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  1. went through every tire shop in Sg to remove my McGard Lug nut (Lost my key) , to no avail JC quoted me 200+++ rim will damage (welding) Ah Tan removed it less than 20 mins for all 4 pieces, kudos to him...!!!!!!
  2. Good to see u too....your wife and kids skin very fair...initially I thought u r chinese ..found out only u speak to ah Tan....nice hellaflush ride .....
  3. If u don't how to go, get a GPS , keyed in Malaysia>Johor >Pontian> Place Of Interest (POI) > Econsave (Jalan Sungai Gurap)....
  4. Hi Guys, Just to share some information Paid $62++, for inspection. end up fail Try to avoid STA inspection centre along Jln Boon Lay, they had undergone refurbishment & just installed a wheel alignment machine(German Made Maha), very sensitive, failure rate very high if u have camber. KNN , now have to redo wheel alignment, and have to pay $30++ for re-inspection. Those with aggressive camber/toe setting, pls avoid In future, go to Tuas Vicom, easier to pass!
  5. hi storeroom sale!!! 1) MY 05 Black Stock boot with M0tor 1mage MI class high mount - $80 sold 2) Fujitsubo (FGK) for Euro length(for EJ20) with cert , operated ,need to grind off slightly weld marks - $100 (can be transported into rex with backseat centre backrest opened) sold 3) Apexi Adaptor for open pod comes with slot for your MAF (Can be used on Many Subie Models)- $50 http://oi42.tinypic.com/hwedtj.jpg 4) Stock dump valve - $50 http://oi44.tinypic.com/2lbdpp5.jpg 5) Stock catted up-pipe - $20 6) Stock airbox condition 9/10 - $50 (sold ) 7) stock turbo inlet hose - $50 http://oi41.tinypic.com/4gmeet.jpg 8) Stock Long Shifter from MY05 - $30 (sold) 9) Used Stock Ancillary hoses - $20 http://oi42.tinypic.com/k515j.jpg 10) Hose for connecting airbox Turbo inlet hose $15 http://oi42.tinypic.com/2v8nyv7.jpg 11) TD04 heat shield - $20 http://oi42.tinypic.com/5mbam1.jpg Interested - sms/whatsapp 9-001-8-711
  6. No idea..I always call him a day earlier b4 going....fix a time with him.., I believe new shop maybe earlier due to higher rental...call him ....I'm not sure
  7. No need gps ....just beside Econsave.....u won't go wrong......my gps rosak liao !
  8. Moving to new Workshop very soon...location is at 1st page........ jump to post http://www.subaruclubsg.com/topic/61448-pro-subaru-mechanic-malaysia-workshop-in-pontian/?p=456501
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