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  1. Fujitsubo Exhaust with cert for GDA WRX 2.0 Koyorad Aluminium radiator fro GDA WRX 2.0- need to swap with stock radiator Blitz front-mount intercooler + HKS racing type II Bov for GDA WRX 2.0 - need swap with stock intercooler PM me if interested
  2. 1. Used unequal length Extractor with uppipe $280 ] Material is similar to stock exhaust and different from aftermarket exhaust. 2. Apexi N1 muffler-back stock with cert $400 ( 1 and only owner ) Slight dent on the inner side of the exhaust which is not visible from outside 3. Stock DECAT JDM downpipe WITHOUT COVERS $10 4. Adding more things soon
  3. Ku31 and Kh31 is expensive if you dun get the default size of 215/45/17 . I've got the S1 Evo MIK 235/45/17 freshly baked tires W/ membership at about 160+ and base on the various quote its more expensive to get the KU31 with bigger width . BTW KU31 215/45/17 is 110
  4. Compression reading should be around 11 bar
  5. Its possible by going for vf36. Twin scroll ball bearing turbo , look for edge as they have done up a exiga on that setup
  6. I'm using Aluminium radiator and moded thermostat . Everything is serviced and change at 80k . Both fan original and working . 90-98C is the normal temperature. If water/coolant not enough ( air lock ) or leak = 100C and my alarm will sound ( encounter once ) If 1 fan not working ( fuse blow becos coolant leak from hose ) = 100C and my alarm will sound ( encounter once )
  7. My coolant is between 90-98C . Raining will drop between 80-90C
  8. All item taken out from a GD 06/07 JDM Auto WRX 1. Used Black Reverse scoop SOLD 2. Used stock decat downpipe without cover - JDM length $10 3. Used aftermarket extractor with matching uppipe - unequal length single scroll $280 ( nego ) A cover is welded at the centre for stealth look when bonnet is pop 4. BLOUCH DOMINATOR 1 - Single scroll , good for 490 whp SOLD 5. DW injectors SOLD 6. Legal Apexi N1 muffler from Auto WRX - jdm length with jasma cert $400 nego ( 1st owner ) Some physical damage but item in good working condition dent on the inner side which is not visible on the outside
  9. Yup RT615 are great but the car tend to veer sideway when it rains so goto slowdown when it rains . Bridgestone RE-01R is a good compromise which is good on dry and best on wet , drove 160km in heavy rain back from sepang , not sure about the replacement but RE11 should be better than the RE-01R i've used.
  10. Am using 235/45/17 . Just change to S1 Evo from V12 . If you like it hard , 270 front 260 rear ( which is what i am using now ) and comfortable is 250 front and 240 rear . Max pressure for my tires is 340
  11. I've used falken in my previous ride and my take is only take the RT615 or not buy falken.
  12. Just changed to S1 EVO 235/45/17 at $695 nett ( Inclusive of $55 A1 membership ) . Tires are still scrubbing in . Initial review on dry is quiet and comfortable .
  13. You have to sign up as A1 member at $55 to enjoy the offer
  14. Used Blouch Dominator Single scroll 7cm exhaust side for sale -> rated 490HP on crank ( Good Condition ) Item out of the car as change setup. Interested party quote me.
  15. You may wanna check out the WTS section , saw somebody selling cusco diffuser cut out for fuji exhaust