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  1. Interested pls PM. WRX (Semi Leather) front bucket and rear seat - $550. Conditions: 9/10 WRX FRONT 4 Pot & handbrake mechanism $900. All items are kept in store.
  2. Bro, does the stock radiator fit 2006 impreza? Can send me ur contact?
  3. Hi, Whats the brand of the 4-way camera? Do you have a photo of installed 4-way camera fitted on your car?
  4. Bro, can the power steering pump be install on 07 impreza?does it comes in complete piping
  5. How much u selling?
  6. Hi bro, can the stock radiator be fitted on 06 impreza ts?
  7. Hi Mod, My friend with user name TLK has just register as a new user, appreciate if you could assist to activate his user Thank you
  8. Hi All, Thanks