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  1. He dare to sue us? He done so many wrong things still dare to sue others.
  2. why not we discuss it here better, let everybody know about it and all is true story
  3. Dun like him think we not fair n dun put mods in difficult position. Why not we organize a meet up n go to his workshop n let him see n proof to him we are 5 different ppl. See what can he said.
  4. Ya, how he know that is individual user. This type of ppl why dare to booms ppl engine dun dare to admit. Who dare to go n tune or repair car by him. I also got alot of evidence n proof n I already report this issue to CASE N sue for all the damage to me.
  5. All I post is true n can how it to u. U can pm ut number I will proof do u
  6. How he know Is a single user, I tok that subaru forum is very strict in giving ppl acess on this account. I also one of the victim here. Why can I post to help ppl.
  7. Ya, but they have shift to kaki bukit, I dun think they will put up the PE name on their new workshop, cause put Liao.....haha...! Everybody should know.
  8. Thanks! My car now ok Liao. Please remind any of ur fren all anybody that go To this workshop to mod their car Please tell them not To go Liao. They are expert in booming engine. They r expert on that. I dun think this shop will last long. Now they dun even dare to put their Power express name at their shop.
  9. Hi Bro, u can pm your contact i will call u. Hey bro, to let you know, u r rite this workshop cannot go one. my car at first tune by him after the next day my engine boom. and i have to bear the repair cost then still never fix my engine properly n have to go back again n again. still bring a few friend to support him n yet my friend kana the same thing again, things never fix properly. not even know how to fix a clutch onto a WRX still dare to tune car. I very sorry to all bro here told me about how bad this tuner and the workshop name PE, but i still jump into the trap. but lucky a well know workshop in Sim Ming Auto Care save my car n my pocket. hope all the ppl here in subaru forum have intend to let him tune ur car better not, u want please go to well know tuner and dun even let him touch your car.
  10. I driving a 07 wrx. Ya sure see when u free.....!
  11. u can try to call Gan Motorsport. they sell the trust silencer.
  12. Please see n read urself properly, is not write by essswrx
  13. Thanks bro! Bro, which workshop u referring to?
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