvinseewadsee. Sorry cant bother to look at his nick again cos his posts r just so zzz
  11. Keyboard warrior. Dont waste our time. We should enjoy our ride instead. ANyway. I love DTC. *Just a regular subaru serviced n tuned there.
  12. Have the following for sale/swap(taken off GDB STi): 1.) TEIN SOLD! 2.) Whiteline front n rear sway bars with bushings (the thickest there is) <---- $500 3.) Owen gtx30 stock location with billet fin - $1000. 4.) Apexi N1 for 2.5wrx/sti. lost the cert. <---- $300 5.) Recaro SR6 (a pair) with hawkeye/cockeye rails <--- $2000 6.) Bride Japan Stradia (with bride rails for driver) <---- $1000 Items @ workshop. No reservations. First come first serve. WHATSAPP ME @ 8338 0367 with your offer. if your offer is too low, i wont reply.
  13. Mega meetup on v day pls haha