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  1. Looking for flywheel from STI 6 speed gearbox. Please message me at 94 88 34 74
  2. Looking for V9 GDB WRX STI Roof Vane, original. Preferably CNC. Radiator Shroud, Pulley Cover also, can be Perrin or other brands Please text me at 9 488 3 4seven4
  3. how much to top up? i got a set of Rota IKR
  4. what's the rims spec? how much tires left?
  5. Hi, Looking for good condition rear tail lights from JDM model. Both side with reverse lights. Please send me your offer 94 88 three 474
  6. hi, can pm me more info on the brakes? 9488 three 474 thanks!
  7. Hello, Looking for GDB Hawkeye WRX. If you have one for sale, please text me at nine four 88 3474. Not looking for STi, hatchback, Legacy, Forester or TS. Cheers!
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