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  1. Bump updated- Left only Angel Headlight for swap with stock (buyer bear labour + top up of $100)
  2. Looking for stock MY05 headlight (or swap with my angel head lamp) its the whole headlight, not modify type, its those type from m*well type) Stock dp ( or swap with my 3" dp with stock cover)
  3. 1) MY04-05 cockeye angel headlight - sell or swap with stock / jdm headlight. Interested pls pm with contacts
  4. I just changed my aircon filter (better brand) at b*s this jan only.. shld nt be rite? But today everything was back to normal.. So is it still the coil thingy?
  5. Just now experience a problem with my aircon.. It was a hot day when i start to warm up my car (with outside temp 38 shown) which i part at a open space car park. Everything was gd when moving off from amk to jurong to n fro with my aircon level set to 3.. Reach home at 530pm and went out at 6pm.. From amk to bradell and before reach bradell my aircon died off with no cold air out even at level 2.. Some white gases flow out from the aircon vent in the center part.. Open my bonnet to check, the whole aircon pipes was wrap with frozen ice.. Wat will be the cause? Any pal kind to advise?
  6. Balloon scheme is- Current banks doing it- Century Tokyo and MotorWorld. Interest rate : 2.68% and 2.99%. Cars reg date above Feb2008 and OPC car does not qualified. Min. parf value is not yours when it reaches the last day of your car life, instead you have to pay back the parf value of the car to the bank before you can scrap it. Else, you push it back to the bank and take only the body value of the car back. It benefits those balance of 3-5years car with higher Parf value. And for those who wanna own a bigger car but wanna pay lower installment, but you will stand to lose a bit of the original parf value as compared. If you intend to drive till the last day then its ok because this scheme is something like the bank lent you your parf value first to lowered down the high monthly installment but they earn abit from there. Pros n cons of course.. Its up to individual on how they see this scheme. Of course when you wanna sell your car earlier than the last date you will lose more, its like when you bought a new car and after 1year you wanna sell it away you will lose alot too. Every car have their depreciation values, its a matter of more or less. You enjoy, you accept.. Cheers.. Can PM me to understand more..
  7. Oh sry sry.. Cuz my carpark ther also have.. The passenger side door was quite severe damage n the side mirror drop off.. nvm.. Hope tat u can catch tat irresposible person too..
  8. U r e green rex? Im the white cockeye rex.. Thought y u cover yr car.. Saw yr damages.. Bro i will help u look out for the car/lorry/van who bang u.. Actually if the car is a resident there then shld be easily found..
  9. I encounter one silver (7088) one too at Sixth ave ther yesterday morning when i was late in fetching my wife for work.. After turning left from the traffic light he wack and let me hear his exhaust note, so i let him hear mine too and he jammed his brake but lucky i cam stop in time.. After which i cut him during another turn n when he pass by my car i show him the 'pui(spit saliver)' actions.. La sup 'tears dropping' driver.. Wanna wack but CMI..
  10. But i in sti muffler from last time ts also passed leh.. Nw on wrx also sti muffler also no problem leh.. So im thinking s204 dunno ok or nt since its also factory fitted for subaru turbo models but diff setup.. It does nt comes with a cert from mot.im rite for s204 exhaust? I think i will ask those inspector the next time i visit STA..
  11. Does anyone know S204 rear muffler on cockeye wrx can pass inspection or considered illegal?
  12. Carplate woun affect yr roadtax.. If u wanna retain yr carplate is 1300.. Then from the 1.5impreza to the 1.6impreza is another 1300..
  13. Ya can custom stickers at those pro stickers shops to replace(overlap) it on the stock badge.. Just a suggestion
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