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  1. ok guys I have updated what is happing as car maybe be sold and exported and somethings I cant remove. updated some pricing too
  2. Hi Guys/Girls Demod my Hawkeye STI 2006 before letting go for scrap or sale to dealer. Parts include 1. Tein Super Street lowering spring. $100 2. Tein Super Street coilover. SOLD 3 Fujitsubo Exhaust with LTA Cert (was bent by a BMW driver and had to be welded, but passed LTA inspection)Still on my car and looks and sounds good $150 or will go in the bin ( I think this is a good price for a great sound 4. Blitz Aluminium Radiator . $250 5. Blitz Front Mounted Intercooler and piping. (staying in car) 6 Greddy Blow off valve TYPE RS (staying in the Car) 7. Blitz Blue Meters oil temp, oil press, water temp, turbo boost all wiring and controllers. SOLD 8. Blitz dual solenoid Boost Controller Spec R. all wiring and tubing. $275 9. Carbon quad meter carbon fiber hood SOLD 10. Triple meter hood from Subaru. SOLD 11. LTM coil catch tank and piping. (Staying in car) 12. LTM Oil cooler and hoses. $125 13. K+N Typhoon air filter with new filter. (staying in the car) 14. Ganador original Electric Mirrors carbon fiber but need to be redone. SOLD 15. AST Dual Plate carbon Clutch Need swap. $ 300 16. UniChip. (staying in the Car) 17. Rota IKR Gloss black 17" x114.5 9" ET 35 with 235 45 tyres 2 yokohama and 2 toyo. with chamber kits (require swap) $400 FORGOT !! I also have 18. Recaro Monza child Seat Bellini Steel/blue can take upto 36kg with built in Speakers. $150 Items are not out of the car. will consider splitting work shop costs. All prices are Neg SMS or Whatapps me on 91134780
  3. still have the Rims bro or they gone ?
  4. I just fitted TOYO CS2 235/45/17 @ $185 per piece........ not made my mind up totally yet if that good yet still finding out
  5. bought it at LTM cant remember the price i think around 800 its the ZS spec
  6. There is also Blitz... thats what i have installed
  7. macsti

    Iphone repair

    thats where i went Waterloo street very good and repair in front of you...heard today also one on 2nd level in the Golden Mile seems cheaper
  8. Dont know as i am driving so cant see....... But to be honest too i dont know
  9. In that location they always change sometimes front, sometimes rear, sometimes right in the corner, sometimes in the middle and then now and then the got to the next bridge.....i would say its just down to how sneaky they want to be to catch someone speeding..... that part of the AYE is only 80, so i just sit at 85 the whole stretch.
  10. i change my motors and changed both fans to 7 blade...... sti standard one is 5 and the other is 7.....helps a bit especially cooling it down once it got hot
  11. Mohan Happy New Year mate... why put standard rad back on...if that goes big trouble.... like what happened to mine remember..... Neil
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