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  1. Hi Lau I haven been actively finding for it. But will do so these few weeks. Looking at B16-pss10 or KWv3. I will update once i install.
  2. Hello All I am think of changing my suspension to coilover. I am looking at bilstein-pss10 or Kw-V3. Can I check ay bro have change their new ride to coilover? My ride is 1 year old le. Any review that's helpful is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. WRX CVT MY2017
  3. Hi bros, I am selling these 3 items as I am scrapping my 2007 Hawkeye Auto Rex next week. Each bear own cost for the swap 1) Arma brake front and back -$800(need swap) 2) KW coil over - $600(need swap) 3) HKS exhaust muffler - $300(don’t need swap) Interested bros please WhatsApp or message me at 97678509. Prices are negotiable for interested bros. Thanks
  4. Hi guys, The new wrx- cvt cannot test drive. In fact All wrx can't test drive now. Hmmmmmm I know there's little cvt in here, but just wondering can any bro here can let me sit in their car at least for the feel? Really appreciate if any bros here are willing to. Thanks in advance. hmmmm
  5. Thank you bro. You see, i am on my AT wrx, new back then. It really serve me very well. No problem at all for 8 yrs. Beside KW, i basically have little mod on. ATF cooler, exhuast, and turbo timer, top bars..etc. No track, just some spirited drive occasionally. Haven't try a CVT b4. Really really hope it will serve as good as my current AT rex. Cars are X these days, not like b4. Talking to agent again this weekend. Hopefully the test drive will feel the same if not better. : !
  6. Hmmmm really wish that more informations can be share on the subaru CVT as I would wanna change my auto rex to the new CVT rex.
  7. Looking for the above, if bro have please whatsapp me at 97678509. Thanks
  8. Sold to nice bro.
  9. Selling the above, interested brothers please whatsapp 97678509. Thanks
  10. Hi Guys I wanna sell off my ATWRX 4-2 brake kit. 100% in good condition. 97480615. Reasonable amount, you offer. Thanks.
  11. Hi Im still looking for the hawkeye bumper. If have please ams/whatsapp me. Thanks
  12. Bro, is your headlight HID?
  13. Hi bros, looking for the above, anyone letting go please contact me at 7678509. Thanks
  14. Looking for the above, no swap please as car got into accident. Please sms or whatapp me at 97678509. I'm willing to pay for carbon bonnet if price is reasonable. Thanks bro
  15. Sorry bros, I'm actually looking for Rex JDM black side mirror, if any bros here have pls contact me. Thanks.