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  1. Hi, Anybody want to sell their stock hawkeye front bumper please whatsapp or sms me @ 97390850. Any colour is fine. Thank you!
  2. Looking for hawkeye stock front bumper. Whatsapp or SMS at 97390850. Thank you!
  3. Hi Bro, I have encountered problem with the water temperature issue before. Both thermostat and non thermostat issue. When water temperature rise while driving, then it might be the thermostat not opening problem, thus no cool water is flowing into your engine. When your water temperature rise while idling at traffic light or jam, then its a whole list of other problem. I had my temp rise when driving back from KLIA on the NSHW few months back. I was doing 150kmh or so, and then it rose to almost the red line. I rekoned it was the thermostat issue and got it replaced when I was back in Singapore. It fixed the problem. Just last month I my water temp rose while idling in a Jam. It went up to almost the red line again. Since my thermostat is still new, it should not be that problem again. You should check if your radiator has enough coolant/water inside. And also check how long does your vehicle takes to warm up in the morning. It will take a much longer time for your engine to heat up when there is a problem in the cooling system most of the time. Sometimes we tend to forget the minor things which can cause major problem. If there is water, then check if the fan are working. Most of the time the fan are not working, thus causing it to heat up while idling because no wind is blowing at the radiator. When driving, there is air flow in the engine bay cooling the radiator a bit. There might be some minor crack which you might not see. Sometimes it will affect the cooling of your air condition also. Which happened to mine. Since you are bringing it to the workshop, just get the guys to check through everything. I am using an aluminium radiator, which I must say it's much better. But bear in mind, it will dry up faster. So you need to check it more frequently. My two cent worth of info.
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