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  1. Yes. GRB Sti Brembos still available
  2. - Cusco Rear Sway bar (also fits GRB Sti) - $150 - VF46 presently on car - $400 - TD05-16G (not direct fit for Exiga unless have the supporting S hose & IC like in the case of process west setup) - $300 - GRB Sti Brembos Front & Rear sets with SSB hose. - $2K - Defi controller + water temp gauge (with sensor) + throw in boost & oil temp gauge with sensors ($240) - Reserved - Maximum velocity lightened crank pulley - $120 Cheers
  3. Hi All, Dekitting my Exiga GT and have some items to let go. Do PM me to discuss. - Cusco Rear Sway bar (also fits GRB Sti) - VF46 presently on car (or TF035 stock Exiga GT turbo) - TD05-16G (not direct fit for Exiga unless have the supporting hose & IC like in the case of process west setup) - GRB Sti Brembos Front & Rear sets with SSB hose. (option to swap your rims+tires with mine (Rays G Games SSOG 18") to clear the brakes... with small top up as rims are pretty scratched up) - Defi controller + water temp gauge (with sensor) Cheers
  4. kenboonnt, If you're indeed going to scrap (not exporting), then as mentioned in my post, I'd like to purchase those items. Perhaps other stock items like the aircon condenser (in front of radiator) & compressor, piping (i.e. if your aircon is still working well), the gear shift cover plate, air box section holding the MAF sensor.... Let me know
  5. Exiga bros having the gear jerk issue. Can you all update on your fixes? Those who have yet to fix, can you kindly help conduct an e experiment? On cold start up, please drive normally but without the aircon switched on. Do you experience any difference? Is your gear jerk on cold operation present ? Mine seems to be totally eliminated when aircon not switched on when driving off on cold start (just disco eyed this). I need more observations though Thanks.
  6. Downpipe & mid pipe. (with CAT) Also the small plastic latch/knob of the fuel cover lever. Kindly quote. Thanks
  7. Hey John, Good to hear from you. Had the Exiga GT about the same time you got your Legacy GT Wagon. Saw your north thailand drive writeup.... nice. How did you manage to run your car on gasohol? Have tried Lubeguard ATF protectant but it doesn't solve the issue. It lessens the jerks only. Already changed ATF filter and ATF before adding the lubeguard. Guess there's no other choice but to overhaul the tranny since I intend to renew the COE in a year when its due in 1.5 years time. You still driving the GT wagon?
  8. Sh!t..... its my turn now. Jerk when up shift from gear 2 to 3 only when cold (warmed up is ok) ...... thought i could escape this costly issue. Haiz..... so many things need to do,,,.. on top of this autobox repair (valve body or clutch)..... suspension, bushings, pitch stop mount, etc, etc... Keong said about $3K to repair..... inflation damn chialat man (2.6K, 2.8K & now about $3K)
  9. Interested in your parts. Do you need replacement or can pure selling? I'd like to have the stock mid-pipe. (not decatted)
  10. Totally lost on the new forester XT...... undertstand it is a twin scroll setup. Anyone can advise what model turbo is it? Now that there is no longer any hood scoop , the turbo mounting is probably different or can use those VF series from the earlier STi? ( not even sure where on earth the turbo is located in the newer models. Somewhere in the front?). What other options are there for replacement snails? Thanks.
  11. Go to a workshop to have it checked and diagnosed. Mine was internal wire breakage. (dunno which one though). Not CU2 , nor sensor , nor meter was spoilt. Mech spliced the wire, re-connected it back and all ok.
  12. Don't think its the fuse. When I switch on the headlights, the lights on the CU2 comes on. I've also pulled out the sensors one by one to see if any particular sensor might be the cause. No difference. The dials on the meters are all frozen at various positions. (Water temp 80+, oil temp at 60+, boost at below 0). Suspected they all got locked at the instant of the issue happening. Anyone has any such experience? Appreciate if you can share the feedback as to what was the cause. It's a discontinued model and difficult to get replacement parts......
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