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  1. Bro, we really have the same problem, I manage to get everything at a cheaper price... Overall damage for me is 1.5k... Including changing of whole clutch system...
  2. Bro... This happen to me and don't play play.. Might cost u alot... Ps, bro who try to press and release don't ever try that again... I did that and it damage my gear box caskets, fork, bearing, clutch pressure plate... Most important is don't damage the gear box casket... I still have the pic of the damage parts... Can contact me at 91688484 and I can send u the pic vil watsapps..
  3. Bro, I also encounter the same problem... As for mine, the fork got a hole... If u need some help can contact me at 91688484... We should be encountering the same problem...
  4. Bro, if ur interested I have a set of whiteline camber bolt... Never use before... Cheap cheap sell u 60 will do... Let me know if ur interested.. 91688484 Marcus
  5. Hi guys, stay at Teck whey... If ya all on for a meet up, do let me know Marcus 91688484
  6. ever saw my car? staying in TW WR blue with a big red angry bird hanging down on my ride.. lolz... i every day drive but never see much WRX around... maybe i go out in wee hrs... so never see anyone... don't know that west side got so many rex around...
  7. anyone know if it can be done? got my car for about 7 month lioa.... then recently wife change job, will always use car, everyday she will KPKB at me asking me to change car.. i was thinking if there is anyway i can convert to auto? pls help... if not i gonna sell car and change to auto rex....
  8. I just got stop by LTA yesterday for my daylight... asked me for my exos cert, look under my car for side plant... kan sian.... stright say i will receive letter in 2 week time...
  9. yeh..... lolz.... i also don't know why he ask me this question sia... or maybe they must ask some question b4 they can pass u.. lolz...
  10. No matter what.. Inspection can pass good enought lioa.. They ask question just act blur lor.. End of the story pass and u can say bye bye to them til the next inspection..
  11. got my ride inspected, no issue... only solar flirm windscreen and both front have to be remove. both my meow meow are removed, no issue.~ on fuji exos with cert. camber mine quite decent, F -1.75, R - 1. question asked why is my rims protruding out and I told him it's the rims design. currently using 5 zigen 17 /8.5J / +48
  12. Bro FSP, I do trust them at the first place as it's recommended be some friend of mine. forget to add in something, when I told them what happen to my car, they told me that they could fix it and cost me lest then 1K. but when the quotation come out, they quoted me 2.5K. my suspioustion came in only when the first mech asked the second mech not to adjust my spring. That's not the way to earn more money. if u tell me that changing coil could improve my handling and won't have anymore issue of sound, I would have change it. I won't mind spend more money on repairing my ride but don't treat me like a carrot la... now it's not the cost issue. Its about honest business.
  13. Just got my MY07/WRX about 2 month ago, just recently my ride clutch slip and can't be driven anymore. have to drag on gear 2 to drive back home(lucky thing is i am still very near my house). Next day have to tow my car to the workshop(located at Northlink Buliding, Admiralty St). After removing my clutch and gear box(that's where the headache come!!!), was told by the mechanic that my clutch fork, barings, pressure plate, clutch disk are all damage. Worst is my fork, there is a hole on the C-Cup holder holding the ball nut and the nut had pierc through the holder. (Below attatch pic) It was a sunday and I need to leave my ride overnight. Next day, the mech called me and inform me that my damage is about 2.5K including all the parts, labour and towing fee. hearing the price I got panic! After which, I started calling around to source for cheaper alternative solutions. Found some other workshop who quoted me cheaper(by alot!!!) and I decided to tow my car over to the workshop. I called the workshop(located at admiralty) stating that their price quoted is too EX as I had sourced around and got a cheaper quote. Instantly the mech told me that the parts they quoted me are all parts from MI Subaru, subsequently he told me that there are cheaper parts which are not from MI and quoted me 1.2K for everything above stated. I asked for the breakdown and what brand of clutch and pressure plate they use if it's not from MI and they told me that they are using exedy clutch, exedy pressure plate, (MI) barings, (MI) fork, (MI) ball nut. For 1.2k include everything above stated including tow and labour is quite reasonable as I don't wanna incur more cost(If I ask them to fix back everything and tow my car to another work shop). I proceeded with the repair and got my car the day after. When I first drive the car, there are sound coming from my right shocks and the mech told me that I had change my spring to after market and that cause the sound(Which is not true as I had drove the car for about 2 month and there is no such sound). The mech then ask me to change my whole coil so that there won't be any sound at all. I told him no and stated that when my car is being tow to their workshop there is't any sound at all and the other mech who drive my car know. I ask him to fix it and he then asked another mech to jet up my ride and adjust the spring. After Fixing, I took the car for another test drive and I asked the other mech what actually happen to my springs and he told me that the first mech told him not to adjust my spring and let it be. While everything done, I asked for my old parts as I want to know what actually happen and they had packed my old parts in a box and gave it back to me. When I reached home, I opened the box and took out the clutch pressure plate I saw TOYOTA wording on the plate itself. I called to the workshop and ask them why is it that a subaru car with a toyota plate and the mech told me that they had taken the wrong plate to me. Now having this issue, I was wondering if the mech did change my pressure plate anot. I have got my car for about 1week plus and I felt that my ride is jerking on the 1st and 2nd gear. when I half clutch, I can felt jerking even worts. does this mean that they did not fix it correctly or they are using my old pressure plate and CON me more money. I really need some advice on this as I will be complaining this issue to CASE and most likely to take my civil action agains them. Any bro who know the characeristics of exedy clutch and pressure can advice me. Thanks for reading my post and I hope I would get some advice before I proceed down to another workshop to dismantle my clutch systerm and confront the first workshop I went to. I can be contacted at 91688484 if u guys wanna advice me on phone or to meet me and feel my ride.
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