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  1. Hi guys, wanted to install some front speakers but wasn't keen on using what standard audio shops use to mount the speakers because they usually drill into the metal. Went to search but this information not readily available, so did the measurements: Front doors: 15cm triangle shape for the door woofer (I bought the suitable adapter for 6.5" speaker, 1.2mm spacer, will update if it is thick enough for my speakers) Front Tweeter: can put at usual spot on dash, else can fit into the stock location with some adjustments Rear doors: will update once I manage to measure
  2. just my butt feeling, of course if you think it is the same, so be it One is direct taking the "speed pulse" and the other one is taking information fed out from the ecu i guess?
  3. correct me if wrong, but i think if it use OBD, is quite lag when compared with defi VSD, direct tap to ecu
  4. Would like to swap a whole set of front bumper for hawkeye - preferably in black. Mine is still in good condition, except that it was cut previously to put front mount intercooler. contact at 96171751
  5. usually overheat = headgasket problems... just visit one of the pro Scooby workshops and hope for the best
  6. Selling a brand new unused snorkus delete for v8/9 wrx/sti. More direct intake for your engine Picture as follows - left is stock, right is this item. $70 ono 96I7I75I
  7. depends on what you classify as heavy/stiff? imo, this car has a sportier steering, and tends to be heavier compared with other regular cars.
  8. I would think so, whatsapp me I get pic from my friend
  9. All available, highly negotiable
  10. $50, contact 96171751. Very good condition
  11. Yes the items still available. Sti intercooler no need swap
  12. refresh for new year, closer to scrap date now
  13. Wts above-mentioned $160 contact 96171751
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