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  1. wahaha./...!!! kenna spotted reagan..!!! lolz
  2. ya.. firtst time ever!! hahaha travel highway in east malaysia all the way lei.. dats why.. hahaha and on v-power
  3. ya mafia.. like dat can mit mah.. how bout the rest of JI workers..??
  4. alex was saying about 8pm meet at oasis sakra carpark lei... ur shift shld by den right..?? 12 hrs shift?
  5. wah..!! tats very high consumption considering the things u did only.... was this consumption normal for auto TS..??
  6. haha.. i duno them lei..!!!! cant help u on this part.. lolz
  7. wah piang.. wats is ur setup..?? how come so jialat..?? u drive very fierce? btw are u kelvin tan?
  8. argh.. i seriously hated Taxi's, on a few occasion i have to jammed brake becos they jus cut into my lane withoutseeing..!! wah piang carbon bonnet ex lei... and also driving 40km/hr on centre or right lane like as if they own the road.. where by the traffic flow is ard 80km'h.. argh..!!!! Alex, these lorries are shit la... btw aggressive drivers that i met on the road that is impatient and hot tempered are usually totally stock cars..!!!! tats amazing... those look like 'ah beng' car is more courteous lo surprisingly..!!
  9. wahaha..!! i bet if is a guy tat did that u would have chase him all the way irregardless how fast he is lo and scold him lo.. wahahaha.. but gers tat drives confidentally and zai is attractive irregardlessly.. kekeke
  10. wah piang..!! 380 i see is once in a blue moon..!!!! my average is 330..!!! and worst was like 270km and likewise shell makes my car sluggish.. so i'm on caltex spc or esso... really duno the reason why...
  11. hey..!! saturday (28/08/2010 night time ard 10 plus) wanna mit up?? JI bros will mit up in JI ard 8 plus(TBC), den we will move out to sg.. where we can mit for kopi session... Can contact [sms me (Kenny 90483377)] or Alex (JI mit up organiser) if u guys are interested...
  12. wahaha..!! i'm in..!! kip me in the loop..!! Kenny..
  13. wah..!! like dat got spoiler cannot join liao..!! discrimination lo..!! lolz...
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