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  1. Sold my subaru got things need dekit APi Racing Bkk 6pot front 4pot rear $1100 need swap Hks exhuast $1200 with cert need swap Api Racing coilover $650 need swap Pls contact me at 93255355
  2. im new here but when for the new year meet up whaha
  3. can i join the meet up im driving a hatch subaru?
  4. i miss the meet up.. when is the next one
  5. hi im also new here
  6. when i turn there is alway a dic dic sound... any one hav problem?? anyway im driving a 2010sti hd pls help
  7. I was caught too by lta with my ss Exo... N after so long den I know my Exo tag the last few number was scratch... N is blur.... I got fine for it even after I appeal
  8. Nice coil I thinking of changing mine too