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  1. Hi all, I am having issue with the electric power steering for BM5 and workshop quoted me 2k+ for brand new replacement and that it cannot be recon and not able get spare for it. Anyone driving BM/BR 5/9 having the same issue and has a better solution? The steering rack is making some noise when going over uneven roads or slow turning and the worst is that when engine is idling, the power steering is almost non existent. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. BTW, had went to few drive shaft workshops and even pro scooby shops and same answer given. Now trying to get used steering rack and pinion to replace.
  2. Item had been removed. No leaks or knocking.
  3. Hi, have a good working condition API coilover on BM5 Legacy for trade or sale with original suspension. Any interest please PM, thanks.
  4. Oh yes, bte I saw some BM/BR legacy with rear ac vents. Mine doesnt comes with it, am I able to install?
  5. Thanks Wyven, if that's the case will replace with Philips Xtreme halogen instead then. Dont want to waste the time removing during inspection. Thanks.
  6. Thanks kevin. What if I will be using the 2.5GT HID instead of aftermarket? Will it still be legal?
  7. Hi all, Will be joining the leggies family soon and am interested if the 2.5GT HID fit the 2.0 and being legal. Any idea where to get the set and the costs pls?
  8. Just went to Foo brothers & got mine resolved in less than 10mins and a very reasonable price. Kudos to me the time & money...changed the o ring and there goes the sound & leakage. Will monitor these few days in the morning if the sound is still there.....cheers....
  9. bro rama,think from technicallywith the same thickness it should still fit irregardless of the brands isnt it, anyone can confirm?
  10. Then think will skim it to buy time since not much alternatives for other rotors
  11. Hi Rama, mine's cross drill but wanted to get cross drill with slotted. Used for about 60k already with hard breaking and when I touch the dics can fell uneven wear already. Or should I just skim it and use till really cmi then change? Dont really know if skimming will cause any damages...other then thinning of the discs.
  12. Hi, anyone knows which aftermarket rotor can fit into ATS 6 pot? Mine's time to change but since changing was thinking of something better to try rather that getting back ATS. Thanks.
  13. Mr Tay, U start organise, I sure support....
  14. No response?