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  1. I have following items for sale. Car already scraped. Items dekitted from MY06 WRX. Text me @ 85886616 1. Endless 6pot BBK with Endless pads & rotors PCD 5x100 (at least 70% left) $2000 https://sg.carousell.com/p/endless-6pot-bbk-big-brake-kit-85319964/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Fraystarlet%2F&ref_sId=1383173 2. Defi BF Red Meters x 4 with Controller (Boost, Oil Temp, Oil Press & Fuel Press) all harness and sensors intact. $1000 https://sg.carousell.com/p/defi-controller-bf-red-x-4-fuel-press,-oil-press,-oil-temp-boost-85321131/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Fraystarlet%2F&ref_sId=1383173 3. Blitz Super Sound BOV $180 https://sg.carousell.com/p/biltz-super-sound-bov-blow-off-valve-85321733/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Fraystarlet%2F&ref_sId=1383173 4. Blitz SBC Dual R Boost Controller $300 https://sg.carousell.com/p/blitz-sbc-dual-r-boost-controller-85322238/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Fraystarlet%2F&ref_sId=1383173 5. Trust Oil Cooler with hose and adapter intact $500 https://sg.carousell.com/p/trust-oil-cooler-with-hose-fitting-wrx-sti-85323201/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Fraystarlet%2F&ref_sId=1383173 6. Apexi Turbo Timer Black $50 https://sg.carousell.com/p/apexi-pen-size-turbo-timer-black-85322566/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Fraystarlet%2F&ref_sId=1383173
  2. Anyone knows where can I service/repair my Aragosta Suspension ? Thanks
  3. selling the above item ROTA IKR 17X9JJ PCD 5X114.3 with New Achilles ATR sport 2 at $1000neg. Condition: mild kurb rash. If interested please sms 91018609.
  4. Bro no contact cant buy your items leh..
  5. WTS a pair of Summit Fender Bars for GD Models Impreza (MY02-MY07) -$100 Firm SMS : 86736616 Ray
  6. SARD R2D2 BOV - $120 JIC Magix FLT TAR for MY04-07 STi 5x114.3 (GD chassis) - $400 - no knock no leak - selling off cheap as car already scrap (just wanna clear storeroom) All items cash & carry SMS 8673 6616
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